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It's black and white: Collingwood by a street. Sad but reality.

AFL Tipping Comp GF Results


And the drought is over for the Tigers. A big season culminated with winning the big one in convincing fashion.

Only two players selected the tigers to win the GF, mr mars and myself.

Only one selection for the Brownlow medallist to win the Norm Smith and no one had Graham as game high goal kicker.

Final comp standings:
184 tigerrish (new comp record)
129 Richard III
122 Baked Beans
122 percy1
117 mr mars
110 loges2
98 De Lago Dude
98 marbine
97 Gattonera
90 Ramses
88 Waxy
88 Euraman
35 Hands N Heels

Thanks to everyone who played.

Hopefully the Tigers can back up next year and do it again.

To all those long suffering Richmond supporters like me, sing loud and sing it long.
And then there were two....

Just about everyone scored well this week. Round high honors were shared by mr mars, De Lago Dude and myself with 63. Mainly on the back of the record high 36 votes polled by Dusty.

The leading goal kicker was missed by all with Charlie Cameron doing the famous number 23 proud to boot 5.

Like the Tigers themselves, I've moved into unknown territory with a decent GF week lead.

144 tigerrish
115 Richard III
110 loges2
108 baked beans
108 percy1
98 De Lago Dude
98 marbine
97 Gattonera
90 Ramses
88 Euraman
88 Waxy
83 mr mars
35 Hands N Heels

*This weeks round will feature double points for correctly selecting the winner, margin and highest goalkicker along with a bonus points selection for the Norm Smith medallist.

Points up for grabs in the Grand Final round are:
Winning team: 20pts
Correct margin spread: 14pts
Highest goalkicker: 10pts
Norm Smith medallist: 20pts

Adelaide v Richmond, Saturday 2.30pm, MCG

**Go Tige's :D
Top honors for this week goes to Gattonera with a round high 27 which has elevated him from last to 6th place, we'll in touch of the lead.

Next best was Richard III with 25 who has leapfrogged percy1 into second place.

Richard III and myself found Stevie J to kick a bag but the top mark (Mitch Duncan) was missed by all this week.

After week two:
81 tigerrish
69 Richard III
62 percy1
57 loges2
52 Baked Beans
44 Gattonera
42 marbine
35 De Lago Dude
35 Hands N Heels
35 Waxy
34 Ramses
32 Euraman
20 mr mars

On to week three
Adelaide v Geelong, Friday 7.20pm Adelaide Oval
Richmond v GWS, Saturday 4.45pm MCG

***This weeks bonus points selection will be on the Brownlow Medal.
The points awarded for the Brownlow Medal will be determined by how many votes your selections gains.
EG: Ablett 26 votes = 26pts
**Ineligible player votes still count, eg Patrick Dangerfield.

Format eg:
Geel 1-12
StK 37+
Hall - goals
Bartel - brownlow

Apologies for the delay.

This post will also be this weekends tipping thread.

On the back of the Tigers demolition of the Cats, yours truly has taken an early lead with percy1 only a margin win behind.

Even though Buddy only played a quarter and a half he still managed to take week one's leading goalkicker honour. And the majority of our tipsters took him too.

Even though we have a small field, its good to see a few old tipsters coming back to play along with the odd newbie.

Anyone who missed the first week can still join in. It'll be hard to catch up but with big points on offer for the remainder, its certainly not impossible.....especially with my track record when I've lead this comp in past years.

Week One standings:
59 tigerrish
52 percy1
44 Richard III
42 Baked Beans
40 loges2
32 marbine
32 Euraman
27 Ramses
25 Hands N Heels
25 Waxy
25 De Lago Dude
17 Gattonera

Week Two:
Geelong V Sydney, Friday 7.50pm MCG
GWS V West Coast, Saturday 7.25pm Spotless Stadium

With no more than two games a week from here on in, each week from now will have an additional bonus points selection.

**This weeks bonus points selection will be to select the player of Week Two Finals with the most MARKS for the round. 10pts for a correct selection. If there is more than one winner, each player will still get 10pts.

*Format eg:
Bulldogs 13-24
Fremantle 37+
Bradshaw (goals)
Pavlich (marks)

AFL Tipping Comp Week One


Welcome to the 2017 instalment.

For those who haven’t played before, below is the format.

It will involve selecting the winners of each final along with the margin and leading goal kicker of each round of the finals.

The margins will be based on the following:

Points scoring:
10pts for each winning team.

7pts for each correct margin selected, irrespective of the winner. (including extra time)

5pts for the correct highest goal kicker of the round. If there is more than one highest goal scorer, each player will still get 5pts.

An example of the format:
StK. 1-12
Geel. 13-24
Bris. 1-12
Adel. 37+
J. Brown (Bris)

Week One:
Adelaide v GWS, Adelaide Oval 7.20pm (SA Time) Thursday
Geelong v Richmond, MCG 7.50pm Friday
Sydney v Essendon, SCG 4.20pm Saturday
Port Adelaide v West Coast 7.20pm (SA Time) Saturday

Everyone is welcome to play, tips in before first bounce on Thursday. Anyone missing the cut off can still submit tips for the preceding matches.

Past winners:
2016 - Relic Hunter 160
2015 - Seashells 151
2014 - marbine 135
2013 - MD 141
2012 - squid69 149*
- Sydeston 149*
2011 - rump86 149
2010 - marbine 166
2009 - Spinning Knight 165
‘Sufficient intent’ may be the latest take on climbing god-like into a player’s mind to tell him what he thought as he put a ball out of play. It’s a tragedy when a football rolls out of bounds. Time for a god-like pronouncement on ‘intent’. No taboo operates when a ball is punched out of bounds to stop a mark; benefit of doubt applies to a rushed behind in a heated goal square. Both fair.

Movement of the ball through open flanks has always been a freedom, a feature of the game prior to the advent of the supernatural.
We live in an era where two football codes are now neck and neck. They have both invaded enemy territory as part of coveted, national ascendancy. The rugby generals must be laughing behind cupped hands as we Nero-fiddle with what used to be clearly the best game in the country. Let’s get back to truth, AFL. Aussie Rules has turned into Rules. The AFL tells us now how to see what we see for ourselves.



Footy has had oozleloads of dispiriting events, heartbreaking sagas and jaded corporate circle’works’ lately. Watching the repulsive Wayne Carey and the oily Hamish McIntosh ratacheting up smug self satisfied gurning whilst breaking down a game won by the team that ‘managed their rotations off a six day break’ better. No No No Nup


I went to the AFL Women’s opener tonight. Originally planned for the Western Oval tomorrow – (mainly to solve the problem always presented in Pies Blues games…) but expecting a noteworthy crowd and the historic nature of it changed my plans to tonight.

Jeez it was good

There was skill errors, dropped marks, slewed kicks. Yes there was.

Jeez it was good

Being in a heaving electrified Princes Park, watching a tough absorbing contest was such a delight. Watching players that had overcome the perennial barriers of underresourcing, fractured pathways, freely offered discouragements and dinosaur attitudes to put on a contest that captured all of the great elements of our game – was a delight

Bumping into friends, watching the crowd, seeing the genuine enthusiasm people brought tonight. Well…. It was a much needed tonic.

The Blues were good! Cleaner and smarter. A deserved victory. Loved watching Brianna Davey, what a talent

A long long overdue event – but what an entry onto the stage. Well done all.

And on the subject of long overdue, another wrong to right…… someone needs to show Gill a map of Tasmania!

AFL Finals


There's a lot of great tipsters here. Everyone tipping the dogs to lose every week of the finals.



It was a real struggling this week for most of our players with several relying on Dangerfield to add some respectability to their scoring.

Top scorer this week goes to yours truly with 55, Danger & both winners.

Margins were a rare feat along with the leading goal kicker of which no one got. Patton (GWS), Dickson (WB) & Smith (WB) all kicked 4.

Our two top are still going stride for stride and hold a solid margin over the rest of the field.
(Had Gattonera stuck with his original selections there would only be two points in it)

140 Relic Hunter
131 Gattonera
114 tigerrish
104 loges2
101 mr mars
101 Baked Beans
96 jet
86 nigel tufnel
79 Sydeston
74 percy1
72 marbine
69 Deadant66
62 Richard III

*This weeks round will feature double points for correctly selecting the winner, margin and highest goalkicker along with a bonus points selection for the Norm Smith medallist.

Points up for grabs in the Grand Final round are:
Winning team: 20pts
Correct margin spread: 14pts
Highest goalkicker: 10pts
Norm Smith medallist: 20pts

Sydney V Western Bulldogs, Saturday 2.30pm - MCG

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