First 4 debacle

Gary Still
What about the punters who had the correct four placings? The first four paid $5,000, but the ACTUAL fourth placegetter was nearly four times the price and would have created a monster dividend!

Stewards report:


Following the declaration of correct weight, Stewards were notified by the Judges that an error had occurred with the semaphoring of the 4th placegetter. It was identified that, due to an inputting error, number 5 (CURDLED) was semaphored when in fact number 15 (COOL DRAFTS) had been placed 4th. After confirming the correct placings Stewards, acting under AR. 214(4)(b), amended the placings accordingly.
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It's not about the bookies losing Bestie, Its about you laying WINX!

The point is when WINX wins you lose!

We are not interested in your back-bets after the race is over??

Theking has summed it up perfectly,St%p!d?

Cheers, Loges.

THEKING, thanks for the cue. They say the first rule of a GOOD lawyer is never asking a question unless you know the answer, Bestie has been asking questions of WINKS for four years and STILL doesn't know the answer??

Cheers, Loges.

Tell me Loges and Theking, are you suggesting that bookies lose when they lay a favourite in a race and that favourite wins?

Say it ain't so, say it ain't so!

"Bestie" is pushing her Lawyer status again! Has to be the Joke of 'The Championships'

Some other Gems.

Wasn't that long ago he was a farmer on the banks of a river with some of the best agricultural lands in the state!

He is a member of the AJC and some of his best friends are jockeys--even though he denigrates and diminishes all the main racing clubs, plus all and sundry involved in the sport??

His uncle is deeply into mining??

He was offered and refused a scholarship at one of the most prestigious learning facilities in the world. Might have taught him some common sense and morals?

He does not understand the differences between rankings and ratings?

Thinks the straight 6 furlongs at Ascot UK has a turn in it??

He is still trying to get his head around the performance of Moonlight Cloud In Europe and Humidor in the Melbourne Cup??

Has no integrity or morals.

He is a Troll, a liar, and welches on bets.

Must be many more that I have missed...But that will do for now.

But what worries me, is did all this happen BEFORE, or AFTER, he fell through the cracks?

Cheers, Loges.

You certainly don't let the facts stand in the way, do you Loges.

Please tell me where I said I was a farmer. Do you think that if one lives on acres they have to be farmers?

Where did I mention Ascot straight six having turns. Where did I say my best friends are jockeys. Where did i say I knocked back a scholarship. I did not go because I did not have the $100K to attend. Had someone offered me one I would have gone.

You are just a little snipe with green eyes.

Do you feel better after that little rant, Loges.

My you have a full memory of my life and lifestyle. Do you dream about me at night?

I bet you do!

Loges well done but you forgot the most obvious one.

Continues to LAY horses in races where he/she thinks or eventually says that they never had anything to beat.

eg. WINX, The Autumn Sun

What a DOPE!

Have any of you thought about doing social work or community service or just being avolunteer for the good of others rather coming on here and not contributing to the subject but just making the forum and your comments all about others. Futile lives you lead.

That has got nothing to do with it Gary. If an error is made there can be liability. In the present case the TAB can seek a refund on the amounts paid out on the erroneous number to TAB customers from those customers should they choose. It is a bit like the bank wrongly crediting your account. It is called Mistake of Fact.

I don't have to explain myself to you or that boofhead Loges. You just can't handle being wrong or having to admit that there is a subject you don't deem yourself an authority on.

I'm not an authority and neither are you!

Don't worry folks, you can always rely on Qld racing tribunals to sort things out.
You may however be too old to enjoy the spoils if recent events are perpetuated. The Pig.

Speaking of F4's I was floored by the size of the F4 divvie in NSW for the TJ Smith. The first 3 were well in the market, (the Tri paid acordingly).

Mistakes happen every day. In this case when the TAB were informed about the error they also paid out on the correct result.

If you were one of the punters that had the wrongly listed horse you also got paid.

A lot of whinging and moaning about nothing. No one lost out except the TAB.

Ah yes, "a lot of whinging and moaning about nothing."

Says Gladys, AFTER the TAB coughed up a $20,000 dividend to any affected punters.

Tell me genius, will every TAB around the world do the same?

Well oh great wise one, if they didn't they would have a legal issue on their hands.

When you have a chance between watching and sobbing at old reruns of Winx beating up no hopers, read a basic guide on the law of negligence.

Do you honestly believe that that there is no liability for goof ups like this?

Remind me, whose liability is this?

First of all the race club and then vicariously the TAB.

So, if the judges get it wrong in a $1,000 maiden race run in an obscure country racing club, the administration is responsible to every betting corporation around the world that CHOOSES to bet on this event?

You two are id!ots.

If it is shown they are negligent, yes they are Gary.

I have only been a lawyer for thirty odd years Gary. What would I know about it compared to you.

You know everything. Humidor? Melbourne Cup?


Are you telling me that a "negligent" racing club is financially responsible to every betting corporation, bookie, totalisator and the like, with whom they have ZERO agreements and from whom they receive ZERO commission?

If you are a lawyer, cease pratising now before you get sued for gross incompetence!

Gary, you have the unfortunate trait of misinterpreting what people say and then ridiculing them for your own stupidity.

To establish a claim you first have to prove there is a duty of care, secondly in the circumstances the defendant did not meet that standard or duty of care, thirdly a person or persons have suffered injury or loss and fourthly, that injury or loss was caused by that breach. That is the law of negligence.

If the wrong numbers were put up by mistake and the mistake was say a computer malfunction then there probably would not not be any redress.

If the mistake was human error because the clerk was reading the paper or not paying attention then there would be a claim. This has been the law for roughly the last 600 to 700 years, originating in the UK.

Thanks for your career advice but I don't listen to boofheads and know it alls.


The attendant who hoists the numbers onto the semaphore board at Mount Isa, better watch himself, because apparently, millions of dollars around the world are being bet on Mt Isa races on the basis that the Mt Isa club will be liable if they are in error!

The club's duty of care is to the owners and trainers; NOT to the bettors!

The TAB's responsibility is not being discussed here.

If it helps you understand Gary, if two people were sitting on the beach listening to the races and betting among themselves as to which horse would finish where and the error is made, there would be no claim, as there is no duty of care to the world at large.

In the present case, there is a contractual agreement between the TAB and the race club and it is an implied term that the race club provides correct details. If they are negligent then they are liable.

I think you will find that the TAB will have this figure to hand when any future payment is to be made to this club.

The TAB and/or bookies who paid out twice should be claiming against the racing body, race club and individual/s who stuffed up. If not this time then provision should be included for this to occur in the future.

Perhaps that will improve their accuracy going forward.

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