World Cup 2019

Richard III

Have really been enjoying the World Cup Cricket and probably because of a few things.

 Firstly, Australia’s recent form has carried through to the competition. They are bowling well and their batting, which was supposed to be their downfall has been strong. The expectations of 400 scores haven’t eventuated and steady, reliable scoring has been the go rather than blasting the opposition bowlers away and that was the Aussies have. I have even been enjoying David Warner’s batting in the side and I never thought I would say that again. Australia have played well so far, but the 2 remaining group games could trip them up royally in South Africa and the Kiwis are up tonight so still a long way to go.

Secondly the pitches haven’t been made for batsmen to go and score the 400 and the quality bowlers have been allowed to shine in patches. Mitchel Starc is obviously this (the ball he got Stokes out the other night was brilliant), but the other fast bowlers have shined – Amir for the Pakis notably

Also I think they have got the format right – rather than having groups, playing everyone once seems great


Shame about the weather at times though


Ellyse Perry


What A STAR.

Test Batting Ave - 61.71
Test Bowling Ave - 17.33
ODI Batting Ave - 50.83
ODI Bowling Ave - 25.84

Better than anyone going around.
The ICC have announced the Test and One Day International teams of the year.

Aussie had one who made the Test team. I think the selectors must have thought they have to find one for one of the teams to avoid a diplomatic fallout. Aussie had none who made the One Day team. Aussie do play that form of the game don't they?

Remember all the bias boasting a few years back when fools of the forum told us how good Aussies were and that Aussie could make up 2 Test teams and both would win against the better teams. Wow what a mighty fall and you can't see it getting any better any time soon.

What an irrelevant sporting nation Aussie is becoming.

Smith and Bancroft continue to spotlight all absence of nous by squealing.

Sorry, boys, you're stuck with what you did. It won't be forgotten and you will issue a reminder of your foolishness whenever you attempt to offload the blame.

Caught crooks often sing which is why they stay crooks. Will Warner make it a hatrick or is he smarter than I think?
I have arrived to start this thread as soon as I could. We all know how Rex and his simple mates will be banging on the keyboard and waiting to see my posts.

What a day it has been. The news reports called it a spectacular Aussie batting collapse. Spectacular indeed, glorious in fact. Predictable. The Aussies have proven to be everything I have said about them. That is why Rex will tell you himself he has been reading my posts for 16 years. So have many others, like you reading this now. And it is no wonder. All my cricket predictions and assessments of the Aussies are proven correct again. Why don't all Aussie teams, especially cricket teams, stay in Aussie. They have enough of a task winning at home.

And today's historic Aussie capitulation was just in time for all the night news bulletins and the next day newspapers. But you will be hearing about this day for years and not just on this forum.

Now I invite you all to talk cricket. Oi oi oi.
They would have to be the most despised team or group to ever represent Aussie. As I said years ago the Aussie team should stay in Aussie to avoid more and more drubbings and further embarrassments.

With the current pay dispute ongoing they have threatened to go on strike. I think they should. By looking at news coverage of the latest fiasco it looked like most were already taking that action. Besides if they all did and there was a total new group, a second XI if you like, performances could hardly be worse.

Some of bucks they are demanding is totally unreasonable. Who do they think they are?

Come back to Aussie now. Try to get a real job and play a bit of cricket in the summer, host a team if you must, but really they are only good enough or popular enough to play amongst themselves in there own backyard when the conditions suit them down this way.

Holy Kohli in a hole


Don't you love it when this bloke gets his due.

Now watch him make me pay.

One of the best things I've seen


Seen some good things. But seeing Australia bowl India out for 105 on their home turf, was right up there.
I hope they go on with the job.
Test cricket is not a game to be watched with the sound off. It requires entertaining and expert commentators and reviewers to help the game survive across five days. Channel nine usually selects its commentary team members with care.

Ian Chappell: It’s oldest panel member, Chappelli has always been Australia’s off-the-field Captain Grumpy. It doesn’t stop him from going straight to the humming centre. Has a bit of acid as Ian Botham will tell you, but unlike Ian Botham, we have no way of getting rid of it. Forthright, but strikes me as being deliberately controversial. Individual rather than a team player which is not an entirely bad thing. Capable of penetrating insight of the sort that made him possibly Australia’s best cricketing captain. A little hard to like. 7

Michael Clarke: has passed the ‘earring, hair and undies’ phase, but isn’t there yet, and may never be. I don’t think he knows how to get the popularity he wants. It isn’t through enforcement as the likable Katich showed him. Thin voice and meek presence belies his penchant for a bingle. Has to be put with a steady partner. Has not shaken off his ‘pup’ tag. Loves to get to the top, but so far hasn’t learnt how to stay there. 5

Ian Healey: Handles a bagging with ease and dishes it out. Unsullied by stardom. Knowledgeable and dependable without decorating a point. Presents well. Makes big plays with effortless, happy charm. Has a buoyant disposition made comfortable by cheeky wit and mock self-immolation. Good interviewer and levels off nicely into common sense and a worthwhile interpretation. Loves a clash of opinion and can replace politeness with truth without offence. Fun seems to mask the astute working of his observation. A winner who makes people feel important because he means it. 9

Bill Lawry: Emotional and fun, and possibly deliberately the butt of jokes. Knows his cricket and his pigeons but not his ungovernable emotions which is mostly okay by us. Doesn’t miss an opportunity for excitement be it real or contrived. Can become a runaway train when a wicket falls or a catch is grassed. Prefer him with a thermostat on those occasions when he’s wrong to Australia’s disadvantage. His vocabulary may be limited but his passion is expansive and usually endearing. As he warms up his sentences lose their full stops, and a very thin top register is exposed. May have been knackered. 8

Mark Nicholas: Professional and velvet of voice; rarely puts a word out of place. Hasn’t earned his place as a test cricketer, but shows in his knowledge that it isn’t essential. Possibly a bit studied, and outside the common touch. Touted as the face of cricket, he isn’t quite able to live in the minds of his audience as such. A good anchor man. 7.5

Michael Slater: Straight up and down with a pleasant manner. Is competent but restrained in terms of personality, although he bounces off Healy well. To be fair, who doesn’t. Has a seamless veneer which works as pot-boiling in a game that can give us some idea of eternity. Has a passive sense of humour and gets along by going along. Deserves his place without being spectacular. Another good anchor man. God, I hate that expression [citation please] 7

Mark Taylor: Makes a few mistakes but has immense appeal. Has his heart in the game and brings to channel nine a captain’s knowledge. Never quite cares to be centre stage, or that’s the appearance, which is a rare and wonderful skill. I find my attention is focused when he steps into the commentary role. Not quite at ease when critical. Calm, stable and fair, he is an asset to the panel. Loved by all. An integrator who is loved by all, and a very generous man. Refused to best Bradman with his 334, and that befits his attitude. Seems serious, but it comes over as softened. Operates on the side of undersell. Might be a 10.

Shane Warne: Has general popularity and genuine flair, and doesn’t spare criticism. Is cricket-savvy without the liquid means of getting it out there free of the occasional jarring of sensibilities. Tends towards repetition in his information. Uses the vernacular and this is where he is most repetitive: ‘The package’, ‘downtown’, ‘the pegs’. Rarely calls a thing what it actually is. A limited range, but strangely a good communicator. An acquisition, despite a tendency to miss the value of decentring. Sounds marginally better than he looks ~ it was his voice and manner that needed the pinch and tuck. Has adoring followers, but some viewers might wonder why he didn’t trim down for Australia rather than retiring into his erstwhile lean, self-serving image. 7.5

It's an odd offering to be sure, but I thought after Maddinson committed test match suicide again today, he was nevertheless the pick of the new blood. No tailender ever played and missed as much as Renshaw. And like Handscomb but softer, he is limited.

Maddinson needs to disappear into state and club cricket for a year or two and come back when he masters the bloodrush. Renshaw will never make the grade, much and all as I like his humble down-on-the-farm manner.

And Handscomb will be a very different player when he discovers that Pakistan bowling is not test match bowling.

But Maddinson could be something if he heads to the Steve Waugh school of grit.

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