World Cup 2019

Richard III

Have really been enjoying the World Cup Cricket and probably because of a few things.

 Firstly, Australia’s recent form has carried through to the competition. They are bowling well and their batting, which was supposed to be their downfall has been strong. The expectations of 400 scores haven’t eventuated and steady, reliable scoring has been the go rather than blasting the opposition bowlers away and that was the Aussies have. I have even been enjoying David Warner’s batting in the side and I never thought I would say that again. Australia have played well so far, but the 2 remaining group games could trip them up royally in South Africa and the Kiwis are up tonight so still a long way to go.

Secondly the pitches haven’t been made for batsmen to go and score the 400 and the quality bowlers have been allowed to shine in patches. Mitchel Starc is obviously this (the ball he got Stokes out the other night was brilliant), but the other fast bowlers have shined – Amir for the Pakis notably

Also I think they have got the format right – rather than having groups, playing everyone once seems great


Shame about the weather at times though


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So far, I think all the teams will still be participating. I'm just not super sure about it. Hmm, maybe you can try to check the latest cricket news. I heard the draft for the World Cup is already nearby. But I do understand you, I also miss watching cricket in the field along with many other screaming fans. Can't wait to be there again. 

Poor Gaz. He has given up being thekrud and has now turned Chinese.

All that thinking about the name of at least one horse that was not a stable mate, not a hack or not a no hoper that Winx beat has completely done his head in.

Really wish we could see more cricket now... I hate this stupid virus. Is the World Cup happening soon in full force? I mean, are any teams missing a player or a faculty?


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