Adjust neurals for book %

I've built a database of neurals prices based on 100% book. To convert those to 115% book seems like a logical mathematical function, but it isn't!

If you use the preferences cookie to change the $ prices for a different % , it's not consistent. It can go either way?

Any ideas? It's not the first time I've asked the question of management for nil reply! What's the big secret, or is it a inherent fault that they don't want to admit to?
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Divide by 1.15.

Like I said it can go either way? If a price was $26 at 100% it's just as likely to end up $21 or $31 at 115%. Also after scratchings, say a $12 chance was scratched, you'd think that'd have an affect on all chances less than $12 at least. Nup, sometimes they just change a couple of prices and leave the rest. It's as if it's just done manually and the operator is too lazy to adjust all the prices.

I'm assuming no one uses them, and no one cares?

I reckon you're probably spot on with your last sentence pal.


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