Best settings

Im from UK
Can anybody guide me with best settings and how
To bet using neurals

Thanks in advance
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Hi Danny

I’m a long time user of Neurals.......

My observation are

1. They seem to work better midweek, and lower class meetings.

2. Not for maidens...but having said that, it does throw some amazing price winners among this class.

3. The time rating can throw you off beam....I tend to put Time on 2.....and am wary of results where the time figure is abnormally high. However, note the rating.....don’t discard just coz of high time rating.

4. You can play with the values, but they are really designed to be equal importance. I find that altering values doesn’t change the order of selections much....but have my preferred values that I have stuck to for a while now. That way I sort of know what I’m dealing with if you get what I mean.

5. I think about 80% of winners are in top 5 selections, in country or provincial meetings.

6. Don’t be put off by a long shot selection.......I have had several 40/1 winners from top selections, and many in the 20/1 range.

7. Often I look st the best value selection in the top 5, especially if there is a short priced top selection.


You want to chat some, get back.





G'day Dannyboy.

I generally leave the neural settings at equal values and tweak the "wet track" settings for rain affected tracks.

Depending on the race, ie a 2/3 yo handicap or maiden without much exposed form I might push up the jockey & trainer values as these can help reveal a combination with a hot strike rate.

Over the years I've tried adjusting settings on the same race (pushing up the values of some settings, lowering others) but I generally find this only adjusts the outcomes marginally. I can't say for sure that any particular setting combination provided more consistent results or better POT.

I find the neural ratings helpful when comparing my assessment of the market with the top few rated runners, especially these days when I don't spend anywhere near as much time on my own form assessments, and when runners are coming from different formlines.

Having just read that back, it probably doesn't sound very helpful. My suggestion? Have a play around with different settings and compare some results. The outcomes will generally be pretty similar across different days of the week I reckon, so maybe an opportunity to play around when not actually investing.

Hope some of this helps. I reckon they're a great tool, but I also like to confirm my own opinions with other methods.

All the best.

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