Essence of neural ratings

I have been following the Neural ratings for some considerable time and found them very helpful. I understand that the main thing of neural networks/ratings is that they should learn from their results. If this is so, should there be some consistent options or scores which should be taken.
Or do I have the wrong slant on them.
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I have been using 2 methods.
1st method
Achieves 26% s/r
Left hand column
All categories 5 except TF 0
Right hand column
All categories 5 except DLR 0 &
WET set to the following track conditions :
0 : track 1.2
1 : track 3.4
2 : track 5
3 : track 6
4 : track 7.8
5 : track 9.10
The s/r increases on with track conditons set at 3+ for the WET category

2nd method
This method consistently provides roughies at value odds... good for inclusion in quaddies etc..
Left hand column
'CP' ; 'CRS' & '$' 5
All other categories 0
Right hand column
'JA' 5
All other categories 0

You Beauty...

Hi,I follow the following preference scaling.
Left hand column reading down.
1 0 1 3 3 2
Right hand column reading down
2 3 3 0-5 3 3
Note the CP & CF ratings are low as they give a large bias to the final rating.
No rating for time as it does not take into account track conditions
Draw significant Fast to dead But meaningless soft to heavy.
I use this with best of last 3 ratings & 12 month rating + last start & 50 day average useful.You can spend months trying to figure out the best combinations.
Good luck

"You can spend months trying to figure out the best combinations."
I'll just pull this sharp stick out of my left eye.......................

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