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The game last night delivered a fitting result with an ersatz rugby side south of the Murray getting what it deserved.

GWS is a similarly fake creation.

Both are constructs that try to make something true that isn't true.

League becomes Union

The Hunter

1 metre forward passes no longer called. Three in origin. Two in the Storm game in 5 mins. Right in front of refs. No call.

Viking Clap


Looking forward to seeing this again on the weekend.

Anyone who hasn't seen this before, do yourself a favour and watch it on Saturday night. Its great to see a club wanting to create something for themselves.

Well done Canberra
Under the new rights we'll see the NRL be the sole schedule maker, no more having Channel 9 decide who plays in their televised schedule.

Good start.

Be great to see a variety of different teams instead of the majority of Broncos games on a Friday night.

But the oddity of the new deal is the movement of Game Two in the 2018 origin series onward, to a Sunday night, but One and Three stay on a Wednesday.

It's to be used as a trial?......why do that when all the relevant statistics show that moving the whole series will benefit the clubs, television and those who want to watch the game at home or live at the ground.

Last years NRL Grand Final on a Sunday night rated almost as highly as the SOO games for that year. 3.9m compared to 4.2m average SOO matches.

In this day and age of professional sport and the rigors that go with playing modern day contact sport, the NRL still treat the players as though they're part timers who can still play 3 solid games in 9 days. By 2018 the interchange will be down to 6, the games will slow with fatigue and so will those who have to back up two days later after a tough origin match. At the moment the forwards all get a rest and play roughly half the match in total. By 2018 some of them will be forced to play the full 80 minutes. How's a 120kg front rower going to go having to play 160mins of football in the space of 50 hours?

If anything it diminishes the NRL season by having some players having to sit out and rest because their bodies can't cope.

Too many people have been squealing about not having a stand alone weekend for Origin.....not enough football they cry, what do the other players not involved do.....

How about a little commonsense, then.

The NRL have it half right by adding the Pacific Tests to the Origin weekend......but what about everyone else? The Kiwis are the reigning world champions who's full squad all play in the NRL, yet they get fobbed off or at best they might get to play PNG. And the Englishmen here are top class, they get nothing either whilst some second tier PNG or Fijians will be able to play rep football along side the biggest match in world Rugby League.

Here's an idea to throw around......

SOO 1-2 and 3 to be played on a Sunday night, thats a given and a prefect way to end a big weekend of League.

Every Friday night of the Origin series:
Samoa V Tonga. Anyone who saw these two sides go at it a few months ago will know they're fairdinkum. From the very start with each doing their traditional war dance right to the end with Pritchard and Kasiano throwing themselves at the line to stop a match winning try being scored. These two team could put on a series that'd rival NSW and QLD for spite and skill. It would commence what could be a long running rivalry right here. Play them in Qld, there's a huge support for both Islands up there.

On the Saturday have the Kiwis play a team made up of those who don't qualify for any of the above......the English, Fijians, PNG's them the NRL Renegades. And bill this as the world champs verse those who are the best of the rest. Why do we need guys like Shaun Johnson and the Burgess Brothers or James Graham watching the others go around when they could be part of a huge rep weekend too? They can play a three match series in Melbourne at AAMI Park, the Kiwi fans turn out in big numbers in Melbourneso it should ensure a bumper crowd there too.

Three rep weekends, three nights in a row with three world standard Rugby League matches on display. And each would be televised into Europe with game time around 10am UK time on Fri/Sat and Sunday.

With these six teams, it gives ever player in the NRL a reason to strive harder heading toward Origin time because instead of it being all about the NSW/QLD players, everyone now gets something else to play for.

Just my thoughts.
Might as well have 2 topics for no reason
Its coming one day
Can the Aussies Rugby League team finally get Australia a win on the world stage. I wonder what showbags will come to this post if they win.

I notice my recent post, re Aussie performances has gone with troppo with responses. I have not read it since the original post on the thread. I don't read threads of my posts once the original post is typed out. I am now up to reading one on the list these days, if the title appeals. I wonder what nutters are responding to that other one. No doubt they got excited by one Test cricket win. They are easily pleased these Aussie fans, they have to be.

Back to Rugby League. You cannot believe any person could get excited about this. Have you seen the countries competing. You, like me, probably did not even realise other countries in the world play this game until recently. They hardly do. It is all a bit of joke, calling it a world cup. Even more amusing is that Aust are not current world champions. I would have fun with that for 5 years if I had known.

Rugby League is a bit like cricket. Not many countries in the world are fair dinkum about it. Yet Aussies get excited when they do well.

All you showbags, over to you.
Overs of the Round: Wests Tigers.


A Pinkline kebab with the lot special. This match has 'The Cutters' of 'Breaking Away' fame written all over it.

Wests Tigers very impressive in defeat against Storm. Will be far too good despite a sidelined Benji Magic.



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