Funny Things On A Golf Course


My golf ball landed in a bunker beside the green and a mate's ball landed in a bunker nearby. It took me eight shots to get out and only did so by playing to the side of the bunker, still not on the green.

My mate was in stitches, so I said your turn, smart @rse! He hit the ball at a thousand miles an hour. The flagstick shuddered and nearly snapped as the ball struck, and dropped to only a couple of inches from the hole.

I was still off the green and out of sheer embarrassment can't recall how many shots I took on that hole. If his ball didn't strike the flagstick, it would have ended up in Sydney Harbour.

On another occasion I had a few hours to spare so I decided  to have a hit. I played a hole that was only about 90 metres slightly downhill.

A guy was on his tee not far from my green. He called me to play and I completely miss-hit my shot which never left the ground and it rolled and rolled onto the green coming to rest a couple of feet from the hole.

The guy looked at me and shook his head. He hit his tee shot onto the wild blue yonder never to be found again.

As we neared each other he turned to see my ball on the green and said "I’m surprised the wind hasn’t blown your ball into the hole."

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Ahaha. I am just awful at golf, so this kind of situation often happens to me. The latter situation happened quite recently.Me, my friend and his 14 year old son played golf. It turned out that the 14 year old guy plays better than me. Lol. 


last time out i stepped on a rake in a bunker.

best 2 balls i hit all day.


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