Never ever give up

Gary Still

One of the most extraordinary finishes I've ever seen.

French athlete Flora Guie (pronounced Gay) is running 4th after the baton change for the final leg. The French commentators are saying throughout the last lap that it is now impossible for France to win but the excitement reaches fever-pitch in the last 100 metres, when Guie does the impossible

Its not only that the she never gave up, but that she retained her composure, her rhythm and her focus, despite the odds. Cruel justice for the leader, who stopped to a walk after trying to "fry" her immediate opponents.

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This is my favorite race. Every time I watch this video, I am shocked! One of the most beautiful moments in sports that I have followed. 

Oh yes, i heard about that story and I was really impressed by how she managed to do it! Honestly speaking, I really thought that she was good. So I actually don't know why she was treated that way. i mean, she's not even an underdog to begin with. Still, I'm just really glad she won.

The Youtube link in my original post is no longer available. I have found another link on Vimeo. Just copy the link and paste it into the browser. Floria's finish has to be seen to be believed.

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