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Gary Still

With the very few discussion threads that exist on this forum, I strongly suggest the use of "ADD COMMENT" for each post, rather than "Add Reply". 

If "ADD COMMENT" is used, a person that visits the thread will see all posts made on one page (similar to Groupies thread). If "Add Reply" is used, the posts are concealed until the "View reply" button is clicked. Viewing replies for a single conversation could involve multiple clicks, which some will find tedious





I cant get this to open , work - please help. Regards GR



Having trouble accessing the Forum?
Pages have changed from yesterday!

Cheers, Loges

I cannot find anymore racingandsports on googleplay. It used to be.

Also the link in the menu "Connect" "Android App" doesn't work.

Shall I understand that racingandsports for android has been discontinued?

Thanks a lot for a reply.

Access to Neurals Forum


I dont seem to be able to read the last few months of the above forum. Its been a long time since I registered , do I need to re-register to access?

Video replays


For some reason I can not replay the videos in the form where there is a video icon

R&S Rating .... Allez Tara


At Morphettville on Saturday a horse called Allez Tara won by an imposing 11 lengths.
On the R&S rating graph it rated 43.5, just 0.5kg better than its third last start where it was beaten 2.5 lengths in the same class (BM70)
Did the horse win by such a margin because every other horse suddenly went backwards in form by 11 lengths or more, or did it win because the horse improved on its previous form? Probably a bit of both I would think.

Would the horse still have rated 43.5 had it won by only 2 lengths?

What result would have to occur in the race for Allez Tara to rate 51?

Any comment on this would be welcome.

Help Please


Where can I find out what all the abbreviations mean in the column headings?

Sorry to appear an eejit, but I just joined and can't find any help guide.

Thanks, Michael Hardiman

Cheltenham Neurals


Is there a reason why there are no Neurals for Cheltenham ?

Barrier numbers


I would first of all like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate the people responsible for the site racing and sports.i love it.

I just have one criticism.i work on horse systems and i would love it if in customised race guide i could be given the option to keep the barrier numbers the horses were originally given instead of changing the barrier numbers when a horse is scratched.

There are so many options in customised race guide that im sure it would not take much to rectify this problem.

I would appreciate it if someone could please get back to me about if this could be done.

Thank you.

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