Help Please

Where can I find out what all the abbreviations mean in the column headings?

Sorry to appear an eejit, but I just joined and can't find any help guide.

Thanks, Michael Hardiman
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G'day Mick.

If it's the abbreviations in the neural algorithm columns that you're not clear on, click on the "Explanation" button under the "Neurals" panel.

Then for further detailed information, there is a "Read Neurals explanation" button which will give you the full book.

Once you've got an idea of each factor's meaning, try adjusting the settings in one or 2 columns to give you an idea of how much each "weighting" can affect the overall ratings.

Hope this helps.

All the best.

Mick.Ah doubt you'r an eejit,just a bit of Scotsman trying to find his way!
If the column's you are speaking about are the form guides etc,scroll down the page and you will find an "Explanation"tag. Good luck.


I'm a real "eejit" or whatever ---   You would think at 86 i should know how to operate anything ------   But this modern technology has me completely like a Xmas Turkey , =

Stuffed.....          To complicate it all , They update the site , which had  me go for the whip , but I pulled the Furlong Pole .     .    Back to the ABC book to learn some more.


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