2021 Ruffies &/or Best Bets


I guess it's worth continuing this thread

While I am gonna try to post my ruffies later on race day, I am busy tomorrow so here goes

Best Bets - I have a few

BR9 Let's Part Marty

SR2 Water Dove

SR7 Sausedge

SR8 Order Again

MR4 Stars Of Carrum

AR5 Toff Love


SR10 Our Candidate

MR2 Monsters Inc

MR8 Bell's Innocent - best ruffie

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AR4 Toff Love

SR6 Herengawe

MR7 Artorius

MR8 Garner

MR9 Nights Watch

and my absolute bolter

BR9 Morendi - has run good races fresh and over this distance at this track - the jock is a plus - $151 & $24

angel of truth last in mel

the cullinan bris r7

ginger jones ad race 4

dio sydo race 4 

good luck

brissy race 2 little river

gotta stick on the gloriouis ruby  br4

br5 portugese tart

brr9 veranes might get a cheap win

ad race 7 bolt i am

sydo race 8 never talk

good punting


Toorak Affair to win her second Hobart Cup. Track a Soft 5 at the moment and the sky is clear.


No value in the quaddie as the first two legs look shoo-ins.

syd r5 no 14 paper daisy, don't think it will win against the toppy but ya never know,

mel race 4 Poland

mr5 hindaam,

mel race 7 mystery love, just a speccy gunna do a duet with des moines (toddy)

brr7 Rossmay, expected better odds

br9 stuttering

pinjarra race 6 sweet strawberry

good punting

2 bolters for today

MR7 Des Moines

SR8 Herengawe

walcha race 5 queens court

great tipping, hinksy

Yeah good day again, the ruby won, had it on the nose,  the cullinan was third at good odds backed e/w, simply fly great run backed the nose, vespertine from the back, as thinknfly should have been ridden in the next, 5 kingdoms e/w, ginger jones bulked up on the nose, minted a let down after coming in on the tote, charretera useless, shadow girl what can i say read that wrong, charretera let me down badly on a few $1.00 multi's totalling 8k.

Good day all up and the boys down the club can't wait again til I come back next week, while I'm on a roll.

I do a bit of studying on all meetings, some days ya up, some days it's just an unlucky punt. But I love the game. 4 winners 2 good placings, 3 bad reads, or rides whatever, plus the others I didn't bother tipping.

Ya know ya done well, when ya mate buys a bottle of captain morgans to drink watching the last coupla races at his place cos ya too pissed at the club. 

Three winners from seven races with all priced at $6 and over. Nice! 

Well done Hinsy. I hope your pockets are bulging.

Well done so far Hinksy.

heaps better than the dropkick below that mouths off but has nothing of interest to say.

I have been having good success not putting my bets on this site one good ruffie being Glorious ruby a coupla weeks ago at 200/1 28/1 place it come 2nd good run good return. I backed the cullinan the other thursday at 16 it won and is racing at the sunny coast race 7 like its odds 71/1 at the minute

like sunny coast r2 simply fly

sunny race 6 no 6 minted

mel rac1 vespertine

mr3 five kingdom

mr6 ginger jones

syd race 4 shadow girl

syd race 6 charretera

hope i don't jinx myself

good punting punters

You were busy alright. Licking your wounds. Did you mean to say they were Lays?  If you did your performance would equal mine. Seriously though, if you were honest with yourself and provided tips we or you could trust, you would concentrate on one venue or state. The more you spread your wings, the less faith we can have in your tips. Those tips and subsequent results have proved that. Score 0.

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