For a bit of fun, I will tip my no 1 selection followed by a ruffie

R1 Derulo - Real Fine Wine

R2 Miss In Charge - Illiciate Affairs

R3 Rambeau - Jackson On Time/Mishani Scandal

R4 Ramtastic - Dreamtime Magic

R5 Kiss My Swiss - Invicible Al - note Al will be steaming home off of what may be a ridiculous early pace - big query if there is more rain

R6 Redoute's Image (best bet) - Set Me Up

R7 Rich Devil - Thunder Mania

R8 Wapiti - Kukeracha

R9 Awesome Pluck - Akage/Spectroscope


good punting



TRY THIS.......My best bet was Icebath...ok thats life....my next best was Prophets Thumb and I backed Damian Lane to win the jockeys challenge at $13. Coming into the last i only needed PT to place to win the jockey challenge and I backed  Prophets Thumb to win lots....you guessed it....Prophets Tumb late scratching....another way to lose .....yes i am dsullionshed with this stupid caper. ..not sure why i wil bother with this bullshit anymore....

Bowman's ride on Farnan

Gary Still

Suspending Bowman for that ride has opened up a can of worms. Only a fraction of runners can get the hindsight perfect ride.

Its the jockey's role to find the right pace and position for his runner and find the right time to launch a finish. In trying to negate the oppositon, or when the oppositon are trying to negate you, its not always possible to get what you want..

There's been many rides where I thought a jockey was committing suicide, yet still won. The idea may have been to bring undone a legitimate threat, run the oppositon off their legs, leaders bias and so on.

Bowman will surely win an appeal.. 

Night Raid


Just watched Night Raid bolt in at Tatura.The old fella still winning at his age.102 i think.Big effort.They all have a story to tell.

W.Pike - 200

West Coast

William Pike brought up his double century of Australian black type victories when he rode filly Tuscan Queen to the most emphatic of his 9 WA Derby wins.

Pike has won:
8 G1s (all in WA)
24 G2s (all in WA)
35 G3s (34 in WA & 1 in VIC)
133 Listed races (132 in WA & 1 in SA)

R.I.P Double Trigger

West Coast

Saw on Twitter today that the champion stayer in Europe from the mid to late 1990s has passed away.

His Group wins included:

Zetland Stakes 1993
St Leger Italiano 1994
Sagaro Stakes 1995, 1996
Henry II Stakes 1995, 1996
Ascot Gold Cup 1995
Doncaster Cup 1995, 1996, 1998
Goodwood Cup 1995, 1997, 1998

A great career.

Would you believe it?!

Gary Still

Here's a finish that should make your eyes pop!


What did Winx beat?


Thread reconstruction

Living The Dream

Gary Still

Living the Dream was $3.70 favourite in Melbourne Race 3 yesterday and going backwards with 250 metres to go.

There are some punters that like to bet in running which means to bet while the race is in progress. During the brief duration that Living the Dream seemed spent, there was still $130 bets alive believing that Living the Dream could win. The smart punters were living the dream as they began to rake up all this sucker money.

Unfortunately for those smart punters, Living the Dream, became a living nightmare as the horse rebalanced, pushed its way through a gap and won. The trading charts on Betfair reveal that $100 changed hands at odds of 150/1 to 250/1. If that wasnt bad enough, an amount of $8 changed hands at 1000/1. In other words, about $30,000 was won and lost during this moment.

If you backed it at $3.70 you should be happy with the win. If you backed it at 1000/1, you will no doubt be enjoying a Merry Xmas!

View the finish here:  https://youtu.be/seS14-NQKTQ 

The Golden Gift


Can one of you wise posters explain to me the reason we had this ridiculous amount of money thrown at an early two year old race in Sydney yesterday. How did that benefit racing or the punter. It was just another hand out to the breeding industry and an inducement to be offered by the syndicators to sell more horses from the breeders.

The racing industry has enough issues trying to look after surplus stock that don't measure up without encouraging further breeding of sub standard stock.

I heard wise words from an overseas racing scribe during the week who said "the breeding industry is about providing good racehorses, racing is not about providing successful breeding operations."

Shame we didn't consider that here. 

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