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Was sticky beaking the other day.(again)

Was watching a newbie trying to put a bridle on,and the horse sticking his head up as high as he could to avoid the bridle.

It reminded me when I was learning years ago and the same thing happened to me.

The trainer said to me......

It’s ok,he wants to be a giraffe today.

Another memory I will never forget was when I was behind a  young horse steering  him with the long reins.

I was too busy sticky beaking(again)watching what others were doing when the horse stopped.I walked straight into his backside and he let go with both barrels.

We have to wear masks now with Covid.

At least now the women don’t know I’m ugly.


Alert. Sneaky TAB rip-off.


Anyone else today  notice the sneaky, but subtle, change to the TAB's weekly promo ? Every Saturday this year they have advertised  the "in Venue " Promo. ie Money back in bonus bets if your horse runs 2nd to 5th in Races 1-6 (Syd Melb ). The add for this is basically identical every week    And it looked identical today. BUT apparently the  T&Cs (so small it's almost impossible to read), today said R1,2 only. Even though 1-6 was in large print ( but only for 2nd and 3rd place), for this week. I feel this is  very shady  and no doubt designed to con the unsuspecting punter. It's not good enough, and should be investigated by the Unfair Trading mob.

Blank post


Blank post

Slipper Hopefuls


Wonder if the Slipper horses have been able to get onto the track due to the weather.

Bet the Walking Machines have been getting a good workout.

Be interesting to see who swims young horses.

Comments from the leading trainers would be of interest to hear.also be interested to hear from anyone who may have swum or witnessed trainers swimming young horses.

Very curious to know.

I remember there was reports years ago of a horse trained by Tommy Smith that got lose at La Perouse and swam to Kurnell.

He was a pretty smart customer too.

Regal Rhythm was his name(5 y.o.at the time I think)

More likely he was trying to get away from Tommy.





Be interested to hear from anyone who has seen or heard funny or interesting happenings on the Racecourse.I think some of you would have some really stories.

I was in the Flat at Randwick years ago and someone dropped a ten bob note.I watched as just about everyone   In the Flat said it was theirs.It was hilarious to watch and I bet they are still fighting over it.



We will start off with an easy one.

Can someone name the two full brothers that ran 1st and 2nd in the Melbourne Cup.

The next year the 2nd horse did what ........

He was taken to England and won a couple of races.

Name the trainer and jockey who took him......


Last Trivia For Month


Can someone name the horse that won the Q.T.C.Queensland  Cup then came to Sydney and won a major race at Randwick.This fellow was sired by Archie.Please name the horse year and race.

Then 14 years later a horse won the same race.This horse was sired by Majestic.Prior to winning this race he won V.R.C.Grand National Hurdle,Caulfield National Hurdle.He also won V.R.C.Australian Cup.Please name the race horse and year.




Well done Dhaulagiri.

Can someone name the horse who won the S.A.Derby,The V.R.C.Oaks,The Melbourne Cup and ran third in the V.R.C.Derby.

She accomplished this as a 3 year old filly.

Vrc Derby


 Bit Of Trivia.

Can anyone name the only horse to win the VRC Derby twice.

suspicious betting Darwin??


Just watched the race 1 in Darwin where the favourite and a 10/1 pop were raced by the the same trainer. Kalmar, had been beaten by 19 and 20 l at its last wo starts and Sportbet had it around 10/1. In the final few moments it was backed into 4.4. it led and won easily.

The Fav, Kowloon Kid had won its past two. It hovered around 3.5 fav and in the last few minutes blew to 4.4/.  It missed the start and never figured in the race.   Makes me wonder. I would hope the stewards look into this .

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