Craig Williams last 50 metres

Gary Still

I don't see any discussion in the media about what Craig Williams did in the last 50 metres of the Melbourne Cup. He did a lot more than stick the horse's head out on the line.

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Thanks for that link Gary. Very tough, strong ride by Williams. Well worth a watch. 

First thing i thought after the race was what a great ride it was to take the horse up the front, nurse him around the track, and with what you have put up here, it shows just how elite he is.

With some of the other rides over the course of the carnival, I still find him hot and cold though.

On a different note, he isn't bad with his yapper either - if he wasn't a jockey, he could be a lawyer.


I have put up a video with a magnified head-on shot of the last 200 metres here -

Apart from Williams' ride being superb throughout, had he not taken defensive action in the last 50 metres he would not have run a drum. He has seen the threat of two horses coming at him sideways and taken action to avoid a potential catastrophe of being crushed into the running rail. He has leaned over towards the offending horses with his shoulder and elbow, and turned his horse's head toward them to counterbalance their momentum.

What a ride!


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