First Tuesday


What do bloodlines mean ????

You look at Incentivise and what do you see.

Sire Shamus Award (2)wins Cox Plate and Australian Guineas.

Dam Miss Argyle (1) Placing as a 2 y.o.

As Incentivise steps up in distance he gets better.

His Caulfield Cup run was enormous.Five and Six wide at the winning post and then looking under pressure at the turn but when the whips were cracking he ran away from the field.He burnt the candle at both ends.

Peter Moody had one of greatest Sprinters of all time.Is  Incentivise elevating Moods into the top echelon of the Staying ranks.

Going back in Miss Argyles (Gai trained)pedigree is Bogan Road one of my fav I used to watch a loooong time ago.He was a brilliant young horse and then ran 2nd in the derby.

Love to hear from some of you clever fellas regarding the sectionals in the Caulfield Cup.

My first Melbourne Cup winner was Lord Fury.

Would love to hear some stories from everyone.




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Hi Gladys, You smell nice today. What are you wearing Chanel or Californium Poppy. I always get them confused.

I’m sorry I have upset you. As I get older, I make more mistakes. Please refer to the last sentence from my previous post.

Do you think it’s a good idea to be wearing such a short skirt. Some of the chaps in here will have a heart attack.


You two were at the races 101 years ago?

No wonder you have a love affair with the Ramornie of 1939.

Imagine this...... Folklore

Todman and I go to the races at Ipswich in August 2020.

I tell Todman I like this horse Incentivise very much. He says i’m Crazy. I have a good bet. Incentivise is unplaced.

Then we go to Eagle Farm and I tell Todman i’m going to back Incentivise again. Your mad came the reply. I open my wallet and Incentivise is unplaced.

I think it was Toowoomba next in June 2021 and I say to Todman I’m going to back Incentivise because I think today is the day. Todman shakes his head and heads to the bar. Incentivise is unplaced.

Next we head to the Sunshine Coast. I say to Todman i’m not backing Incentivise today.

Todman says to me. Your mad. I have backed him and I got 20-1. I will tell you something Branded. This horse will win today and then go on to win the Caulfield Cup and start one of the shortest price favourites since Phar Lap to win the Melbourne Cup.

I look at Todman and think to myself. You should be in a straight jacket and you belong in a Mental Asylum. Todman cleans up.

We are now in November and everything he said is coming true.

I have since returned to playing Lawn Bowls.

Dates and times may not be correct re Incentivise record as my brain is not working.

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