Funny Things On The Racecourse


Be interested to hear from anyone who has seen or heard funny or interesting happenings on the Racecourse.I think some of you would have some really stories.

I was in the Flat at Randwick years ago and someone dropped a ten bob note.I watched as just about everyone   In the Flat said it was theirs.It was hilarious to watch and I bet they are still fighting over it.

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After reading Brandeds post about ladies the track it reminded of this story….


I have a great old mate from around the Balmain area in Sydney, who has spent a lifetime on the punt. One of the funniest men you could meet and has a million stories from the track.
One day at Randwick his wife came with him. He was having a pretty bad day on the punt but his wife seemed to be backing every second winner with her $5 bets. A few greys were getting up and she only backed grey horses. 
Next race old mate decides to have a lunge and loads up!
Of coarse old mates horse was gets knocked off in a photo by a 40-1 shot. Old mate is steaming but is trying to remain calm around the wife… When the photo was reviewed and the winner declared, his wife appeared surprised and said something like “hey that’s mine, I got that one too”
….old mate is near flashpoint, and with a reddening face he asks says “how the hell did you back that one?! you only back greys!” She replies “look here” pointing at the form guide…. and in a condescending tone says…“C H G.… ….charcoal grey!!” 


Re: "I may be wrong, but I don’t remember TAILS leaving too many winners."


But his full brother Man about Town winner of Wagga Gold Cup, Winter Cup, Parramatta Cup etc... did manage to sire one Stakes Winner in Dandy Dresser who coincidently in turn also won a Parramatta Cup.

Today 11/08/2021 THE COSSACK won the Great Northern Hurdle at Riccarton.

I see the top stayer "TAILS” is on the bottom line of THE COSSACK'S pedigree.

He won several top staying races, raced in a few Melbourne Cups and ran third in ‘71.

TAILS fell in the Queen Elizabeth at Randwick. After Joe Buckman the clerk of the course caught him, TAILS tried to mount Joe's horse as he was trying to get him into the enclosure, with the Queen watching on. Apparently, TAILS fancied grey horses.

I may be wrong, but I don’t remember TAILS leaving too many winners.

When you have a spare couple of minutes.

Youtube.....Type in......

Unbelievable horse race at Newcastle!

The race is in G.B.

As Bert Bryant would say......,

You wouldn’t hit him with a 303..

Vo Rogue lives again !!!!!


Never forget years ago the wife and mesie going to Warwick Farm.

She backed a 33/1 winner.I said how did you pick that one.The answer was..You are wearing a green tie and the jockey had a green jacket.

The very next race she backed a 16/1 winner.When I asked her ...How did you pick that one..The answer was..Because the jockey looked at me !!!

I have always said...If you want to win at the punt...Take a lady who has never been to the races and back the same horses she does.

Great reading these memories of everyone.

I have been to the races many many times and never had a bet.

People do not like going with me as i’m All over the course.I just love the atmosphere.They are always saying.Where have you been?

I remember it was early 90’s and I went to Randwick.I didn’t have a bet all day until the last.

It was one of those Superfecta Races and I thought any horse wins these.

Bart had the favourite in the race called Blalocks Bull.Believe it or not I cannot remember the horse I backed but it was 100/1.I had $20 for a win.

I usually watched from the Grandstand but this time I grabbed a beer(my first for the day)and watched with the rest of the peasants about 50 metres before the line.

I stood there not expecting much and as Blalocks Bull moved up to the leaders I saw this green cap going through the centre.All the punters were screaming for the favourite and i couldn’t hear as the green cap joined him on the line.

Then as the din died I heard the caller mention my horse in the photo. 

There was a bit of a delay and then 18 went into the frame with just about complete silence.I wasn’t game to yell out you beauty in case I got killed.

It may have been one of Larry Cassidy’s first winners in Sydney.

As I walked toward the Bookie  to collect I stuck my chest out pretending I knew what I was doing.


I had my best day ever, back in the early 80's (just looked it up - it was 1981). I was a much smaller punter back then, so 5 bucks EW nan the occasional 10 EW, were my limits. I was visiting Sydney and went to Rosehill with a mate. My first bet was on a horse at Rosehill. The horses' name started with Dance and was 25/1 and it saluted. during the day, I backed several god priced winners. Rose of Kingston was a big favorite of mine and she was first up in the Ascot Vale Stakes (now the Coolmore). I got 20's or 25;s for her and she won like the good horse she was. 

Going into the last race at Flemington, I was winning $1200 - a huge amount for me, and my best bet of the day, in it, was Carringbush. I got 12/1 and put $100 on the nose. It blew out to 14's so I thought, going home winning a grand would still be a great result, so I had another $100 at 14's, on him. On jumping, he went to the lead and he stayed there on entering the long straight at Flemington. Heart in mouth, I was very wary of him staying there. The further down the straight he went. the further in front he went. My mate seemed to get more joy out of the win than I did. He acted as my bodyguard when I collected the $2800. 

When we got back to his place, where my family and I were staying, we walked in with glum faces. When I threw $3800 or so into the air, it was a sight to behold.

We ended our holiday in Sydney, staying at the Jenolan Caves. On arriving home, we invested my winnings on a deposit for our first home.

I've beeing going to Randwick since I was a 14yo school kid. I still go but not as often though I miss the days of the bookies rings. I always loved betting interstate when on course and the old Teahouse Ring at Randwick was dead set full of life. There were days you couldn't get out of your own way scrambling to get the best price. I remember on one occasion during the time my dad had a milk run and I used to work a few days for him, including the bill collection on a Friday. One of his customers was a milk bar and they overpaid by $500 so I went back to them later that day and gave them back their money. They never even said thanks but karma works in odd ways and it so happened I was studying Hamlet in high school at the time. I was on course the next day and a horse called Yorick was running in Melbourne. I'm not treally into omen but this was too good to be true given the events of the previous day. He went up at 33/1 but one of the satchel swingers rolled him out to 50s and I almost killed an old codger, knocking him flying when trying to get set. I had $50 straight out which was an enourmous bet for me and my milk run earnings for the previous couple of weeks. Well, when he saluted I made more noise than the rest of that ring combined that day, I'm convinced people thought I was unbalanced. I can't help feeling that was divine payback for my honesty.

Don't go to the races nearly as often as I would like but remember going to Moonee Valley a few years ago with mates

Pretty hung over and I had picked out something that ended up being one of the first ones beaten.. I had gone out on the lawn to watch as I usually do. On the way back to the bar, there is a guy carrying on, he was obviously on the winner and on his phone yelling "How tough is he??!!!" to his mate on the other end.. he was pretty happy, but everyone around seemed to think he was overdoing it

I went got a hambuger and sat down with a beer.. and then noticed on the board "gee they are taking a while to call correct weight on this... oh a protest"

old mate ended up losing on the protest... i didnt catch sight of him, but we had a chuckle as to how he would have taken it




Sometimes I would sit in the Grandstand and an elderly lady was often there.She always had 5 shillings a place on something.Sometimes I had a cup of tea with her and scones I think.Poor lady seemed very lonely.

During one of conversations she told me about this pub called Pub With No Beer at Taylor’s Arm.

Several Years later I went there.I remember sitting at the bar listening to Ken Howard calling the races.

From where I was sitting I noticed A telephone on the wall.It was one of those wind the handle jobs.

The publican said pick it up and wind the handle to get the girl on the switch and she will get the number you want and hang up and she will ring you back when she gets the person you want.And when you hang up ring the switch again and she will tell you the cost of the call and then you pay me.I had a terrific day there as they were all very friendly people.

I remember another pub not too far from there at Ebor called The Beer With No Pub.Apparently it burnt down.

I have fond memories of that lady especially listening to her yelling out for the horse she backed.

Bushman........I used to run past the Sir William Wallace Pub on my way to visiting my Grandmother.

Oh and the track was as it would have been this weekend, a quagmire 

When I was 16, I was a runner for an SP in Balmain. Anzac Day, I had to go to the TAB and put 40EW on the roughest horse in the Anzac Day Cup, Datamat, it was called. Got up and here I am, going to the tab to pick up over a grand for him, I was a millionaire for about ten mins. Every time I went up the TAB he’d give me a fiver, so It went on and I lived it up that night, well and good at the Town Hall Pub. 

Sure does Branded. The good ol days 


It all adds to the memories we all have Bushman.

I’ll always remember this guy nearly every time I walked onto the Racecourse...”Ave ya heard anything”..Then as always he would say.. My information is ...“So and so worked da joint down Thursdy mornin”

My reply used to be.”Be careful he didn’t leave his run there”

The other was my sisters husband was at not sure Rosehill or Randwick, a mad punter. He backed a horse called Americano, wasn’t a bad horse either. Well, he stood to win a fortune and it was in a photo and in those days, photos, developed prints and such, took a while. Anyway, standing at the bookies stand, the bookie said to him “ I reckon you’ve got it, so you can take what’s in my bag and my car and we call it quits. He said no and he lost the photo. 

Two things I have but don’t know if they’re funny. My Brother, me and the old man went to Rosehill maaaaannnnny years ago. I was 15. Anyway, by the last we were losing and come race time we bro and I, we couldn’t find the old man anywhere. So, the two of us put our bets on, turned out they lost and when we finally found the old coot he had a grin from ear to ear. My bro said “ what are you smiling at, we lost” he said “ yeh but met up with a mate who tipped me Sir Regoli at 33/1. Mongrel 

I loved Arthur Sing the Bookmaker.

He was just about always first up with his prices.Then he would yell out Now shoot me down or something like that.

I remember him telling the story from the war years.His job was to walk the streets and make sure everyone’s windows were blacked out

Arthur Was Of Asian appearance and lived in the Eastern Suburbs Of Sydney I think.He told the story of knocking on the door to tell someone to black out their windows.He said a woman answered the door and started yelling.The japanese are here the Japanese are here.

At Flemington a couple of years ago I witnessed the dangers of smoking and drinking at the same time by a member of the general hoi polloi you find during the Spring Racing Carnival.

This chap was attempting to light a cigarette whilst holding an open can of beer. It spilled all down his front and my friend put in words what I was thinking - "he's going to look as if he pissed himself." We shared a his obvious embarrassment.

Irish Angel won the last at Randwick on Wed, St Patrick's Day at $12 fixed.

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