Gold Coast Tips & Magic Millions day


For a bit of fun, I will tip my no 1 selection followed by a ruffie

R1 Derulo - Real Fine Wine

R2 Miss In Charge - Illiciate Affairs

R3 Rambeau - Jackson On Time/Mishani Scandal

R4 Ramtastic - Dreamtime Magic

R5 Kiss My Swiss - Invicible Al - note Al will be steaming home off of what may be a ridiculous early pace - big query if there is more rain

R6 Redoute's Image (best bet) - Set Me Up

R7 Rich Devil - Thunder Mania

R8 Wapiti - Kukeracha

R9 Awesome Pluck - Akage/Spectroscope


good punting



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Just came across this today!!  some good tipping there Todman, well done.

Look at Todman’s Quaddie:

R6 Shaquero $12 WON - mentioned with two others

R7 Aim  $51 WON - mentioned with one other

R8 Eleven Eleven $6 WON - mentioned with five others

R9 Stuttering $27 2nd - beaten by a head-bob. Also mentioned two others. 

Quaddie cost 3 x 2 x 6 x 3 = $108 for a whole unit. 

With Odyssey ($9) winning the last leg, the Quaddie paid $34,000. Imagine the divvy if longer priced Stuttering won.

Are you there Toddy? It must have been a great day for you.


Just wondering if anyone else noticed that Todman tipped Aim ($51 and $12).  nice work from the champ. 

while a few of my ruffies finished just out of a place, last weeks tips were forgettable.

I get that many of you don't like the agic Millions day at the Gold Coast, but I love it. I am getting in early this week with my tips - good luck

R1 Texcel $34 & $10 is a good bet EW in my book - 2 Sydneysiders are most favored, particularly Newsreader

R2 A trifecta or even a first 4 here as I think that 1, 2, 3 & 11 standout - Skate To Paris EW @ $10 & $3.10 and watch out for Wapiti ($15 & $4.40) to figure as he is well in on weights

R3 I can't see Ballistic Boy, being beaten - $3.60 at the moment

R4 there are quite a few chances here and 4 of them have bad draws - I can't pick it so small wagers on Chauffer @ $71 & $17 and and absolute ruffie, Elixir @ $151 & $41 as they both have soft draws - while the speed maps have Bella Vella & Sansom in the hunt for the lead, I reckon Usmanov will go hard to make Jonker work. Both of my ruffies should be able to sit just off the speed and then it's just a matter of whether the quality horses in the race, can finish over the top of the leaders - if not my 2 will be there somewhere

R5 If Athiri gets the 1300m, the race is over, but it is not a given. Snapdancer, currently @ $3.50 is my pick. Maddi Rocks @$101 & $21 is my ruffie

R6 A real raffle with the barrier draws of what were the top 2 chances, bringing a few others into the market. Waller's 2, Shaquero and Ranch Hand, may get too many favors here. I'll be having an EW on Mura Mura @ $35 & $8.50

R7 I reckon one of the top 3 fave's should win. I will have a few EW bets on Aim @ $51 & $12 and I am giving Redoute's Image another chance @ $35 & $8

R8 Gai's 2 horses & Eleven Eleven, are favored here. I will have EW bets on Outrageous & $15 & $4.40 and Redouble @ $34 & $8. Soxagon will storm home

R9 Apart from the 1st race, this is the most open of the day - I will give Jami Lady, who ran poorly last week, another chance @ $23 & $6.50. At her best, she is a big show. My other 2 are Chapter And Verse, who at $20 & $5, is my best ruffie of the day. Stuttering, cannot draw an alley, but he is another with a chance @$27 & $7.50

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