Horses On The Move


Amazing how horses travel the world in these times.

Gaudeamus was bred in the USA.She then raced in Ireland and UK.

She then arrived in Australia.

Was sold at the Gold Coast Broodmare Sales in 2015 with a Champion in her belly.

Imagine if i’m the Auctioneer and I say....She has a Champion in her belly people.

They would order the truck to take me to the funny farm.

Her 2015 foal was sold at the Magic Millions for $120.000.

He was sold again at ready to the run sales by Element Hill for about $300.000??

He then ended up in Hong Kong and is racing tonight.

He has won 18 out of 19.

I think he is going for his 16 straight win. 

He is Golden Sixty and it will be fascinating to see if he can keep on his winning way.Time will tell.

He usually comes from the back.

His mum was bred in the USA went to Ireland and UK then Australia.

Golden Sixty was bred in Australia.(Maybe he was bought at the sales by a Nzer but I cannot verify that)

He then ended up in Hong Kong and had his first start as a three year old.

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It was a shocking fall Oldman.

Those jockeys were worse than I thought.

You just hold your breath when you see something like that. Hopefully they will be back in action soon.

Going to save a few quid and have one of my rare bets and see what Matty Dunn does with Haky (Maybe Ballina Cup )

Can he train an eight year old to win for the first time over a mile.

Apart From the winner Haky was hanging in there with field at the tail. 

This guy is a fantastic trainer and I have a feeling in my bones he will have success with this horse.

So anyone who owes me money please leave it in a bag at the winning post at Warwick Farm.

My wife just said i’m the one who owes everyone money.(She must be mistaken)


Zac was very lucky in that fall, but still sustained four fractured ribs, a fractured wrist and a broken nose.

He's looking to resume riding soon.

Interesting to see Haky on the move to Murwillumbah.

Archie Alexander to Matty Dunn.

Haky was not long ago running in the top staying races in Melbourne.

Seems to be still in the same ownership.

He raced at Ipswich finishing at the back over 1350.

He runs in the Ballina Cup Prelude today over 1600.(6 starters)

He has won 4 races between 2400-3000.

Has 65ks today less 2 for Jasper.

Be interesting to watch what Matty Dunn has in mind for him.Maybe Ballina Cup 1600 on14 Jan in the short term.

Anyway i’ll be sticky beaking today.


Terrific racing there today accept race 5 with the shocking fall. It was one of those shockers.

Amazing Star was outside the leader when he went down. Looked like his front legs went.

When he went down he got absolutely smashed, but I think the damage had already been done.  

I think the other 2 horses were ok. Zac Purton seemed ok. 

There was concern for Hewitson as several horses went over him.

Unfortunately, I forget the other jockey's name.

Its always sad when you see horses put down.

I personally have been there several times and it is something you never forget. 

Apart from that, I really enjoy the racing in Hong Kong.

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