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Can someone name the horse that won the Q.T.C.Queensland  Cup then came to Sydney and won a major race at Randwick.This fellow was sired by Archie.Please name the horse year and race.

Then 14 years later a horse won the same race.This horse was sired by Majestic.Prior to winning this race he won V.R.C.Grand National Hurdle,Caulfield National Hurdle.He also won V.R.C.Australian Cup.Please name the race horse and year.


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Realm (1887) won the Qld Cup in 1891 & the Sydney Cup in 1893.

Realm (1900) won the 1907 Sydney Cup after having won the 1906 VRC Grand National Hurdle.



Heres a tip for you,

If ever you want to revisit St Albans NSW again (great lttle Colonial pub) take the Webb's Creek ferry rather than the Wiseman's ferry.

The WC ferry is located by turning left at the bottom of the hill prior to going down as far as the Wiseman's Ferry Pub.

When you get to the otherside of the river off the Webb's Creek ferry it is a beautiful drive on a smooth well made road al the way to the  St Albans pub on the other side of the bridge. 

Re: Chris Wallers trucks departing from the ferry.

They would have been coming back from the Muskoka Farm which is a high class training / conditioning / spelling farm jus down the road from the northenr side of Wiseman's Ferry (turn right off ferry)

Muskoka Farm is located along this road on the left between Gunderman & Spencer.



You have a good memory King.I cannot store things in my brain like you chaps.Most times I copy what is written.

Reading your last paragraph I remembered reading about St Albans.He was standing in Victoria with little success.Then he was sent to Tasmania where as they say in combination with the old bloodlines from the days of Van Dieman’s Land ,St Albans was a triumph.

Some of the horses he sired 

Malua (Hall Of Fame)

Stockwell (2nd Melbourne Cup)

Sheet Anchor (Melbourne Cup)

Blink Bonny (Caulfield Cup)

Ringwood (Australian Cup)

Tasman(N.Z.Cup-Wellington Cup)

Coronet (Newmarket)

Those horses won plenty of other top races

Just a little story I can tell.I was on my way to the town of St Albans NSW a few years back.I got the ferry at Wisemans Ferry and turned on the road to St Albans.My God I have never been a worse road.I went about 7 Furlongs and I turned around.The people who live there must purchase a vehicle every 6 months.When i waited for the ferry originally one of Chris Wallers trucks departed from the ferry.Now I know how he gets them so fit.They get their guts shaken out of them.They are fit before they get to Rosehill.



Well done Branded!

Interesting to note that although Vow was well bred (bred on the classic Princequillo x Nasrullah cross) she was a pigeon chested slight little chestnut who had two starts for not even looking like running a place. 

And yet she became an exceptional broodmare (AJC announced her as broodmare of the year one year) 

Strange how vesatile and varied her progeny were.

She produced the top class WFA middle distance star in Vo Rogue, a 4700m Grand National winner as well as a couple of classy sprinters in Dev's Rogue and and Rode Rouge.

Unfortunately Vow's only daughter Cyn 'N" Rose (full sister to Vowtinsk) did not produce annything of note as either a race horse or broodmare.

As well as the one daughter Vow also produced 6 colts none of which proved to be great racehorses or stallions.

Despite Cyn 'N" Rose being serviced by a number of good stallions including Eceed and Excel she failed to produce anything of note.

How unfortunate it is that at lleast one the decendants of Vow (dam of the great Vo Rogue) did not go on to become a well performed broodmare or stallion, like a lot of champions or near champions their bloodlines simply fade away into history.


Vowtinsk  (Semipalatinsk -Vow)

Vo Rogue (Ivor Prince-Vow)


Vo Rogue

I understand that King.That is why I apologised to Dhaulagiri(G.Lane).It was the silly way I asked the question.

Branded (last trivia for the month?)

Heres my TRIVIA challenge, lets see if you or anyone else can come up with the answers to this one before the end of the month.

Who was the horse that won a Flemington Grand National Steeple 4700m that was a half brother to a reputed CHAMPION (almost) whch is on record as having won more than five G1 races & more than nine G2 races & two Listed races in his day.

But if the races that he won were converted to todays race gradings his record would stand at more than "TEN" G1 wins, more than four G2 wins, one Group 3 win and one Listed race win?

1. Who wass the Flemington Grand National Steeple 4700m winner?

2. Who was his his half brother that was a reputed near CHAMPION?

Good luck to all who attempt to solve this bit of TRIVIA.

Cheers from,



I have a particular horses in my my mind as answers but who knows there may well be others who also satisfy the stated criteria but I think it unlikely.


dhaulagirl & Branded.

Please note that the pupose of my comments are not intended to antagonise anybody but are simply an attempt to put the records straight to the best of my knowledge.

Reference Australian Stud Book.

dhaulagirl wrote:

"Archie's son was Realm who won the Queensland Cup in1891 and the Sydney Cup in 1891"

Realm (by Archie) won the following stakes races - 1891 QTC Queensland Cup 16 furlongs, 1893 AJC Sydney Cup 16 furlongs &  the 1893 AJC Autumn Stakes 12furlongs.

"The Majestic horse was also called Realm who won the Australian Cup in1900, so assume he won the Queensland Cup in 1905."

Realm (by Majestic) won the following stakes races - 1907 AJC Sydney Cup 16 furlongs, 1907 VRC Australian Cup 18 furlongs but is NOT on record as having won a QTC Queensland Cup 16 furlongs at anytime between 1900 to 1915.

Cheers from,


Sorry Dhaulagiri I may have confused you with my way of asking the questions.

You named the horses correctly 

They both won Sydney Cup 1893 and 1907.

You did great Dhaulagiri (G.Lane)

Archie's son was Realm who won the Queensland Cup in1891 and the Sydney Cup in 1891

The Majestic horse was also called Realm who won the Australian Cup in1900, so assume he won the Queensland Cup in 1905.

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