People And Horses


Was sticky beaking the other day.(again)

Was watching a newbie trying to put a bridle on,and the horse sticking his head up as high as he could to avoid the bridle.

It reminded me when I was learning years ago and the same thing happened to me.

The trainer said to me......

It’s ok,he wants to be a giraffe today.

Another memory I will never forget was when I was behind a  young horse steering  him with the long reins.

I was too busy sticky beaking(again)watching what others were doing when the horse stopped.I walked straight into his backside and he let go with both barrels.

We have to wear masks now with Covid.

At least now the women don’t know I’m ugly.


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Sorry for going over the top people.

I visit my wife in the Nursing Home Every day.

She is bedridden and cannot speak.

Dementia is a woeful disease.

She understands me but she cannot even ask for a glass of water.

Today I watched her get really upset because the nurses have to change her.

This happens several times a day and it is something she cannot accept.

Im with her most of the day and watching her go downhill with this disease crushes me.

Today really got to me.

Thank you referee for putting back my original posts.

Its hard enough trying to explain some bloodlines without my words being changed.

Thank you.

Who has changed what I have written.

You have stuffed what I have written.

It is absolute rubbish what you have changed.

I want everyone to disregard what someone had changed.

Whoever changed my words cannot be fair dinkum.

Crupper(Sorry forgot how to spell)

Another funny Occurrence(but not then)

There was three of us working some horses together.

I was leading and as we came into the back straight a snake was sliding across the track. 

I held my breath hoping my horse wouldn’t jump the snake.

Remarkably(I don’t know how) we all got past it safely.

I thought I was the only one who saw it but as we pulled up the other two guys said.....Did you see that ******* snake and we all had a laugh.

Would love to hear from others who must have some stories to tell.

One of the funniest episodes I recall.

Believe me it wasn’t funny then.

I had just worked a trotter and was walking her back to the stables.

There was a stablehand cleaning one of the stables and as we approached he had a chaff bag in his hands and he flicked it to clear any debri from it.

Holy sh?t.The mare took off and I thought we were going to go straight through the feed shed.

The tie up rail was near the feed shed.As we got near the feed shed she did a left hand turn and jumped the tie up rail with hopples on.

She was on one side of the rail and I was on the other side sitting in the bike.I was crapping myself wondering what she was going to do.

Lucky for me she just stood there as I took off her gear.

There was little damage.I think she broke a hopple and the Croup.

It is something i’ll never forget and just shows anything can happen.

I didn’t kill the guy as he was only a neebie who crapped more than me.

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