The Tab Is Born


It was Angel Place in Sydney where the first TAB was or one of the first in NSW.About 1963 I think.No television just a radio.Angel Place was tucked away and me being under age loved sneaking in there like a crook.

Think they were 2/6 units originally.

Trying to remember how we put our bets on.

We had to fill out our betting ticket then hand it to the lady behind the counter one at a time.

I’m not sure what she did.

I think she copied it onto her tickets then put it in the machine and pulled the handle and our ticket would come out.

I remember being in the city with a mate on a Friday night and we scraped up some money to have a bet to be able to remain in the city.

Harold Park it was.Think his name wasPowerhouse. He led everywhere bar the post.Beaten a nostril about 10/1.

No money left so we had to go home(sounds familiar)

Does Anyone remember regarding the bets or are you all young whipper snappers and not too old in the tooth (should be lucky your got some)

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Great memories of both of them Euraman.

I think Rod Marsh got the nickname Iron Gloves because he couldn’t take a catch early in his career.

 Sharne Warne had a hectic lifestyle.

I remember his first test at the SCG.I think he took 1/150.

To think they would be both legends is extraordinary.

RIP Rodney Marsh and Shane Warne.


While we are talking about times past, I was listening to the 1972 Manchester Test between Australia and England and Australia were a long way behind with 8 wickets down and needed about 194 runs to win the match. Marsh(91) and John Gleeson(30) put on 104 with Marsh hitting 9 fours and 4 sixes. Australia lost by 89 but it was a heroic performance from the great Rod Marsh.

And now Shane Warne has also passed away.

2 great losses for the Cricket world. 

Great memories there Tod.Thanks for explaining that.It seemed difficult but we loved it.

Bet the TAB was happy we persevered.The TAB has improved a bit since then.

The SP bookies weren’t too impressed.

Have to laugh.When I was about 7 or 8 My Nana used to send me up the road to the SP bookie.Go around the back she used to tell me.

My father had to explain to me her bets.

1 shilling each way ————— if any

2 Bob each way ————— If any

2 Bob each way —————-If any

5 Bob each way —————-if any 

All up to win —————-

I think the all up was usually for a favourite

I think the bookie has a limit.I don’t what it was.

My Nana was consumed by a horse called WIGGLE.

I know i’m Looking back but great memories.

I’m tearing up so I better go.



in QLD, the bets were written out by TAB staff on different coloured tickets (I think) probably to signify if the bet was a win/place or daily double - not sure if quinellas were avail then - the tickets had a circle and square to write the race no and horse no in.

I remember that purple was one of the colours. The tickets had carbon copies where the punter received the top copy.

The betting on a race closed 40 minutes before race and dividends were not available for quite a while after race, probably 30 mins or more. This allowed the TAB staff to sort bets on each horse before race and then sort placegetters and amounts bet on place getters. These were then phoned through to TAB Headquarters from all over QLD, together with the totals bet on race (win & place) to enable TAB Headquarters TO calculate and announce divies.

I can't remember the minimum bet but it could have been 2 shillings.

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