in my Grampas eyes he was, he would be in his 90s if was alive!
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Thanks Dhaulagiri (G.Lane)

Your very helpful.

I remember Billy Pyers(Ginger Meggs)he was a character.

He rode big winners in Australia and all over the world.

He went to the Can a couple of times.

One Occassion it was for a road accident he had in France he did not report some 20 years previously.

I cannot recall the circumstances but I know a woman was involved.

Funny fella.

According to the nifty book by Peter Pring "Major Australian Races and Racehorses 1960-1980" I've counted six jockeys who rode Tulloch.

George Moore and Neville Sellwood rode him the majority of times, but also named are Arthur  Ward, E Dinham, Frank Leman,and William Pyers.

It was Frank Leman who rode Tulloch in the 1957 Warwick Stakes.

Does anyone know how many Jockeys rode Tulloch

Neville Sellwood won about 12 

George Moore  won plenty.

Not sure if George Podmore rode him

Frank Leman won on him.

Maybe Frank Leman rode him when I saw him at Warwick Farm(not sure)


Variety On Course

I remember my father taking me to Warwick Farm to  watch Tulloch when I was a little fella.

I think it was the Warwick Stakes.

We used to be in the Leger with the rest of the peasants.

As the horses approached the turn I took off on the inside of the rail in the Leger.

Tulloch reeled them in pretty quickly and shot past me which was very surprising because I was known around the traps as the STARTLED GAZELLE.

Any horse that put paid to me so quickly must be a champion.I had no excuse except I was fresh out of the paddock and carrying plenty of weight.(I know how Bernborough feels)

Some years later Ken Irvine took on Gili at Kembla Grange.

Ken should have had a chat with me.

Gili cleaned him up.

Leger or Ledger (sorry I forget how to spell)

I agree. Tulloch was a true champion. Based on current currency conversion, he won $5.5m in prize money at a time when prize money was far less than it is today even allowing for inflation. On top of that he missed almost 2 years of racing due to illness when he probably would have been in his prime. His only unplaced run was in the Melbourne cup (as topweight) and won races from 1000 to 3200 metres. Amazing!!!

Guys I am sure Phar Lap and Tulloch would not mind being mentioned in the same breath.
surly they r our best then.

Tulloch placed 53 from 54 starts.
pretty Average dont u think

So was Tulloch!!!


Breeding: foaled 1954, bay/brown colt, Sire: Khorassan, Dam: Florida
Trainer: Tommy Smith Owner: E A Haley
Record: 53 starts 36 wins 12 seconds 4 thirds

Tulloch was foaled in 1954 by the famous Trelawaney Stud in New Zealand. Trainer Tommy Smith bought the yearling for 750 guineas in 1956 at the Trentham Yearling Sales. In all Tommy Smith purchased 17 colts and fillies, which he sold in Sydney without any problems. He offered the colt to E A Haley who was impressed by the horse's breeding, intelligence and presence despite a "swampy" back. He named him Tulloch after the Scottish town where his mother was born

Forgive me everbody but I thought that Phar Lap was foaled in New Zealand, not Australia, a bit like Russell Crowe...



Phar Lap was foaled in NZ, and so was Tulloch

Phar Lap foaled in NZ as was Tulloch and Carbine. Makybe Diva was foaled in the UK.

Surely KIngston Town is OUR greatest ever racehorse (albiet the dam was German)

An incredible horse he was Chucky.

It's really laughable when people keep raving about Makybe Diva. The great Tulloch leaves her well in the shade and never won a Melbourne Cup.


Chucky7...I'm sure Granpa would be pleased you consider his opinion.
I saw Tulloch many times. when he beat Prince Darius in the Derby by 100 yards [PD was to run a nk 2nd to Straight draw that year}1957...When he won the Caulfield Cup same time and broke the world 1.5 mile record.It stood for decades.
He took ill just after owner Mr E A haley wouldn't consent to him starting in the M. Cup
More than 2 years he lost however returned to be the champion he truly was.
I too believe he was the greatest.
The Handicappers believed that also.

Tulloch won 6 Stakes races in 4 weeks, March / April 1958, including the “All Aged” as a 3 year old, I doubt another horse will ever do it, or will ever be asked to.

Phar Lap won 4 Stakes races in one week including the Melbourne Cup.
The greatest Australian champion of all time.

Who cares? I'm talking about Phar Lap, bozo.

Stick to commenting on your Vegemite & boy scouts with wobble boards threads.

Any tips from Aiden O'Brian (sic) for the Cup? LOL

Pinkline Jones ..You have to allow, some can't read the heading.
Does it say --- Re PHAR LAP

Give over buddy,,, the heading is negated by the message " surely our greatest ever racehorse" and such a message is an invitation to compare and comment, which is all that the count did,,,, He should be not attacked for that,,, and certainly not attacked by one of the 2 greatest thread pirates on this forum.
Apologise to the man.

Jellied Eel,

It is rather curious that you would be in here defending one of the most despicable posters ever seen on this site. Chivas is a narcissistic, juvenile, friedless wretch. On top of that he's a hopeless tipster.

Eelsy, don't forget it was Chivas for Brains who claimed that any horse that suffers a defeat is not a champion. 'Champions don't need excuses'. Therefore he doesn't even rate Phar Lap a champion.

The bloke is a peanut


Pinky Paleface,, Orrfully sorry old chap,, but I even had the cojones to defend you on here once {upon a long time ago}... You post so often that I forget the where or when,but if I can stand up for your right to be right, then I guess I can do it for anybody..

Allez the Wonder of it all

Horses were made of sterner stuff in those days.

Tulloch started in the first 2yo race of his season - the Breeders Plate - and then ran another 4 times in his first campaign. His fifth start was on Oaks day. (The Byron Moore, which I'm pretty sure was run on the thursday in that era).

It's almost impossible to imagine a 2yo racing this week for the fifth time. Yet Tulloch was to have his last start as a 6yo over 2 miles, his third two miler of that season.

Make that Friendless as fried the Count has certainly been on no less than just about every occasion.

I would understand your thinking Imaj Eel and generally support it, however, given Chivas' appalling track record, this ratbag doesn't deserve any support whatsoever.


I most humbly apologise. Imaj eel
Forgive me Count.
Nice to learn English and its in depths.
Pirate is a harsh description and reminds me of a time I was asked ..." Wheres your buccaneers "
On my buccanhead was a swift reply.

We are talking about Tulloch here Chivas. Stop your lookatme-lookatme nonsense.

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