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I have been visiting but have had problems posting until today. I have finally got the computer on instead of accessing the forum via phone or tablet, and it seems to work.

Anyone else having trouble posting their Groupie's tip?



I had lots of trouble posting since the new site took over. Using my phone instead of pc now


Euraman, the new forum site is great on my windows 10 pc - posts are instant and on any thread, add comment is the correct response to the thread subject, where add reply, is for the particular comment on the thread

Well said Gary. No matter what our views are are on different matters, the important thing is that they are our individual views -yours, mine, everyone's and should be respected.

The forum is good fun and despite our various comments, I dont think anyone takes it too seriously. If they do, then they shouldn't.

Come back Khap, Spring is in the air, our best no hopers are about to start their respective campaigns and we all can do with a bit of your guidance as to what to lay and when!

I recall that before I went overseas last May, we had regular posts from Khap giving us great lays and the benefit of his insight into sport and racing. All he ever received was a load of abuse from Team Dunderhead's leader, Loges, and accusations of being a liar from the forum know it all, Gary, and his toe rag, The Parrot.

Since that time I see Khap has either refused to post or couldn't be bothered feeding the resident clowns and more information and the forum is now a morgue with the simpletons checking in to see if anyone is here. Why would anyone with even basic intelligence want to visit this forum and tolerate the blockheads who malinger waiting for someone or something to criticise? None of these dopes have ever had an original thought and so now are completely lost if they have nothing to snipe at.

If you want the forum to stay alive I would suggest you petition the great know it all Gary and have him compose an apology to Khap with a sincere request for him to return to his postings. This petition should be signed by Team Dunderhead and their supporters but I would imagine not many of them, if any, would even know how to write their names.

Ignore this suggestion at your peril. Mark my words this forum will stay in the doldrums until that is done. In the meantime, enjoy the continual losing tips and arthritic posts about your favourite horses of yesteryear.


No petition necessary. If this is what it takes to bring the forum back to life, I apologise.

Every day.

Cheers, Loges...


Just having a look and wondering the same question

I'm still here probably weekly & see whats going on - long time now

Hi oldtimer - just testing to see if replies are private - could you check this thread - pigracer and I have had a few replies - can you see them

Hi Todman, sorry for delay - trying out this site is a test in itself

How do you PM anybody Tod. and any goodies today.

Pig and Tod,

I believe that R&S are still working on improving various aspects of the Forum, particularly the "search" function. If you want the PM facility restored, just ask them. It would be a piece of cake compared to the monumental task of the complete changeover.

Cheers, Gary


cannot pm - I tried emailing you a few weeks ago but no response - does your mobile end in 071

Phone changed but email same last 25 years. Samadoubt ???????

have sent an email - even I could not have selected Samadoubt to win - pity I was too stoopid to take the tip from Lizzie Jelphs a minute or so before they jumped

I'm here 2 or 3 times a week and I love the new user friendly format.

That is really rich coming from you Gary. You and the Parrot continually told such informative posters such as Khap and myself to leave every time we made any comment that did not align with your way of thinking. The fact that we did not burst in to tears every time Winx beat up some stablemate dud or any of the other assorted no hopers she met whilst avoiding overseas trips or contesting races outside of her comfort zone, meant that we were the recipients of your know it all comments.

Well, it looks like you have your wish. You can sit here and talk to yourself as it seems even the Parrot has flown the coop. 

I still wander by every day or so.

Agree, Gary that the new Forum is a good one, so it's a pity there is not more activity. Perhaps when the new Spring season starts it will liven up.

The Groupies will be back for the Winx Stakes in a few weeks.

Very occasionally

With the recent changes (particularly with the instant updates), I doubt that there is any sporting forum now as advanced as this one. Its a great party, but if there are no guests, who do you talk to?

Yes, I stil visit in the hope of seeing some more activity and some new and old faces.

a simple reply

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