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Gary Still

After a disastrous start, it appears to be coming along nicely. Posts are going up in real time, the formats of old posts have been restored and the text editing function is excellent. 

It looks to me as if the ban and personal message facility have been dropped. While the forum is being improved almost on a daily basis, teething problems still exist. I'm guessing they can only fix it, if they're aware of it.

So, if anybody wants to put up a wishlist, maybe do it here? 

My complaint at the moment is that the search function is not fully operational. I can only get a single page of "hits", after which the NEXT page button produces nothing. But I'm sure this will be fixed soon.




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The formating does work, Great!


The new site is great, user friendly, easy to nevigate with a wealth of information at the finger tips. I haven't had any problems accessing any part of it.

I predict that our past regular posters will be back soon and so will any number of new posters.

Well done to Racing and Sports.

Testing formatting

Testing format

I really like the new Forum, a tremendous improvement on the old one. 

One suggestion is to add a spell checker or a temporary (within a time frame) ability for the poster to edit a post after it has gone live.

Just noticed that the list of Recent Posts doubled from 15 to 30 !! if anyone has any feedback list it here and hopefully I.T. will be looking out for and acting on comments. 

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