Load Up On This.


Get ready to load up on laying those useless big headed no hopers we have representing us in cricket starting this Wednesday. Now this Pommy side is next to useless as well, but as shown by the Indian C Grade side of last summer, you don't have to be very good to beat these duds.

As I see it we have two decent batters in Smith and Labuschagne and two decent bowlers in Cummins and Hazelwood. The only person in danger when facing Starc is the poor fool standing at square leg whilst OHS should require all people in the crowd in the first ten rows back from the fence to wear a helmet when Lyons is bowling.

Now I know that those poor Pommies have only won a miserable amount of games at Brisbane going all the way back to Bodyline and in the last four tours have only won one series whilst being beaten four and five blot in the other three. Those teams were playing against talented if boorish Australian sides however, this team is playing against total no hopers. Look at this useless mob. The only players that would stand a chance of making our previous teams would be maybe Smith and probably Cummins. The rest would not be allowed to attend net practice let alone make the team.

Load up on the lay in Brisbane as after that there will be no value they will be so long in the betting. Load up on the lay in them winning the series too. Money for old rope as these cheaters choke and fumble and blame everyone except their own miserable lack of talent.

I think the bloke that will put the cleaners through this lot of no hopers will be Mark Wood provided he stays injury free. this bloke is quick and as the Indian team demonstrated last summer, these pea hearts don't like it when it gets a bit hot in the kitchen.

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Gee Glad, that's a bit rich, accusing someone else of writing 'tripe'.

And on the very thread where you told the world to keep 'loading-up' on laying the 'no-hoper' Aussie cricketers.

For anyone who missed the result it was a 4-0 white-wash to Gladys' 'no-hopers'. 

If your cricket knowledge reflects in any way the calibre of your racing knowledge, then we can safely disregard anything you've posted in the past.

Once again, thanks for the laughs.

The King sounds like a clown that was on punters.


You can't have it both ways.

One minute you are saying that you only ever selectively laid WINX, meaning that you thought that there were presumably a number of horses in some of her races that may have been capable of beating her.

But in the next breath you say:

"I have never said that Winx was hopeless, I have just reserved that title for the want of a better word, "opposition" she faced. I have always acknowledged her as a good horse, best of her era, beat nuthin' horse."


"Once this lot retired it was onwards and upwards in flogging aged stayers, non winners and stablemates."   

So which one is it Gladys?

You were so confident that she would win time and time again because she was a good horse who had nothing to beat except hopeless opposition comprised of aged stayers, non winners and stablemates.


As you now claim you only laid WINX selectively as presumably you were fearful that the opposition in some of her races may have not be so hopeless and in fact in your opinion may have been able to beat her.

And if so who were these horses that one minute you are calling hopeless but in the next breath you appear to consider are in fact good enough to knock off our CHAMPION MARE?

Like I said you can't have it both ways Glad.

Check mate dopey, you have obviously painted yourself into a corner. smiley

Let's see you try and wriggle yourself out of this one, now that really will be funny. 


I forgot to ask

Can someone name his first winner .,...

What star jockey is about to try his luck in Sydney ?

Deary me Gladys.....some absolute tripe written there

Don’t worry about correcting anything you write Gaz, no one reads your tripe.

As usual, Chivas is really wise after the event.

Have a look at Winx’s three year old races Oldman. A number of horses towel her up with ease, especially First Seal. Once this lot retired it was onwards and upwards in flogging aged stayers, non winners and stablemates.

Should have been LAGER LAD not larger lad, sorry about that lads!


Thanks for the times that you've given me.

The memories are all in my mind.

And now that we've come to the end of our rainbow.

There's something I must say to you out loud.

You're once, twice, three, (no wait), four times a lady LOSER and we still love to ridicule you,

Keep up the good work Glad, please oh please do not ever change as you are a constant source of mirth for us Ausies.

Now go off and wallow in self pity as you cry into your pint with the rest of your balmy army larger lad chums as you all sing yet another rousing pathetic LOSER SONG ya pommy git.

I've been short-changed more than 5 days of test cricket this Summer, England have been that awful. I should receive compensation for the lo

Not once was I disappointed watching Winx race. I did not watch her 3 yo races.

OMG! Has there ever been a thread that's embarrassed its author more than this one has embarrassed poor ol' Gladys? In a word - No!

Has there ever been a thread that has been a source of such hilarity to the forum as this one? In a word - No!

This certainly puts your constant bagging of Winx into context, proving that you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Please put up another anti-Aussie "Load Up On This" thread soon. We need all the laughs we can get in these uncertain times.

"Load Up On This" Result, a 4-0 white-wash win to the 'hopeless' Aussies.

Like I said, thanks for the laughs.

Well said Branded. I could not agree with you more.

As for you Count, unfortunately you need to join a few of the other retards on here and enrol in a basic remedial class. I have never said that Winx was hopeless, I have just reserved that title for the want of a better word, "opposition" she faced. I have always acknowledged her as a good horse, best of her era, beat nuthin' horse.

If any of the words I have used are beyond your comprehension let me know and I will see if I can use a one syllable word in its place.

Just to put my amazing posts to one side for the present.

I feel very uneasy watching the guys in the Australian Cricket team that have been up to a bit of mischief (for want of a better word). When will the next episode come I keep asking myself. Especially when certain parties have history. The poor guy who was used as the scapegoat has not been sighted. He seemed to have the talent but maybe the guilt proved too much.

People seemed to think the guilty parties were treated too harshly, but for mine they got off lightly. To even want to win that way does not compute with me. To think that no one else knew amazes me. 

When you put that Baggy Green on you are the pride of the Nation. For mine Australian Cricket has lost the plot. For the world to believe cricketers can be paid to give weather reports defies belief. That party got off very lightly.

What is it with Marnus Labuschagne laying all over the wicket during the last overs of that 4th test? He even seems to want to mirror Steven Smith' antics for some reason. Even his celebrations are way over the top. And his dismissal leaves me scratching my head. Justin Langer needs to have a chat with him.

There was even talk of him being the Vice Captain. I would be very embarrassed with that outcome.

Just to listen to the commentary is astounding. It is like there is only one team playing. The commentary seems to reflect the team probably because most of them played for Australia. How Sir Ian Botham sits there and listens to that I do not understand.

I want the Australian Cricket team to win With their talent and skill which they have in Spades. I’m from the old school. I remember even welcoming the opposing Skipper to the crease. The Captain of the team would say to his team "Gents we have the opposing Captain coming to the crease, let’s welcome him. The whole team would clap. Even someone reaching a Century would receive a hand. Just to show respect was part of the game.

Also with this short pitched bowling. I do not believe we have learnt anything from Phil Hughes passing. All over the world we see Batsmen being struck. What the answer is I do not know. If they ban any balls above the shoulders we all know the next target will be the heart which is very open and vulnerable.

Our new Captain really looks the goods. All I want is to win with class and respect.

Well said Count

If Winx was as hopeless as you claim, why wouldn't you continually Lay her? Just as you're continually laying your hopeless Aussie cricketers. Easy money in your view, surely. Then again, this thread has shown that your view is nothing short of disastrous. Anyone who wants to check your form on sports commentating need only look as far as thread to see that you have no idea whatsoever.

"Load up on this" indeed! Thanks for the laughs.



The only thing that continues is your pathological lying. I didn't continually lay Winx. I have already stated the times that I did and how I did it.  Also I am not English.

The fact that you publish your mistruths in capital letters does not make it a fact. No wonder you haven't a clue as to your own identity.

Great result yesterday for my persistence in laying these cheats. They had this woeful Pommy side on the ropes and just like the test in England and the test against India, when it comes to finishing  off the opposition they fall in a heap. What madness batting on so some flat track bully can help his contract along financially. The fact that Khawaja can score two centuries just highlights how hopeless this English side is. This guy was dropped for a reason, he can't score runs overseas or when there is the slightest bit of pressure placed upon him. Now he is lauded as the next Bradman.

The other thing that coerces me to render my hilarity audible is this persistence of the cheats to crawl up Warner with "Davey this" and "Davey that". They know, if he spills his guts about what really happened at Newlands and who was and wasn't involved, a few of them will be down at Centrelink. They can't do anymore to him but he can certainly fix a few of them. It was amazing that even though Cricket Australia were aware of Paine's indiscretions they made him captain as they could not afford to name anyone else in case they were also involved. Look how that worked out.

Anyway, on to Hobart and lay these cheats again. The Pommy side will be missing a few of the regular no hopers but a fresh face may work wonders. Even though they are useless I do feel a bit sorry for them in that they never got any warm up matches in Australia. Had Joffra Archer toured giving Wood assistance I think it would have been a totally different result. 

The Winx Syndrome continues with Gaz. Beat no hopers and then beat your chest. Great stuff until it gets shown up for what it is.

Well said King


Re your:

"I think what will happen now is that a sort of Winx Syndrome will develop."

Yes, well you don'tget much right but you were right about this one you Pommie git.

The "Winx Syndrome Syndrome" as far as you are concerned has manifested itself for you once again in that just like when you were continually laying Winx over and over a gain you now lay the Australian team to lose over and over again.

As they say the first sign of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

But in you case Gladys you do in fact achieve the same result whether it be laying Winx to lose or laying the Australian team to lose the result is always the same for you, YOU LOSE!

You may ask yourself why do I continue to do this, the answer is simple.




You should have waited until this morning, you would have got $1.88. Tomorrow it will probably be $2.80.

I think I will lay the cheats again in the Melbourne Test. Although the Poms were completely outplayed in the first two I don't think a draw is beyond them if the Melbourne pitch is another road. Now don't get me wrong, the Poms are virtually useless with a bloke aged nearly 40 and another touching 36 as their opening bowlers. These two are hopeless anywhere outside of England and with a Dukes ball. The other bowlers are plodders with the exception of Wood and the batting, leaving aside Root, is deplorable.

Now having said all that, the cheats are completely overrated. If you want to see how good they are, just bring an Indian B or C grade side out here and they will be exposed.  Smith and Labuschagne and Cummins and Hazelwood are good but none of the others would have made an Australian side twenty years ago. Test cricket with the exception of India is pitiful at the moment. It has been in free fall since IPL made average players millionaires in six weeks. A test place is now just the steps to secure an IPL contract, nothing more. These no hopers could not care less about the honour of representing their country.

The Winx Syndrome is upon us. By beating no hopers the media is now lauding the cheats as fabulous players which we know they are not. If you don't believe me just have a look at the last couple of series against India C grade, that will open your eyes. At $1.50 I will be laying the cheats again. As a side note, isn't it interesting that none of the bowlers knew what three batters were doing when the sandpaper was used. Perhaps they were concentrating on what bats the batters should be using.

No Oldman, only what I thought was a decent investment. I made the mistake of thinking that these Pommies, although next to useless, had a bit of internal fortitude. A total pea hearted inept effort. It is a shame that Joffra Archer did not make the tour but then I imagine had he been playing then the price on offer would have been totally different.

The one thing that I do find disturbing however is that the media is now spruiking that our team are a champion outfit. A year ago they were flogged by a third rate Indian outfit and having not played test cricket since, I can hardly see how they improved. I think that it is just a case of the opposition being probably the worst Pommy team to come here, and that is saying something.

I think what will happen now is that a sort of Winx Syndrome will develop. The fact that this team has won and won well will go down as them being world beaters when the real reason is that the opposition is just hopeless. Fancy, most of these clowns are getting paid a million dollars a year and can't catch, field or even bat.

Having said that, I think I will lay the cheats again in Adelaide and I still have my lay on the series win going, although a bit wobbly. If the Poms get the ball to move the cheats will fall in a heap.

I hope you haven't put your rent money on it.

Here we go again. Having layed these duds a few weeks back at 1.70, again at 1.80, again at 1.25 and finally yesterday at 1.08 all we need now is for the Poms to score another 150 to 200 today and all exposure will be covered leaving me with a bet to nothing.

Now that will be a big ask as I have already stated in my first post, This Pommy side is next to useless. Against that however, these no hoping cheats have not been able to dismiss a team in the second innings for the last three tests. If the big noters are left with a run chase of anything more than 150 then we all know what will happen. Those pea hearts will collapse in a heap. Wouldn't it be hysterically funny if Leach went through them. 

Anyway, long way to go yet. If these useless Pommies can last two sessions today then happy days.


Don't be disheartened if you have layed the cheats. The Poms got caught on a green top and tomorrow the sandpaper brigade get their turn. I have had a further lay bet against the cheats as we all know that they can't bat on anything unless it it stinking hot and a complete road. These Poms are hopeless but they are shrewd. They have left out Anderson and Broad for a reason. These Pommy seamers and Wood will be right at home on this wicket.

Now 147 is a pretty average score but how do you reckon out no hopers will go on it. Once they get rolled you can bet back and green up and happy days.

I thought the most disturbing thing today was the ex captain waving his hands about setting fields and ordering people about. Tells you a lot about who is running the show.

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