Surprise Baby - Melbourne Cup

West Coast

So a horse I have been following since March  this year - Surprise Baby...has won the Group 3 Bart Cummings at 2520m at Flemington. The winner of this race is guaranteed a start in the Melbourne Cup. He carried 57kg today and won by 1.5 lengths.

Now we all wait and see what sort of weight penalty (if any) Racing Victoria Chief Handicapper Greg Carpenter will decide Surprise Baby gets if necessary. As a comparison, Almandin won by the same margin (1.5 lengths) in the 2016 Bart Cummings (55kg) and did not receive a weight penalty for the Melbourne Cup. So he stayed on 52kg. Surprise Baby currently has 52.5kg in the Melbourne Cup.

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If the race was run ten times you probably could have had 20 different winners if Frankie was riding.

West Coast and LewDub,

Great run by Surprise Baby coming from so far back! Well picked. This race was so even that it became a battle between the jockeys, rather than the horses. If the race was run 10 times we could well have a different winner each time.

53.5kg for Surprise Baby. I still rate it a big hope. Track condition a major concern at the moment though.


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