Soccer UAE 1 Aust 0

How many hundreds of minutes since the Socceroos scored a goal? That is apart from penalties which helped them get out of gaol last time.

Add this sport to the list of Aussie sports in freefall. Another sport which shows Aussie as being irrelevant in world sport.

Scott Sterling - Face off

Gary Still

Even non-soccer fans will enjoy this.

Shown in stunning HD perfection, Sterling faces and repels five goals in one of the most incredible penalty shootouts you will ever see.
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Now that we are down to the knock-out stage for the Aussies in this giant of a competition we can start some serious betting. The group stage is just mickey mouse stuff where we play teams like Kuwait and Oman just to get the fans excited.

So for every remaining game the Aussies play, Lay them. Set yourself a target profit for the tournament and bet accordingly.

Say your target profit is $100. Lay them each game that will give you that overall profit. So you target to win $100 in the next game against China. If they do get past China, the following game you target $100 profit plus the recovery of the previous loss. Be careful of markets that offer prices based on normal time and advancing through.

Your target profit might be $20, bet according to your means. The only way you will be wiped out is if the Aussies win the Asian Cup and who can see that happening.

By the way, the Aussies are ranked 100 in the world. That's right, 100. That is the worst ranking in over 20 years and by a long way. You would not have expected that in a 100 years if you listen to the beat ups in the last year or few, but that is another case of being fooled if you heed the hype.
Today is my first experience with a sporting moratorium. Sydney hit a button and there was a defining quarter of ten goals to nothing against the Blackout Blues. Afterwards I’ll be praying for sleep when Brazil and The Netherlands play off for the bronze [small b]. I know a guy who has stayed the distance during The Netherlands last two games and isn’t dead.

This is Copenhagen, the most liveable city in the world. My wife took me to Hamlet’s Castle at three-quarter time. It was decided personally for me by Buddy Franklin’s game to three-quarter time. He used Carlton’s backline as a work-bench kicking six, and stopped me delivering ruin upon the family I married into: visiting the AFL website in such a hallowed place. I wasn’t in danger of adding to my misery. Besides, she would have skyped her mother. I like to have her mother sitting beside me when I’m driving behind the Bandidos with my horn stuck.

Hamlet was a very interesting Dane but the real stuff begins here tomorrow night at ten and I’ve snared two seats in the front row before the big screen at the Hotel Admiral where you can order the best Caesar salad in creation, and Champagne by the glass if you’re prepared to pay the cost of a small bottle shop. Special occasions insist on velvet, I say. It’s an old Danish proverb I just made up myself.

So, who wins? Well, my head says precision Germany in a country where that efficiency stops as soon as you board a train. The cavity where my heart would be if I had one says Argentina. I love the fairy-tale quality of Lionel you-can-copy-skill-but-you-can’t-copy-me Messi who was created when a reincarnated fairyland Hans Christian Andersen came together with the Ballerina the Chocolate Soldier missed out on. Then there’s Messi’s minder Mascherano, who isn’t scared of the Bandidos either. But Messi is usually the story by himself.

Life’s too short to live in a world of logic, give me real. I’ll play the fun card and go for the Argentinian Shin-boners, 2-1. Let’s hope for Argentina’s sake Andre Schuurle gets a guernsey from the first whistle ~ a fair footballer between drink number eight and nine. If he can kick two goals in an international match, so can I.

And a prayer twice in one day if that’s possible, that the result isn’t decided by the very different game of a penalty shoot-out. If there are no off-sides I’m a fair chance to understand everything.

Bring it und and may the prettier side win.
As we meander down the Rhine to Bingian to take a spot among festively clad people of horizontal black, red and yellow, substitute rainbow, I’m looking to make an evaluation in my limited skill at appraising the round-ball game. Jeeezus, I don’t even get the offside rule. This is chess-precise Germany on its way to yet another another World Cup Final, this time against flamboyant B-class Brazil who are not a spot on the Brazil of bygone days. It’s an inevitable exit, a premature conclusion if ever I’ve seen one. Not invested like I was with Roger bowing out in five ~ again. My God he’s heartbreaking for a seventeen-time winner.
Where was I? No defining Neymar now, now that he famously crocked this non-contact sport with a busted back. It’s better to make a Luis Suarez exit and keep your health, although Suarez may need root canal work if he wants to continue that line of fame. Still, if you’re second-tier, you do need some strategy for getting yourself banner headlines. Neymar was never a Messi either, but the boy has class enough to make a difference, although no groomed poise that is a recurring miracle. The wonder boy crosses the line into infallibility much too often to be mortal. If you whisper his name, it comes out Messiah. The word by no means exceeds the thing. Does he get top billing for the whole show? Well, of course. Whom else?
The Australians are long gone, but we do have that Cahill goal that he would kick three times in one hundred attempts. But it’s all skill, you understand. Thank the Lord we don't have to endure any longer the voodoo moonshine ANZAC tradition of coming in second as a glory we trumpet to the world. It stops us from seeing the otherwise confronting, gaping hole that is our short-coming in the soccer business. I think soccer will one day soon leapfrog our Southern-state game with its northern states ersatz fakedom. Already we are in the death phase having taken basketball onto a green field. Did we need it the first time? Thank you Demetriou, but that’s a story for another time.

And the winner: Argentina by a Messi streak or two.
Got this in my inbox yesterday

As you know I don't read posts anymore I only communicate through the inbox system.
Aussies are pathetic in all sports so do yourself a favour and lay the Socceroos. They have no hope of beating Iraq tonight so you and your mates Tufnel will be cowering in the corner after another shameful debacle.


Well, well well who is cowering today?
Got a get out strategy on the ALP champ?

Man U Fan 7(dec)/411
Khaptingly all out 66

Japan v Australia

Pinkline Jones

The 0-2 loss to Bulgaria is bound to fire up Asia's finest.
I can see Team Kirin Ichiban having three goals to spare
over the Green and Gold Lamington Warriors. Socceroos will quickly run out of ideas and revert to the long ball. Zzzz.


Japan v Australia

Pinkline Jones

The 0-2 loss to Bulgaria is bound to fire up Asia's finest.
I can see Team Kirin Ichiban having three goals to spare
over the Green and Gold Lamington Warriors. Socceroos will quickly run out of ideas and revert to the long ball. Zzzz.


Ibrahimovich in miniature? Maybe not quite, but a fine goal by a very good player in Aussie Lisa De Vanna.

FA Cup


A Premier League minnow, on the verge of relegation, against a League heavyweight in what should've been a one sided affair.

0-0 into the 91st minute and the likelihood of extra time having to be played....... Then out of nothing, Ben Watson writes name into Wigan Athletic's history scoring the winning goal and giving the club their first ever piece of Major Silverware.

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