This time Aussie basketball.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi,oi. Or is it Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, O, O, O.

That is my prediction for the Aussies in the soccer world cup. Won't win a game and won't score a goal. The biggest sporting event in the world and no posts from the forum deadbeats. Probably because Aussies are no good at soccer. Just another sport where the Aussies get shown up at, especially away from home. It is like trying to get Rex to talk Aussie cricket.

Now don't come on here and bag me if I am wrong or have more cheap shots if I am correct again. Unless you provide your own predictions for the Aussie matches first, and before they play. So provide your predictions or remain silent.

Aussie sport


Another embarrassment for Aussie sport with the failed VAR system in the A League grand final. Soccer officials are shrinking in their boots at the thought of the world hearing of this news. What a joke.

Look out world, now he have a new Aussie cricket coach. He wants the overated Aussies to improve their image and win back the fans. Hell, if you had taken notice of all the fools in here, you would have thought nothing was amiss. It was Gladys and I who told you all for many years how they were the most disliked sporting team in Aussie, probably the world, and how their behaviour and antics were out of line. These fools might finally recognise our claims. No wonder Rex avoids mentioning Aussie cricket.

And what about our pathetic Aussie horses racing in this country. We still have no submissions from anyone on who are the best five Aussie horses that Winx has beaten, and now we have a washed up second rate import who is a very short price favourite for the Doomben Cup. Things are that bad in the sprint ranks that an international horse who won our Newmarket Handicap twice is being claimed as a chance for an Aussie victory when it returns to race overseas.

What a shambles.
Just in time for your weekend reading is my appraisal of the current status of Aussie sport.

Has Aussie ever been going worse across the sporting spectrum?

Where do I start? Let's start with horse racing. In my living memory Aussie has never had a lower number of top quality horses. This has been well documented here and elsewhere in media land.

The same could be said for Harness racing. Never has there been such a dearth of top quality FFA horses.

Other sports where Aussie have dropped off the side of this earth are swimming, golf, rugby union which is in dissarray and tennis both men and women and the numbers in the top 200 would look even worse if you disregard those born overseas. Just on tennis, if you polled 100 people in any Aussie town how many could name the Aussie current top 3 in both the men and women. That shows you where Aussie is at. Aussie had the favourite for the Tour de France and he did not complete the course. Aussie were the favourite for the Women's World Cup of cricket and never even made the final.

The way things are now perhaps fans could just focus on AFL. In that sport the best of Aussie just play against each other. That is exactly what Aussie cricketers should do if ever Aussie gets their better cricketers back on the field. Aussie have not got a cricket team currently and that is probably one positive for Aussie sport right now.

No doubt I have missed a few sports like soccer where Aussie are not performing to expectations but even if you don't come forward with them you know who they are. Rex or others might tell us that Aussie are excelling in some sports but they just might not be able to mention which sports they are.
Aussies do not lead the field in too many things in life these days, particularly in performances on the sporting arena.

However, surely Aussie must lead the way with the number of boofheads on and off the field who continually stuff up and then of course some time later comes the obligatory apology. Mostly they don't apologise until caught out. They never think to stop or even apologise before this, just when caught out or found out. Remarkable isn't it. Why apologise, pathetic really, in most cases what is done is done.

Rex may tell us we should see what happens overseas in this place or that place. Rex probably does not have an understanding of the stuff ups in this country. It is in plague proportions.

This is a sporting topic certainly. It may happen in politics too but we hear enough of it in sport that it warrants a post in a sporting forum.
I don't get all the hype surrounding sport on Boxing Day. Aussies are overated and under performers in most sporting arenas but I tell you what Boxing Day is overated when it comes to sport. Are Aussies just desperate for some sort of contest or have the marketing guru's just got stuck on something and got lucky that Aussies fall for it.

The carry on about the Boxing Day test is nauseating. One would think it has been around 100 years. It has only been an event for about 30 years. In 1989 they did not even have one. This year we have one of the worst Aussie test teams playing the Paki's in one of the worst era's of test cricket. What a waste of time and money to attend today. 50 overs and that is it. Would rival T20 for the most futile of ways to spend half a day or more.

Then we have the start of a yacht race. What is the big deal, what is the excitement about that. It would be more exciting seeing a cruise liner dock at Circular Quay.

The races are sub standard, as is usual in Aussie at this time of the year. Around all states there are shocking quality horses of course, we don't have too many good Aussie horses in Aussie at any time. Queensland does not even have a city meeting on Boxing Day. Randwick and Caulfield cards were just plain. Plain ordinary. In most states there are too many country and provincial meetings robbing each other of any quantity in number of runners.

It has not been a good year for Aussie sports. We were reminded of this when we were not mentioned by The Queen in her Christmas Day message, when naming many better performing Commonwealth countries at the Olympic games.

Aussies poor sports


Not only are Aussies not real good at sport they proved yesterday that they are poor sports.

After the South African captain scored a 100 the more ons at the Adelaide oval booed him. Fair enough to boo him if it was a bit of fun on his arrival at the wicket but to boo him upon such a magic innings was poor form. Some would say un-Australian but it seems nothing is un-Australian anymore.

I never watched the play, why would you watch a meaningless dead rubber but the poor behavior by Aussies was widely reported in news bulletins across the world.

On a positive note the Aussie spinner got a wicket. His first in 100 overs. What happened to all the budding spinners we were going to have around this time following the fabulous career of Shane Warne. They disappeared like they used to say an Aussie 2nd XI would be competitive against other countries. Aussies have a job to field a good 1st XI these days. It must be because of the swings and roundabouts that Rex refers to. What a load of khrap.
Following on from the humiliation of the overated Aussie test cricket team in Sri Lanka and debacle after debacle from numerous under performing choking Aussies in Rio, now we see the Rugby Union scoreline of All Blacks 42, Aussie 8.

What on earth has happened to what they once called a proud sporting nation. Aussie is far from it these days. Aussie is now almost irrelevant in the sporting world.

Olympics - get them home


The Olympics have proven a major disappointment for most Aussies whether watching or competing. I would say more and more of the population don't care about them. Sure there have been success stories and glory but overall Aussies have underperformed once again. For all the hype and promise of change our swimmers won no more medals than at London. Our hockey, water polo and soccer teams and tennis players and cyclists and more, have overall performed way below expectations. We have so many overated, under achieving and overhyped competitors and it is costing Aussie millions and millions of dollars. Overall report card of this entire Aussie Olympics team

Why are we sending so many failed performers to Olympics Games time after time. How can Aussie afford it. Why are tax payers paying for tennis players and golfers to attend the Olympics. These sports should not be part of the Olympics. Competitors in these sports earn more than some people dream of winning in a lottery. Why are Olympics competitors and officials that are no longer competing or required for duty hanging around in Rio when their stay is funded by Aussie taxpayers. They should be out of there immediately. Most should not have even been there in the first place. Get them home and into a job and paying taxes.
I have been a critic of his antics but I agree with Tomic's decision to declare his unavailability for the Rio Olympics. Besides, Tennis should not be in the Olympics. It is not close to being a "major" or a title players see as the big event in their sport.

Why would he want to represent Aussie in Rio when he can do better for himself elsewhere and better than most other competitors in Rio ever will? At least he is making it on his own unlike Olympian freeloaders funded by the taxpayer. Why should Aussie fund these dreamers seeking glory? Fund yourselves totally to get to compete in Rio if that is where you want to be. Why a government handout for it ?

They say they are proud to represent their country. Many, not all, I believe are in it for themselves to reach their own goals and dreams. I suggest that if a maximum was put on the Aussie team size or numbers and the rest could go to compete without country affiliation, like as a wild card competitor, they would go regardless. So much for going to represent Aussie. If someone was given a second chance at selection by representing another country I believe they would. Stuff Aussie then for them.

Sure we all pay for it but it is their wish to follow their dreams and they are striving for themselves not the country. Where do winning medals end up? They won't be hanging in Parliament House Canberra. All those Aussies not going to Rio should perhaps be given a similar donation. Unless you feel so good and so excited about an Aussie winning or it changes your day when they do.

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