Federer V Djokovic

Gary Still

Djokovic won all three tiebreaker sets, winning 21 points and conceding 12.

Federer won both non-tiebreaker sets winning 12 games and conceding 5.

Unfortunately, Federer's nerves got the better of him. In a nailbiter, I'd always like to be on Djokovic's side. In my opinion, Djokovic knew that Federer would "tighten" at the critical moments and for that reason, Djokovic never gave up.







Hi all
Does anyone have the timeform ratings for the Cup runners?
I'm surprised Nadal is favourite: $1.80 to $2.10 on Bet365.

Federer is my tip with quite some confidence.

Nadal has one of those bodies like Sheedy, Harmes, Kekovich... which is finished by 30.

Federer is more in the mould of a Bartlett or Tuck.

Roger to go to 18 Majors, 4 clear of his one-time nemesis, which will put him out of reach.

The question is will he be overhauled by Djokovich?

May I die with him the best of all time.

Tennis should be postponed


Just because one or both players can handle the conditions or would get through to the end of the match without the need to take a break does not mean the conditions are safe.

And what about the ball boys and ball girls ?

What will it take to get some common sense approach to postpone play due to the hot conditions.

Perhaps a player or worker should sue.

What about unsafe working conditions ?

Time the officials got out of their airconditioned offices or boxes or did more than just walk around.

It will only be a matter of time.

Tomic to be put aside


Never been a fan, not once. Tomic to make it close only if the facts are left out.

He and his old man are trouble and share the same elastic identity.

Go Rafa.

Wimbledon 2013


Disappointing overall . Tomic GONE
God acts in mysterious ways . He may learn to behave himself one day.
We still have Andy Murray to barrack for so all is not lost. Hope he destroys Djokivic.
Would be some conciliation for our UK friends who face certain defeat in the Rugby and a real Plastering in the Cricket ashes series.
As a confirmed misogynist I don't watch the hit and grunt restricted entry event.
You probably think I want to ask you about the rugby huh? Nah!

For some reason I started wondering why New Zealand doesn't seem to have many tennis players. It seems odd, given Australia has a rather rich history in said sport.

I know you had that Chris Lewis dude or something Lewis and he had a few brothers or cousins that played a bit...but other than that I can't think of any.

Do you have tennis courts over there? Is it played in schools? Are there junior tournaments? What are your participation rates? Is there an ATP event in Auckland that I don't know about?

Just curious is all....

All the best
The media really got onto him this time.

They said he wouldn't lose this one and the time was right to step up. They got very excited about it all. In the previous 24hrs they whipped up a frenzy and pointed to the week and even weeks ahead. Forget about the lost years, he was back, they said.

Many Aussies were warming to him, even forgiving him, but most people, knew better.

They even went as far as saying he will get to meet Roger in a week or so.

But out he goes in round 2 beaten by a little known German who has a name that sounds like he should be playing AFL.

Victory by an Aussie on the world stage is so rare these days that the media will bounce up and get excited at any chance of more success. They need to stop the fans also getting so excited and then let down.
Pinkline Jones selects:

LI NA, China's top drawer French Open champ to send SCREAMAPOVA packing.


The rising star SLOANE 'Serena Destroyer' STEPHENS to blitz the irritating Azarenka. Crazy overs.

What a joy it will be, to have a final minus the screaming and the woo-oooooing.

A few observations:

Jim Courier doesn't like Bruce McAvaney

Tomic might have improved out of sight but he would struggle to get a girlfriend if he didn't play elite-level tennis.

Jim Courier is still the ugliest man ever to have played the game.

Federer, win or lose, looks a class above any opponent in the world. If he is not the best tennis player of all time, he has no peers when it comes to artistry.

Tomic is unusual because the normal pressure of daily living is too much for him but he easily withstands the pressure cooker of centre court [until he stops playing and challenges a call at which point he reverts to civilian stands].

Tomic is badly in need of microphone finesse.

Leyton Hewitt is not articulate but he is a good communicator. He is happy and buoyant which is not surprising considering what he goes home to.

The Berlei bra may arrest bounce but how would anyone know watching that ad [MD standards of proof].

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