Wimbledon 2013

Disappointing overall . Tomic GONE
God acts in mysterious ways . He may learn to behave himself one day.
We still have Andy Murray to barrack for so all is not lost. Hope he destroys Djokivic.
Would be some conciliation for our UK friends who face certain defeat in the Rugby and a real Plastering in the Cricket ashes series.
As a confirmed misogynist I don't watch the hit and grunt restricted entry event.
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Hi everyone! I have never seens a tennis match live and really want to watch one live this year. Indian Wells is a little too far for me since I am on the East coast. So was wondering if Miami Open is a good substitute? I really want to watch Rafa play. Miami Open is listed on his current schedule but wanted to ask here if anyone has attended this event and what are the chances that Rafa will actually participate? Thanks in advance for your help!

I think it has been great. We have some sort of changing of the guard in some respect. It looks like we crown a new womens Champion who will win a maiden grand slam title. In the mens we could be seeing a new rivalry beginning with a Murray v Djokovic era looming large.


Agree with Macca - boring.

But I do hope Andy wins - not only for financial reasons, but the poms have really claimed this Scot as their own and the poor sod must feel so much pressure to win it and assuage the desperate-for-success brigade.

Andy ... Why frighten us like that .. will struggle from here I think . Pretty good his next opponent
You must be related to me fatjack.. I change channels almost as often as lady friends. . I didn't watch any tennis for 7 years to avoid Munro and the feathery legs.
The Lady friends are few lately as I just deleted Wong and Gillard from my Picture album . [ They were only there for me to do the same to them as they have done to the Country] Megan Gale is still my No 1 but she went down a bit with her AFL interests. I'm an NRL tragic.

How Sweet It Is .. The Lions bolt in and Andy Murray wins. My judgement was the only loser.
Congratulations to the UK .

Rule Brittania

bring on the ashes..


You will be the ashes when we are finished with you Patsy.
Our new Coach is magic. If He decides to play himself, Your gone for sure.
I am available if Clarke doesn't sleep in single beds for the tour. These bad backs can be avoided you know.
Congratulations on Andy.

Still no pom for a long time since wearing long pants. They have to claim a Scot :-)


Your wrong about the ladies tennis, this time, for once the grunters and squealers are GAWN, let's hope it remains that way forever, I've hardly watched any ladies tennis in five years, the put on grunters & squealers invoke an automatic change of station, men as well.
Young Polish girl Aggy Radwadska is a very clever young lady(and not hard on the eye either), plays like a cat and mouse with a bit of a scorpion sting in the tail.
I'd love to see a clever thinker like her win.
I also think the new younger breed are coming on very nicely, Monica Puig and Sloane Stephens have a very good game as well.


Lisiki v Radwanska best ladies match I've seen for a long time.

Time we updated after all of these years.

I've found myself following the tennis in recent times and by the looks of the billions going into their betting pools,  tennis has kicked on, big time.

Looking forward to our Barty winning the current champions trophy, as no.1 in the world.

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