2007 Tip Off Query??


What is the go for this weekend??? I thought someone asked earlier what was going on and I apologise for the repost but I couldn't find the original thread.

I (and possibly other contestants) will be without computer access from this afternoon until Sunday night, so in the absence of knowing which meeting / races to tip on (assuming you are sticking with Sat Melb R5,6,7) my selections are

R5 No 2 (12)
R6 No 9 (4)
R7 No 6 (3)

If those races aren't correct can I just have the #3 saddlecloth (sub #4)!


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Please refer to the 2007 TIP OFF: ROUND 4 thread's amended fields...

I've made a terrible mistake with posting the tips...sorry.


Hareeba URGENT the races1 6 and 8 are for friday fields or are you doing sandown races 5 6 or 7 or is it sandown races 1 6 and 8.

Good luck all
Hopefully have selected correct races for tip off.
Race 5 no. 12 sub. no. 7
Race 6 no. 1 sub. no. 9
Race 7 no. 1 sub. no. 6
If wrong races please give me no.1 in each race sub. no. 7 thank you from tiger_richo.


Unfortunately, those are not the races for this round's tip off. The tip off races are 1, 6, & 8.

But I'll put in your selections as requested Dagz.

Happy OZ weekend mate



Im in the same boat as Dagz. Based on Saturday Melb races 5,6,7 my selections are as follows:

R5-#12 (sub 7)
R6-#2 (sub 8)
R7-#7 (sub 6)

If another venue or races are selected could I please have #2 in each race with (sub #4)


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