GROUPIES Final Round 19


GROUPIES – Autumn 2021 Final Round 19 - Tatts Tiara

The Tattersalls Tiara is the final Group 1 race of the Autumn and 2020/2021 racing year. It is also the Grand Finale of the 2021 Autumn Groupies tipping competition, which will decide the final Leaderboard places. Can long time leader, Pigracer, be beaten?

An interesting field has accepted with quite a few winning chances.

Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-TOFANE (NZ)-Michael Moroney-Craig Williams-14-57kg

2-SAVATIANO-James Cummings-Joshua Parr-16-57kg

3-MIZZY-Annabel Neasham-Tommy Berry-13-57kg

4-FLIT-James Cummings-Ryan Maloney-20-57kg

5-MADAM ROUGE-Chris Waller-Luke Dittman-7-57kg

6-SWEET DEAL-John Thompson-Nash Rawiller-3-57kg

7-BROOKLYN HUSTLE-Jason Warren & Dean Krongold-Michael Cahill-12-57kg

8-SUBPOENAED (NZ)-Chris Waller-Hugh Bowman-2-57kg

9-NUDGE-Chris Waller-Kerrin McEvoy-8-57kg

10-ROCHA CLOCK-John O'Shea-Ms Rachel King-10-57kg

11-LYRE-Anthony & Sam Freedman-Ben Thompson-17-57kg

12-COVENTINA BAY (NZ)-Robbie Patterson-Ms Samantha Collett-11-57kg

13-REELEM IN RUBY-Peter & Paul Snowden-Ron Stewart-1-57kg

14-YAMAZAKI-Matthew Dunn-Ms Stephanie Thornton-18-57kg

15-EMERALDS-John Sargent-Jason Collett-6-57kg

16-ODEUM-Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-James McDonald-15-55.5kg

17-DAME GISELLE-Peter & Paul Snowden-Jim Byrne-19-55.5kg

18e-SIERRA SUE (NZ)-Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young-Robbie Fradd-4-57kg

19e-CHARLEISE-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Ben Thompson-5-57kg

20e-JEN RULES-Peter & Paul Snowden-Larry Cassidy-9-57kg

Place your tips and may Fortune favour your selection.

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Thank you Dhaulagiri (G.Lane)for taking your time to run this competition.

My so called friends tell me every time I play golf that the lowest score wins.What the .......####.

So I presume in this tipping completion the rules are the same.

So it appears I didn’t do too bad !!!!


Brooklyn Hustle

Subpoened (Sweet Deal)


good luck and thanks to Dhaulagiri for running the comp. and everyone who tips for making it a competitive comp.

Subpoenaed      ( Sweat Deal)

Cheers, Loges.



thanks and good luck. 

Dame Giselle (Tofane)

Thanks Pigracer you called my bluff.

Madam Rouge ( Tofane )

A BIG - Cheers to Dhaulagiri for all the time spent running this GR8 COMP.

No Guts / No Glory

Good luck all and Thank you dhaulagiri for another great year. Good luck Delago I will tip first so as not to stymy you.

Savatiano (Tofane).

Thanks for the new set-up to R&S also.  Regards, The Pig.





Nudge (Tofane)

Lyre - Brooklyn Hustle 




Thanks for taking the time to run this great comp.


Well done mate.

Odeum (Savatiano)

Thanks Dhaulagiri (G.Lane)

Tofane (Savatiano)


SAVATIANO  (nudge)



coventina bay (brooky hustle)


Sierra Sue (Coventina Bay)


Brooklyn Hustle (Tofane)

Good luck all.

Reelem in Ruby 





Tofane (Sweet Deal)

Number 8

ODEUM (Nudge)

Mizzy (Brooklyn Hustle )

Coventina Bay

(Sub Subpoenaed)


Coventina Bay (Nudge)

thank you for all your good work.

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