GROUPIES rd 10 Derby Day


GROUPIES - Spring 2019 round 10  - Derby Day at Flemington

Empire Rose Stakes / Coolmore Stud Stakes / Victoria Derby / Kennedy Cantala

The Flemington Spring carnival kicks off this Saturday with four interesting Group 1 races, featuring the Victoria Derby.

Race 5 - 2:20PM TAB Empire Rose Stakes (1600 METRES)

Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-INVINCIBELLA -Chris Waller-John Allen-14-57kg

2-MELODY BELLE (NZ) -Jamie Richards-Opie Bosson-13-57kg

3-ARISTIA -Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra-Craig Williams-1-57kg

4-SAVATIANO -James Cummings-James Doyle-12-57kg

5-AMPHITRITE -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Luke Nolen-4-57kg

6-SPANISH REEF -Ken Keys-Mark Zahra-6-57kg

7-PRINCESS JENNI (NZ) -David Brideoake-Damien Oliver-10-57kg

8-NOIRE -Chris Waller-Michael Walker-11-57kg

9-POHUTUKAWA -James Cummings-Hugh Bowman-7-57kg

10-NETTOYER -Wendy Roche-Brad Rawiller-9-57kg

11-SPANISH WHISPER -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Dwayne Dunn-8-57kg

12-BACCARAT BABY -David Vandyke-Micheal Hellyer-3-57kg

13-ANGELIC RULER -Daniel & Ben Pearce-Brett Prebble-15-57kg

14-MISS SISKA -Grahame Begg-Ms Linda Meech-2-57kg

15-FIDELIA -Robbie Griffiths-Jamie Mott-16-57kg

16-NAIVASHA -Pat Carey-Rhys McLeod-5-57kg

Race 6 - 3:00PM Coolmore Stud Stakes (1200 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-MICROPHONE -James Cummings-James Doyle-2-57kg

2-BIVOUAC -James Cummings-Hugh Bowman-3-57kg

3-ACCESSION -Chris Waller-Michael Walker-6-57kg

4-DUBIOUS -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Mark Zahra-15-57kg

5-COSMIC FORCE -Peter & Paul Snowden-Tim Clark-7-57kg

6-EXCEEDANCE -Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes-Dwayne Dunn-11-57kg

7-SARTORIAL SPLENDOR -John Sadler-Ms Linda Meech-1-57kg

8-ALABAMA EXPRESS -Michael Moroney-James Winks-14-57kg

9-CARDIFF -Gerald Ryan-John Allen-4-57kg

10-RUUCA -Toby & Trent Edmonds-Craig Williams-10-57kg

11-EXETER -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig--12-57kg

12-LIBERTINI -Anthony Cummings-Damien Oliver-5-55kg

13-LI’L KONTRA -Ryan Balfour-Jamie Kah-9-55kg

14-BROOKLYN HUSTLE -Jason Warren-Luke Nolen-8-55kg

15-BROADWAYANDFOURTH -Mitchell Freedman-Jye McNeil-13-55kg

Race 7 - 3:45PM AAMI Victoria Derby (2500 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-SHADOW HERO -Mark Newnham-Joshua Parr-10-55.5kg

2-SOUL PATCH -Ken Keys-Dwayne Dunn-2-55.5kg

3-THOUGHT OF THAT -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Mark Zahra-1-55.5kg

4-WARNING -Anthony Freedman-Damien Oliver-11-55.5kg

5-SERIOUS LIAISON -Danny O'Brien-Brett Prebble-7-55.5kg SCRATCHED

6-HUNTLY CASTLE -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Jye McNeil-13-55.5kg

7-INDEPENDENT ROAD -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Luke Nolen-6-55.5kg

8-LONG JACK -Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman-Craig Williams-16-55.5kg

9-CRAFTMANSHIP (NZ) -Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Jamie Kah-12-55.5kg

10-SOUTHERN MOON -Mitchell Freedman-Billy Egan-8-55.5kg

11-RELUCENT (NZ) -Chris Waller-Hugh Bowman-4-55.5kg

12-HE IS -Mark Kavanagh-Dean Yendall-15-55.5kg

13-TRANSLATOR -Nigel Blackiston-Jordan Childs-3-55.5kg

14-NAVARRE -Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young-Michael Walker-9-55.5kg

15-SIGN SEAL DELIVER -Matt Cumani-John Allen-14-55.5kg

16-LUCKY EDWARD -Tony Vasil-Jack Hill-5-55.5kg

Race 8 - 4:35PM Kennedy Cantala (1600 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-BEST OF DAYS (GB) -James Cummings-James Doyle-14-57kg

2-LAND OF PLENTY -Peter & Paul Snowden-Ben Allen-1-57kg

3-FIFTY STARS (IRE) -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Mark Zahra-3-56.5kg

4-LIFE LESS ORDINARY (IRE) -Chris Waller-Hugh Bowman-19-56.5kg

5-ROYAL MEETING (IRE) -Saeed Bin Suroor-Dwayne Dunn-16-56.5kg

6-FIERCE IMPACT (JPN) -Matthew Smith-Craig Williams-17-56kg

7-CLIFF’S EDGE -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-John Allen-2-55.5kg

8-NIGHT’S WATCH (NZ) -Chris Waller-Damien Oliver-9-55.5kg

9-SO SI BON -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Luke Nolen-15-55.5kg

10-STREETS OF AVALON -Shane Nichols--10-55.5kg

11-SIKANDARABAD (IRE) -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Jye McNeil-11-54.5kg

12-CASCADIAN (GB) -James Cummings-Dean Yendall-20-53.5kg

13-ROCK -Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes-Tim Clark-12-53.5kg

14-STAR OF THE SEAS (NZ) -Chris Waller-Michael Walker-5-53.5kg

15-CHIEF IRONSIDE (GB) -David Menuisier-Stephen Baster-8-53kg

16-MAHAMEDEIS -Nick Ryan-Brett Prebble-6-53kg

17e-NOIRE -Chris Waller-Craig Newitt-13-53kg

18e-ADMIRAL’S JOKER -Kylie Vella-Ben Thompson-18-53kg

19e-VARIATION -Stephen Miller--7-53kg

20e-ICONOCLASM -Danny O'Brien-Stephen Baster-4-53kg

Place your tips and Good Luck to all

PS: The Melbourne Cup thread will be up when the final field is declared on Sunday.

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missed the first (would have been aristia)

cosmic force

shadow hero

cliffs edge (rock)


Huntly Castle



Invincibella sub Spanish Reef

Micriphone sub Lil Kontra

Thought  of that - Sub - Shadow Hero

Cascadian sub Best of Days

Savatiano (Melody Belle)


Exceedence (Libertini)


Soul Patch (Shadow Hero)


Prophets Thumb (Pippie) Thanks.



Thought of That

Nights Watch

Melody Belle (Pohutukawa)

Exceedance (Bivouac)

Thought of That (Shadow Hero)

Life less ordinary (Fierce Impact)



Melody Belle (Invincibella)

Exceedance (Bivouac)

Shadow Hero (Soul Patch)

Night's Watch (Fierce Impact)

It's a soggy old day in Melbourne so who knows what will eventuate over the afternoon.

(Invincibella (Melody belle)

Bivouac (Libertini)

Shadow hero (Soul patch)

Royal Meeting ((Star of the Seas)

Hi Dhaulagiri,

I want to change to the following please:

Melody Belle    (Pohutakawa)


Shadow Hero (Long Jack)

Life Less Ordinary(Chief Ironside)

good luck everyone

Melody Belle    (Pohutakawa)

Exceedence   (Cosmic Force)

Shadow Hero (Long Jack)

Life Less Ordinary(Chief Ironside)

good luck everyone

melody belle (princess jennie)

exceedance (bivouac)

shadow hero (thought of that)

star of the seas (royal meeting)



Pohutakawa (Princess Jenni)

Exceedance (Cosmic Force)

Shadow Hero (Thought of That)

Night's Watch (Star of the Sea)


Thanks, good luck all.

Princess Jenni  (Baccarat Baby)

Exceedance  (Bivouac)

Shadow Hero  (Long Jack)

Cliff's Edge (Star of the Seas)


Raffle Day - Thnx


Melody Belle    (Pohutakawa)

Exceedence   (Cosmic Force)

Shadow Hero (Independent Road)

Royal Meeting (Fifty Stars)

Baccarat Baby ( Pohutukawa )

Cosmic Force ( Bivouac )

Shadow Hero ( Southern Moon )

Star of the Seas ( Night's Watch )

Princess Jenni  ( Melody Belle)

Bivouac   ( Libertini )

Thought Of That  (Warning)

Nights Watch   ( Cliff's Edge ).


Cheers, Loges.


Melody Belle (Princess Jenni)

Cosmic Force (Broadwayandfourth)

Southern Moon (Shadow Hero)

Fierce Impact (Night's Watch)

Good luck all.



Princess Jenni


Soul Patch

Star Of The Seas





Shadow Hero

Royal Wedding



Royal Meeting


Sorry about that.



Aristia ( Pohutukawa )

Exceedance ( Bivouac )

Shadow Hero ( Warning )

Night's Watch ( Rock )


Savatiano (Spanish Whisper)

Bivouac (Libertini)

Craftsmanship (Shadow Hero)

Cascadian (Rock)


what a day - good luck all.. especially me


(Sub Nettoyer)

Cosmic Force


Shadow Hero



(Star of the Seas)

Melody Belle, Accession, Shadow Hero, Best of Days


Aristia (Fidelia)

Libertini (Bivouac

Shadow Hero (Warning)

Royal Meeting (Fifty Stars)

MELODY BELLE (Princess Jenni)

BIVOUAC (Cosmic Force)

SHADOW HERO (Soul Patch)

NIGHTS WATCH (Royal Meeting)

another test

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