GROUPIES RESULTS -Autumn Final Scores


GROUPIES RESULTS -Autumn Final Scores and Tatts Tiara Results

After a marathon 43 (74 over a season) Group 1 races, the final results are in.

The final battle ended up a three horse race, with Wilks, myself and Ramses all in contention for Group 1 glory in the Groupies Autumn and Yearly Championships.

Thanks to Invincibella yours truly is the Autumn Groupies Champion, which I won comfortably from Wilks, who failed to score this week. Ramses finished third.

Wilks, however, remained unbeatable at the head of 2018/2019 Leaderboard, winning by a good margin from myself, with Ramses holding on for third.

I must admit I was  pleasantly surprised by my tipping prowess, or lucky selections as is probably the case.

Only four Groupies managed to win points this week, De Lago Dude the only other tipster for Invincibella. Oldman and The Mighty Quinn scored points for second placed Pohukutawa.

Results & Scores for Round 18 ( TAB/Ubet Dividends)

Tatts Tiara

1. Invincibella = 18.3

2. Pohukutawa = 4.2

3. Savatiano  = 3.2 (no tips)

Top Tips: Invincibella, Pohukutawa, Ekstein and Siren's Fury (2 tips each)

Final Top Tip Score for Autumn 2019 = 201.1

This Week's Scorecard

18.3-de lago dude



4.2-the mighty quinn


Autumn 2019 Groupies Championship

  1. Dhaulagiri - 243.8
  2. Wilks - 229.3
  3. Ramses - 213
  4. De Lago Dude - 189

Spring 2018 Groupies Championship

  1. Richard III - 139.8
  2. The Mighty Quinn - 124.2
  3. Imaj Eel - 118.5
  4. Wilks - 115.4

2018/2019 Spring- Autumn Season Championship

  1. Wilks - 344.7
  2. Dhaulagiri - 315.8
  3. Ramses - 297.7
  4. The Mighty Quinn - 265.2

Groupies Honour Board (since I’ve been running the comp)

Spring 2011 – Tigerrish – 142.9

Spring 2012 – The Urger – 141.9

Spring 2013 – Squid69 – 151.6 (3 new Group 1 races added to the season)

Spring 2014 – Ramses – 110.9

Spring 2015 – Saintly1996 – 133.3

Spring 2016 - Whos On First - 145.8

Spring 2017 - Todman - 176.5

Spring 2018 - Richard III - 139.8 (1 new Group 1 race added to season)

Autumn 2012 – Seashells – 207

Autumn 2013 – Wilks -204.1

Autumn 2014 – Percy1 – 179.7

Autumn 2015 – Dagz – 211.6

Autumn 2016 – Redback – 215.7

Autumn 2017 - Redback - 218.6

Autumn 2018  -De Lago Dude - 233.2 (1 new Group 1 race added to the season)

Autumn 2019 - Dhaulagiri -243.8

Season Champs

2011/2012 – Hitensile – 317.2

2012/2013 – Dhaulagiri – 309.3

2013/2014 – Percy1 – 321

2014/2015 – Hands n Heels – 273.1

2015/2016 – Loges2 – 317.1

2016/2017 - Saintly1996 - 321.6

2017/2018 - De Lago Dude - 341.6

2018/2019 - Wilks - 344.7

Final Autum 2019 Leaderboard

  1. 243.8-dhaulagiri
  2. 229.3-wilks
  3. 213-ramses
  4. 189-de lago dude
  5. 180.2-hitensile
  6. 170.2-dabba
  7. 169.4-todman
  8. 156.8-dagz
  9. 148.9-percy1
  10. 145.9-loges2
  11. 141-the mighty quinn
  12. 135-oldtimer
  13. 126.1-sydeston
  14. 125.4-mr mars
  15. 123.4-richard III
  16. 121.9-oldman
  17. 120.9-hinksy
  18. 119.9-mantank
  19. 119.2-saintly1996
  20. 112.8-pigracer
  21. 109.3-euraman
  22. 100.7-one perfect day
  23. 99.1-whealy
  24. 87.1-jet
  25. 74.6-imaj eel
  26. 61.7-chineseguy
  27. 47-maccamax
  28. 44.2-captain obvious

Final 2018/2019 (Spring - Autum) Leaderboard

  1. 344.7-wilks
  2. 315.8-dhaulagiri
  3. 297.7-ramses
  4. 265.2-the mighty quinn
  5. 263.2-richard III
  6. 260.9-hitensile
  7. 256.4-loges2
  8. 251-de lago dude
  9. 245.2-oldtimer
  10. 241.3-todman
  11. 235.6-dabba
  12. 226.2-dagz
  13. 218.7-percy1
  14. 216.2-sydeston
  15. 212.7-saintly1996
  16. 207.8-pigracer
  17. 198.2-oldman
  18. 193.1-imaj eel
  19. 192.8-jet
  20. 185.6-mr mars
  21. 175.7-hinksy
  22. 154.4-captain obvious
  23. 144.3-chineseguy
  24. 142.8-whealy
  25. 136.2-euraman
  26. 134.2-one perfect day
  27. 119.9-mantank
  28. 109.3-branded
  29. 47-maccamax
  30. 29.1-tigerrish
  31. 8.9-themadkiwipunter
  32. 6-capekid
  33. 0-bluehorse
  34. 0-smallsy

Thanks to all who participated in the 2018/2019 Groupies Tipping Competition, which still manages to attract a worthwhile number of contestants despite the moribund state of the R & S Forum.

The Groupies will return in mid August with the first Group 1 of the Spring racing season, that being the Winx Warwick Stakes on 17 August.

With the new improved R&S Forum it should be easier to post tips in the future - and in real time too!

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Congratulations to all the winners.

Well done.

Well done on all fronts dhaulagiri, and congrats on your win.

Are you able to format all results to one decimal point? That way, oldtimer for example, on 135 would be 135.0. 

Certainly Gary, I'm pretty good at formatting Excel. Will consider it in the new season. 

The results are almost always reliable Dhaulagirl. Without a spreadsheet, I'm guessing that there would be errors aplenty! 

Are you able to format all results to one decimal point? That way, oldtimer for example, on 135 would be 135.0.  

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I enjoy doing the competition and the spreadsheet I devised years ago, still makes it easy to score and compile results.

As I rarely place a bet these days, even though I still follow racing with as much interest as ever, the Groupies forces me to concentrate on the form for Group 1 racing. It also keeps the old grey cells turning over nicely.

Can't wait for the Spring racing season and the return of the good horses, old and new.

Well done Dhaulagiri and Wilks - a big effort by both of you. Not an easy 'Comp' to win with many good tipsters chipping in, I dip my lid to both of you!

Also once again a fantastic job by Dhaulagiri in running the 'Comp' - makes it all worthwhile.


Cheers, Loges.

congratulations to the winners Dhaulagiri for the season and Wilks for the year - good tipping


thanks for continuing with the comp and taking the time every group 1 weekend - its a great idea and adds further interest to the racing weekend 

much appreciated


and yes the forum is working a treat - much improved


A great concept initiated and well named by Tonto many years ago and now in the very capable hands of Dhaulagirl.

Congrats to Dhaulagirl and Wilks for bagging the Groupies quinella!

Cheers, Gary Still  

Thanks for the usual efficiency and congrats on your tipping prowess dhaulagiri. I lost a bit of my mojo with the new format and a few family problems but I hope to get up and running in the Spring.Hopefully make a buck or two. Cheers.The Pig.

Congrats to Dhaulagiri and Richard III for their seasonal wins.

Thank You - for all your hard work and effort Dhaulagiri in running a Great Comp year after year.

Wilks - Well Done and I hand my crown over to you for the next year.

Cheers to all who played and see you nxt time.

thanks Dhaulagiri - as usual, you have been efficient and timely with your weekly postings - sterlingly done

Congratulations Dhaulagiri on your excellent Autumn Season and, as always, many thanks for all your efforts in running the comp.

Well done to all who competed.

Well done all winners and thanks for running the comp so efficiently dhaulagiri.

Congratulations Wilkes! and congrats to seasonal winners Dude and Dags :)

Also a sincere thank you dhaulagiri for running the comp - much appreciated. 




Thanks Hitensile. Much appreciated.

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