What a finish to the Groupies Autumn Competition!

Pigracer, who has been trying for many years to win the competition, rocketed with a last minute dash to snatch the lead from Ramses and win by a whisker (0.1 points) to become the 2020 Groupies Autumn Champion.

Not only has he won the Autumn Groupies, he also becomes the 2019/2020 Season Champion, pipping Chineseguy at the post.

He accomplished this by being the sole tipster for Stradbroke winner Tyzone who won at big odds to score 24 points.

The only other scorer for the round was Percy 1, the only Groupie to tip JJ Atkins winner Rothfire.

Congratulations Pigracer on your excellent tipping! And, congratulations to all place getters as well.

Results & Scores (TAB/Ubet Dividends) For the record

JJ Atkins

  1. Rothfire = 8.8
  2. Gotta Kiss = 8.3 (no tips)
  3. The Drinks Cart = 5.9 (no tips)

Top Tips: Macroura and Wisdom of Water (6 tips each)

Stradbroke Handicap

  1. Tyzone = 24
  2. Madam Rouge = 15 (no tips)
  3. Niccanova = 5.1 (no tips)

Top Tips: Hightail (5 tips) Victorem ( 4 tips)

Top Tip Final Score for Autumn 2020 = 86.5

Top Tip Final Score for 2019/2020 Season = 214.8

Groupies Autumn 2020 Champion

1st Pigracer – 141.2

2nd Ramses – 141.1

3rd Chineseguy – 137.3

4th Dhaulagiri – 118.8

Groupies 2019/2020 Season Champion

1st Pigracer – 237.6

2nd Chineseguy – 231.2

3rd Wilks – 230.3

4th The Mighty Quinn – 211.9

Groupies Honour Board (since I’ve been running the comp)

Spring Champs

Spring 2011 – Tigerrish – 142.9
Spring 2012 – The Urger – 141.9
Spring 2013 – Squid69 – 151.6 (3 new Group 1 races added to the season)
Spring 2014 – Ramses – 110.9
Spring 2015 – Saintly1996 – 133.3
Spring 2016 - Whos On First - 145.8
Spring 2017 - Todman - 176.5
Spring 2018 - Richard III - 139.8 (1 new Group 1 race added to season)
Spring 2019 -
The Mighty Quinn - 134.7 points (31 Group 1 races)

Autumn Champs

Autumn 2012 – Seashells – 207
Autumn 2013 – Wilks -204.1
Autumn 2014 – Percy1 – 179.7
Autumn 2015 – Dagz – 211.6
Autumn 2016 – Redback – 215.7
Autumn 2017 - Redback - 218.6
Autumn 2018  -De Lago Dude - 233.2 (1 new Group 1 race added to the season)
Autumn 2019 - Dhaulagiri -243.8
Autumn 2020 – Pigracer – 141.2 (37 Group 1 races due to Covid 19)

Season Champs

2011/2012 – Hitensile – 317.2
2012/2013 – Dhaulagiri – 309.3
2013/2014 – Percy1 – 321
2014/2015 – Hands n Heels – 273.1
2015/2016 – Loges2 – 317.1
2016/2017 - Saintly1996 - 321.6
2017/2018 - De Lago Dude - 341.6
2018/2019 - Wilks - 344.7
2019/2020 - Pigracer 237.6

Autumn 2020 Final Leaderboard

  1. pigracer-141.2
  2. ramses-141.1
  3. chineseguy-137.3
  4. dhaulagiri-118.8
  5. mr mars-117.8
  6. jet-116.6
  7. euraman-115.0
  8. oldman-111.5
  9. wilks-104.5
  10. one perfect day-96.0
  11. hitensile-94.0
  12. percy1-92.4
  13. loges2-85.6
  14. the mighty quinn-77.2
  15. dagz-76.5
  16. de lago dude-74.7
  17. oldtimer-73.1
  18. saintly1996-68.4
  19. linojan-66.4
  20. richard III-60.6
  21. hinksy-58.2
  22. todman-57.0
  23. sydeston-54.6
  24. captain obvious-40.3

2019/2020 – Spring/Autumn Combined Leaderboard

  1. pigracer-237.6
  2. chineseguy-231.2
  3. wilks-230.3
  4. the mighty quinn-211.9
  5. percy1-207.7
  6. dhaulagiri-202.5
  7. jet-194.9
  8. euraman-192.5
  9. loges2-188.5
  10. de lago dude-186.2
  11. oldtimer-178.0
  12. oldman-169.9
  13. richard III-163.8
  14. mr mars-161.5
  15. saintly1996-157.4
  16. ramses-141.1
  17. hitensile-139.1
  18. sydeston-131.0
  19. one perfect day-125.0
  20. linojan-124.3
  21. dagz-122.9
  22. todman-120.1
  23. hinksy-119.3
  24. captain obvious-70.3
  25. themadkiwipunter-23.7
  26. kavi-4.9
  27. snorks-3.4
  28. dangerzone-0.0
  29. mantank-0.0
  30. whealy-0.0

Thanks to all who participated in the Groupies Competition which will resume for the Spring Racing Season in late August.

In the meantime I wish you all continued good health in these strange pestilent times and good luck on the punt.

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congratulations PIG !! welcome to the club - I am only in the club because Tiggerish forgot to tip Black Caviar one week :)


Thanks dhaulagiri for all your efforts in keeping groupies alive


ps - anyone seen tigerish lately?

What a Great Comp and What a Great Finish.

Congrats to (The)  Pigracer.

Welcome to the - Season Champs Club .


Thanks Dhaulagiri for another awesome effort.  .  .  Without You there is no Comp.




Good stuff to Pigracer and an impressive finish to the comp


and thanks for running the comp Dhaulagiri - all the best, look forward to the next lot of racing.. oh hey its Strathalbyn in 7 minutes


bring on spring

I'm dirty I didn't win. I am searching for "evidence" that pigracer and others above me on the leader board used "jiggers" to get their selections first past the post. :)

Thanks dhaulagiri for a very entertaining and professionally run competition as always.

Congrats to pigracer and big thank you all who took part.

Well done Pigracer and thanks for runing this comp Dhaulagiri.


Nice work Pigracer. Thanks again for running the comp's the only reason I come to the forum anymore!

Congratulations pigracer, well done. Thanks dhaulagiri for all the work you put in. Appreciated by all. 

congrats pig - great effort

also, thanks Dhauligiri, firstly for taking over the admin of this comp and also for your dedication in posting the weekly GR1 fields and then the results every Sunday 


Heartiest Congratulations to Pigracer, sensational end to the Season & year topping off a consistent year's fine tipping. I hope it translated into some profit on the punt.

Well done to everyone who competed, and, as always, massive thanks to Dhaulagiri for running the best tipping comp going.

Hope everyone will be back for the next Season & invite some of your mates who fancy their prowess.

Thank you Dhaulagiri for such a well run comp. Thank you to all the other participants as I well know just how hard this comp is to win I knew that I needed big points to get home so I was forced to look outside the box for points, hence my selections. All those who picked Wisdom of Water should be rightly cheesed off as it was given no chance by the tactics. Next year I might take my emergencies as a truckload of them won this year. I won b#ggerall on my picks the last two events as I didn't back any selection. Once again thanks all for the thrills,and may we resume the fray Covid  free in a few months time. Cheers all,The Pig.

well done pigracer and thanks for running the comp dhaula

cheers and good punting

Thanks for running the comp Dhaulagiri and well done to Pigracer and the placegetters.

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