There were no upsets in this last round of the 2021 Autumn competition with only four Groupies registering a score – Himalayas, RJ1 and The Mighty Quinn tipping Tatts Tiara winner Tofane, and yours truly scoring a modest 5.5 points for runner up Nudge.

Pigracer was not threatened by the results so becomes Groupies Autumn Champion for the second year in a row. De Lago Dude held on for second and new player RJ1 came third, relegating Loges2 to fourth place.

Pigracer assumed the lead way back in Round 5 with a bumper score of 47.8 points having tipped long priced Australian Cup winner Homesman and Savatiano in the Canterbury Stakes.

His other big winners were Savatoxl in the Goodwood and Tofane in the Stradbroke. These long shot winners held him in good stead for the rest of the season.

Loges2 is the 2020/2021 Season winner. He started the Autumn season at the top of the Yearly Board having won the 2020 Spring Groupies competition, and maintained that lead to the finish. The Mighty Quinn and Pigracer filled the minor places.

Congratulations to you all on your tipping prowess.

Results & Scores (TAB Tote Dividends)

Tatts Tiara

  1. Tofane = 10.00
  2. Nudge = 5.50
  3. Sweet Deal = 7.90 (no tips)

Top Tips: Subpoenaed (5 tips) Coventina Bay and Tofane (3 tips each)

Top Tip Score for Autumn 2021 = 178.8

Top Tip Score for Spring 2020/Autumn 2021 = 289.8

Groupies Autumn 2021 Champion

  1. Pigracer-201.80
  2. De Lago Dude-191.30
  3. RJ1-178.20
  4. Loges2-173.20

Groupies 2020/2021 Season Champion

  1. Loges2-318.60
  2. The Mighty Quinn-312.90
  3. Pigracer-265.40
  4. De Lago Dude-252.20

Groupies Honour Board (since I’ve been running the comp)

Spring Champs

Spring 2011 – Tigerrish – 142.9

Spring 2012 – The Urger – 141.9

Spring 2013 – Squid69 – 151.6 (3 new Group 1 races added to the season)

Spring 2014 – Ramses – 110.9

Spring 2015 – Saintly1996 – 133.3

Spring 2016 - Whos On First - 145.8

Spring 2017 - Todman - 176.5

Spring 2018 - Richard III - 139.8 (1 new Group 1 race added to season)
Spring 2019 -
The Mighty Quinn - 134.7 points (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2020 – Loges2 – 145.4 points (31 Group 1 races)

Autumn Champs

Autumn 2012 – Seashells – 207

Autumn 2013 – Wilks -204.1

Autumn 2014 – Percy1 – 179.7

Autumn 2015 – Dagz – 211.6

Autumn 2016 – Redback – 215.7

Autumn 2017 - Redback - 218.6

Autumn 2018  -De Lago Dude - 233.2 (1 new Group 1 race added to the season)

Autumn 2019 - Dhaulagiri -243.8
Autumn 2020 – Pigracer – 141.2 (37 Group 1 races due to Covid 19)

Autumn 2021 – Pigracer – 201.8 (43 Group 1 races)

Season Champs

2011/2012 – Hitensile – 317.2

2012/2013 – Dhaulagiri – 309.3

2013/2014 – Percy1 – 321

2014/2015 – Hands n Heels – 273.1

2015/2016 – Loges2 – 317.1

2016/2017 - Saintly1996 - 321.6

2017/2018 - De Lago Dude - 341.6

2018/2019 - Wilks - 344.7

2019/2020 - Pigracer -237.6

2020/2021 – Loges2 – 318.6

Autumn 2021 Final Leaderboard

  1. pigracer-201.80
  2. de lago dude-191.30
  3. rj1-178.20
  4. loges2-173.20
  5. the mighty quinn-168.50
  6. dhaulagiri-157.90
  7. dagz-142.20
  8. wilks-133.40
  9. jet-128.40
  10. himalayas-125.20
  11. oldman-123.20
  12. percy1-121.90
  13. todman-119.00
  14. hinksy-108.50
  15. one perfect day-96.50
  16. euraman-96.00
  17. sydeston-92.30
  18. mr mars-91.80
  19. oldtimer-83.70
  20. richard III-80.20
  21. saintly1996-79.50
  22. linojan-72.30
  23. ramses-70.40
  24. whealy-54.70
  25. branded-50.00
  26. hitensile-32.40
  27. bushman031-28.60
  28. captain obvious-28.20
  29. snorks-3.20

2020/2021 Final Leaderboard

  1. loges2-318.60
  2. the mighty quinn-312.90
  3. pigracer-265.40
  4. de lago dude-252.20
  5. dhaulagiri-248.40
  6. jet-244.00
  7. dagz-206.40
  8. ramses-206.30
  9. percy1-205.60
  10. himalayas-187.40
  11. euraman-184.70
  12. todman-181.70
  13. one perfect day-179.40
  14. rj1-178.20
  15. wilks-177.90
  16. saintly1996-165.00
  17. oldman-162.80
  18. oldtimer-156.80
  19. richard III-146.80
  20. mr mars-144.30
  21. hinksy-142.10
  22. sydeston-126.20
  23. whealy-94.70
  24. hitensile-88.80
  25. linojan-86.90
  26. captain obvious-70.90
  27. branded-50.00
  28. snorks-46.50
  29. bushman031-28.60
  30. bluboy-15.20
  31. kizzyaggots-0.00
  32. themadkiwipunter-0.00

Thanks to all who participated in the Groupies Autumn Competion. It still attracts a good number of players and makes it worthwhile continuing.

I have a good system in place that makes it pretty easy to collate the results, so it is not onerous for me to continue running the Groupies Tipping Competition, as well as maintaining my own interest in the sport.

The Groupies will resume for the Spring racing season in late August, starting with the Group 1 Winx Stakes.

In the meantime wishing you all good health and good  luck on the punt.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm delighted you still enjoy the Groupies competition as do I in running it.

It is curiously fascinating and keeps the old brain ticking over, along with my spreadsheet skills

After ten years I have amassed an enormous amount of data which is interesting to revisit every so often.

Will be back in the Spring for the new season. 

Hi Dhaulagiri,


Huge thanks for the years of hosting this comp - we love it & hope you enjoy conducting it.


Be back soon


good  onyas to all the winners, and thanks dhaula for running this unique comp. See you in the springtime.

Well done to Loges and Pigracer, great tipping. 

Thanks Dhaulagiri for all your efforts. 

All the best,



Nice work Dhaulagiri. Thanks again for running the comp. Congrats Pigracer and Loges2. 

A big thank You to dhaulagiri for another fab year. Also a big thank you to all the participants for the high standard of conduct and tipping ability.A special thank you to De Lago Dude for not finding the winner and tipping late, our ploys came unstuck. So looking forward to Spring and hoping for a lightning start to the season. Keep safe 'you all ' and see you in August. Cheers, The Pig.


Thanks Dhaulagiri!   Enjoyed participating and beginners luck finishing 3rd.  Thrilled!

Probably down hill from now.

Looking forward to the Spring!

congrats to loges and piggy and thanks muchly to Dhaulagiri - a champion effort in keeping with your results on the track

Well done Loges 2 - brilliant work.


Congratulations also to the place-getters, and thanks for running the comp dhaulagiri.


See you all next season.

Great Tipping Pigracer


2020/21 Champ - Loges2.

What a GR8 Comp this is.

A Massive "Thank You" to Dhaulagiri for the continued running of this comp.



A mighty effort by Pigracer, he dug deep and came up with the goods! well done also to De Lago Dude and RJ1.

Congratulations to Dhaulagiri on keeping us all up to date on the results and the coming and going of all the changes in running the comp, well done.


Cheers, Loges.

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