GROUPIES RESULTS – Spring 2021 Final


GROUPIES RESULTS – Spring 2021 Final

It’s disappointing that Western Empire was pipped at the post by Regal Power in the Kingston Town Classic, dashing the expectations of bulk of the Groupies who tipped him in this last round of the Groupies Spring Competition.

But it was good news for The Mighty Quinn, the sole tipster for Regal Power, who scored enough points - with some to spare - to overtake Ramses, who looked a sure thing last week, to become Spring Champion for 2021.

The Mighty Quinn and Ramses have been fighting out the top spot on the Leaderboard since Round 10 (Cox Plate) with The Mighty Quinn mostly having an edge over Ramses until last week, when Ramses finally hit the front, courtesy of his tip for Graceful Girl in the Winterbottom Stakes.

Both The Mighty Quinn and Ramses have been in good form throughout the Spring tipping multiple winners and interestingly both failing to score on only 12 occasions.

Jet has held on to third place and Oldman is officially fourth.

Congratulations to you all!

Results and Scores (for the Record)

Kingston Town Classic

  1. Regal Power = 17.70
  2. Western Empire = 3.04
  3. Kissonallforcheeks = 3.60

Top Tip: Western Empire (14 tips)

Top Tip Final Score = 123.14

This Week’s Scorecard

17.70-the mighty quinn



3.04-bubble cheekers













Groupies Spring 2021 Champion

1st The Mighty Quinn = 165.10

2nd Ramses = 160.94

3rd Jet = 138.94

Groupies Spring Honour Board (since I’ve been running the competition)

Spring 2021 Groupies Champion – The Mighty Quinn @ 165.10 (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2020 Groupies Champion – Loges2 @ 145.36 points (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2019 Groupies Champion - The Mighty Quinn @ 134.7 points (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2018 Groupies Champion - Richard III @ 139.8 (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2017 Groupies Champion - Todman @ 176.5 (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2016 Groupies Champion - Whos On First @ 145.8 (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2015 Groupies Champion – Saintly1996 @ 133.3 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2014 Groupies Champion  - Ramses @ 110.9 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2013 Groupies Champion – Squid69 @ 151.6 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2012 Groupies Champion – The Urger @141.9 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2011 Groupies Champion – Tigerrish @142.9 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2010 Groupies Champion – Sydeston @157.2 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2021 Final Leaderboard

  1. the mighty quinn-165.10
  2. ramses-160.94
  3. jet-138.94
  4. oldman-129.00
  5. percy1-125.34
  6. dhaulagiri-124.04
  7. saintly1996-118.80
  8. oldtimer-115.84
  9. mr mars-111.66
  10. hinksy-109.56
  11. euraman-107.98
  12. loges2-107.34
  13. RJ1-105.44
  14. one perfect day-98.74
  15. himalayas-97.24
  16. todman-94.30
  17. richard III-93.10
  18. branded-87.24
  19. bushman031-85.94
  20. dagz-80.94
  21. wilks-75.10
  22. pigracer-75.08
  23. nhnl4740-74.76
  24. bubble cheekers-73.84
  25. sydeston-62.38
  26. hitensile-56.04
  27. tontonan-50.84
  28. snorks-49.96
  29. de lago dude-45.10
  30. whealy-23.20
  31. speedy2-6.50

As usual the collective Groupies tipped the winner in all but three of the 31 Group 1 races of the Spring, including the first four 15 times and the trifecta 18 times.

Thanks to all, both old and new players, who participated in the Groupies Spring competition.

The Groupies will resume in early February 2022 for the Autumn season with points scored in the 2021 Spring competition counting towards the 2021/2022 Groupies yearly championship.

In the meantime, best wishes for a Merry Christmas and good fortune in the New Year to all.

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Well done TMQ and thanks to all who tooks part.

A very heartfelt thank you to Dhualagiri for a very professional competition.


Well done The Mighty Quinn, deserved winner after a strong tipping performance all spring. Many thanks as always to dhaulagiri for running this very enjoyable comp. Hope all have a good Christmas.

Thanks for the interesting information. In fact, this season was more successful for me. Looking forward to Autumn 2022. Best wishes for good fortune in the New Year to all.

The big test

Thanks all, to be honest I got lucky in the last round. I knew tipping Western Empire wasn't going to do me any good and fortunately for me Regal Power got up for the win.

Thanks Dhaulagiri for running the comp again, it's always good fun. Looking forward to Autumn 2022.




Congratulations The Mighty Quinn, magnificent tipping performance.

Heartfelt thanks as ever Dhaulagiri for all your efforts in running the comp.

Well done to everyone .Good fun.

Thanks Dhaulagiri (G.Lane)


Super get in the last round for the win - well done TMQ...

good work to those fighting it out - and thanks for running the comp Dhaulagiri.. something i look forward to


best wishes all over xmas

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