GROUPIES RESULTS Spring Final Scores


GROUPIES RESULTS - Spring 2019 Final Scores

It has been an unusual Spring Racing Season, with most of the Group 1 races being won by different horses, only Nature Strip winning more than one of the thirty-one in contention.

In the final round of the Groupies Spring competition The Mighty Quinn was the sole tipster of the Kingston Town Classic winner Kay Cee who scored him 19.1 points, more than enough to overtake Wilks and win the Spring Groupies Championship comfortably.

The Mighty Quinn has been a loyal participant in the Groupies Tipping Competition since its inception, but this is the first time he has won any of the Groupies Seasonal Championships.

Congratulations The Mighty Quinn on your well deserved win!

Results & Scores (for the record - TAB/Ubet Dividends)

1. Kay Cee = 19.1

2. Gailo Chop = 10.6

3. Best of Days = 3.2

Top Tips: Best of Days (5 tips) Regal Power (3 tips)

Top Tip Final Spring Score = 128.3 (second place)

This Week's Scorecard

19.1-the mighty quinn



3.2-de lago dude


3.2-one perfect day

3.2-richard III

Groupies Spring 2019 Champion

1st The Mighty Quinn-134.7

2nd Wilks-125.8

3rd Percy1-115.3

4th De Lago Dude-111.5

Congratulations to all placegetters!

Groupies Spring Honour Board (since I’ve been running the competition)

Spring 2019 Groupies Champion - The Mighty Quinn @ 134.7 points (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2018 Groupies Champion - Richard III @ 139.8 (31 Group 1 races)

Spring 2017 Groupies Champion - Todman @ 176.5 (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2016 Groupies Champion - Whos On First @ 145.8 (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2015 Groupies Champion – Saintly1996 @ 133.3 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2014 Groupies Champion  - Ramses @ 110.9 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2013 Groupies Champion – Squid69 @ 151.6 points (30 Group 1 races)

Spring 2012 Groupies Champion – The Urger @141.9 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2011 Groupies Champion – Tigerrish @142.9 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2010 Groupies Champion – Sydeston @157.2 points (27 Group 1 races)

Spring 2019 Final Leaderboard

  1. the mighty quinn-134.7
  2. wilks-125.8
  3. percy1-115.3
  4. de lago dude-111.5
  5. oldtimer-104.9
  6. richard III-103.2
  7. loges2-102.9
  8. pigracer-96.4
  9. chineseguy-93.9
  10. saintly1996-89.0
  11. dhaulagiri-83.7
  12. jet-78.3
  13. euraman-77.5
  14. sydeston-76.4
  15. todman-63.1
  16. hinksy-61.1
  17. oldman-58.4
  18. linojan-57.9
  19. dagz-46.4
  20. hitensile-45.1
  21. mr mars-43.7
  22. captain obvious-30.0
  23. one perfect day-29.0
  24. themadkiwipunter-23.7
  25. kavi-4.9
  26. snorks-3.4
  27. dangerzone-0.0
  28. mantank-0.0
  29. whealy-0.0

As usual the collective Groupies tipped the winner in all but five of the 31 Group 1 races of the Spring, including the first four 9 times, trifecta 12 times and quinella 9 times.

Thanks to all who participated in the Groupies Spring competition. You make it worth my while running the show.

The Groupies will resume in early February 2020 for the Autumn season with points scored in the 2019 Spring competition counting towards the 2019/2020 Groupies yearly championship.

In the meantime best wishes for a Merry Christmas and good fortune in the New Year to all.

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Thanks guys for your kind words, always great fun competing in the Groupies comp, really is the last good comp left here. I have been trying to win one of these for years!!

Thanks Dhaulagiri for all the time and effort you put in to running the comp it is truly appreciated by those of us who take part.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Cheers, TMQ




You are a legend. Wishing you and your family a very merryy Xmas and a peaceful and properous New Year.

The same wishes to all at R&S.

Well done TMQ.

Congrats to the winners

But I truly want to give greatest appreciation to Dhaulagiri for continuing to host the competition, which we all thoroughly enjoy and keeps me coming back after all these years, thank you, thank you, take a bow



Great stuff getting up with the long priced result on the last race of the season - congratulations TMQ

Thanks for the competition - it adds a bit more interest to what was (I thought) a pretty good spring carnival.

Hope everyone enjoys the time of year.

Heartiest congratulations The Mighty Quinn. A superb season of tipping and a well deserved win. My cap is duly doffed to you Sir.

Many thanks Dhaulagiri for running this first class comp. It's easy to underestimate the time and effort you put in and I'm sure all participants appreciate the opportunity to be involved which wouldn't happen if not for your commitment.

Well done to all who competed. Still the best tipping comp I know of, and as I've stated before, the results of Groupies each Season would make many so called "professional" tipsters look pretty average by comparison.

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