GROUPIES round 10 Derby Day


GROUPIES – Spring 2020  round 10 -  Derby Day

Empire Rose Stkes/ Coolmore Stud Stakes / Victoria Derby / Cantala Stakes

It’s a bumper day of Group 1 action this coming Saturday at Flemington featuring the Victoria Derby and three other Group 1 races, and an excellent opportunity to score points.

Race 5 - 2:20PM TAB Empire Rose Stakes (1600 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-MYSTIC JOURNEY-Adam Trinder-Kerrin McEvoy-5-57kg

2-NETTOYER-Wendy Roche-Glen Boss-8-57kg

3-MADAM ROUGE-Chris Waller-James McDonald-12-57kg

4-PRETTY BRAZEN-Tony & Calvin McEvoy-Luke Currie-6-56.5kg

5-VANNA GIRL-Toby & Trent Edmonds-Hugh Bowman-1-56.5kg

6-SHOUT THE BAR-Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott-Damien Oliver-11-56.5kg

7-ASIAGO-James Cummings-Mark Zahra-2-56.5kg

8-MISSILE MANTRA-Peter & Paul Snowden-Damian Lane-9-56.5kg

9-FELICIA-Dean Binaisse-Craig Williams-10-56.5kg

10-SHE SHAO FLY-Kevin Corstens-Jamie Kah-3-56.5kg

11-CHAILLOT-Archie Alexander-Declan Bates-4-56.5kg

12-ODEUM-Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Jye McNeil-7-49kg

13-CHICA FUERTE-Anthony & Sam Freedman-Dean Holland-13-49kg

14-FORBIDDEN LOVE-Richard & Michael Freedman-Dean Yendall-14-49kg

Race 6 - 3:00PM Coolmore Stud Stakes (1200 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-FARNAN-Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott-Glen Boss-10-57kg

2-WILD RULER-Peter & Paul Snowden-James McDonald-14-57kg

3-MAMARAGAN-John Thompson-Hugh Bowman-7-57kg

4-GLENFIDDICH-Peter G Moody-Luke Nolen-3-57kg

5-RANTING (NZ)-Leon & Troy Corstens-Ben Melham-8-57kg

6-DOUBTLAND-Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes-William Pike-1-57kg

7-ANDERS-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Mark Zahra-2-57kg

8-HOLYFIELD-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Jamie Kah-13-57kg

9-EXTRA TIME-Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas-Kerrin McEvoy-4-57kg

10-OUR PLAYBOY-Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Michael Dee-11-57kg

11-FLYING AWARD-Danny O'Brien-Damien Oliver-5-57kg

12-SWATS THAT-Leon & Troy Corstens-John Allen-9-55kg

13-MUNTASEERA-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Jye McNeil-6-55kg

14-SEPTEMBER RUN-Chris Waller-Craig Williams-12-55kg

Race 7 - 3:45PM AAMI Victoria Derby (2500 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-CHERRY TORTONI-Patrick Payne-Billy Egan-14-57kg

2-ALBARADO (NZ)-Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young-Mark Zahra-8-57kg

3-JOHNNY GET ANGRY (NZ)-Denis Pagan-Lachlan King (a)-5-57kg

4-LET’S KARAKA DEEL (NZ)-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-John Allen-3-57kg

5-YOUNG WERTHER (NZ)-Danny O'Brien-Damien Oliver-4-57kg

6-HIT THE SHOT-Matt Cumani-Fred W Kersley-9-57kg

7-CETSHWAYO-Danny O'Brien-Jamie Kah-10-57kg

8-REDWOOD SHADOW (NZ)-Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Jye McNeil-12-57kg

9-WERTHEIMER (NZ)-Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young-Hugh Bowman-6-57kg

10-TOUR OF DUTY-Michael Moroney-James McDonald-13-57kg

11-TOKEN SPIRIT-Robbie Griffiths & Mathew de Kock-Damian Lane-11-57kg

12-BORN TO SUCCEED-Saab Hasan-Michael Walker-7-57kg

13-WISAKA-Michael Moroney-Ben Melham-2-57kg

14-KENZAN-Danny O'Brien-Daniel Moor-1-57kg

Race 8 - 4:30PM Kennedy Cantala (1600 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-FIFTY STARS (IRE)-Tom Dabernig & Ben Hayes-John Allen-15-58kg

2-MR QUICKIE-Phillip Stokes-Jamie Kah-16-58kg

3-OLMEDO (FR)-Chris Waller-James McDonald-20-56kg

4-WILD PLANET-Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes--8-55kg

5-YULONG PRINCE (SAF)-Chris Waller-Damian Lane-14-55kg

6-BEST OF DAYS (GB)-James Cummings-Ben Melham-13-54.5kg

7-CASCADIAN (GB)-James Cummings-Damien Oliver-18-54.5kg

8-I AM SUPERMAN (IRE)-Peter & Paul Snowden--1-54kg

9-ROCK-Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes--2-54kg

10-STREETS OF AVALON-Shane Nichols-Zac Spain-11-54kg

11-THE VELVET KING-Peter G Moody-Luke Nolen-4-53.5kg

12-AGE OF CHIVALRY (NZ)-Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra-Daniel Moor-19-53kg

13-BUFFALO RIVER (USA)-Michael Moroney-Craig Williams-9-53kg

14-CHIEF IRONSIDE (GB)-Kris Lees-Kerrin McEvoy-3-53kg

15-NONCONFORMIST-Grahame Begg-Jordan Childs-10-53kg

16-KING’S LEGACY-Peter & Paul Snowden-Glen Boss-6-51kg

17e-REYKJAVIK-Lindsey Smith-Dean Yendall-12-53kg

18e-JUNIPAL-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Jye McNeil-17-53kg

19e-HARBOUR VIEWS (FR)-Matthew Williams-Kerrin McEvoy-7-53kg

20e-RELOADED-Chris Waller-Michael Dee-5-53kg

Place your tips and Good Luck with your selections.

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Mystic journey 

chaillot ( Mystic journey



The Velvet King



Forbidden Love


wild planet


Odeum sub Chaillot

Farnan sub September Run

Cherry Tortini sub Albarado

Fifty Stars sub Kings Legacy

pretty brazen

flying award

hit the shot


Nettoyer (Odeum)

Farnan (Wild Ruler)

Cherry Tortoni (Young Werther)

Buffalo River (Mr Quickie)


Odeum         ( mystic Journey)

September Run     (Farnan)

Cherry Tortoni         (Young Werther)

Nonconformist          ( Mr Quickie)

Cheers, Loges.

Odeum (Mystic Journey)

Wild Ruler (Farnan)

Cherry Tortoni (Cetshwayo)

Mr Quickie (Rock)

Mystic Journey (Odeum)

Wild Ruler (Farnan)

Albarado (Cherry Tortoni)

Mr Quickie (Wild Planet)


chaillot (odeum)



cetshwayo (let's karaka deel)

fifty stars (kings legacy)

collette 9sierra sue)



ASIAGO (Odeum)

SWATS THAT (September Run)

ALBARADO (Johnn Get Angry)

FIFTY STARS (Age of Chivalry

Thanks all.


Odeum (Mystic Journey)

Farnan (September Run)

Young Werther (Hit The Shot)

Yulong Prince (Mr Quickie) 

Thanks and good luck. 

Chaillot  (She Shao Fly)

Wild Ruler  (Flying Award)

Cherry Tortoni (Redwood Shadow)

King's Legacy (Fifty Stars)


Vanna Girl (Mystic Journey)

Marmaragan (Farnan)

Johnny Get Angry (Wisaka)

I Am Superman (Rock)




She Shao Fly



Yulong Prince


Thank you


Mystic Journey(Odeum)


Young Werther(Johnny Get Angry)

Buffalo River(King's Legacy)

good luck all.



Vanna Girl ( Mystic Journey )

Marmaragan ( Farnan )

Johnny Get Angry ( Wisaka)

I Am Superman ( Rock )

G'day. Magical day, pity about the lack of atmosphere this year.

Mystic Journey (She Shao Fly)

Holyfield (Doubtland)

Albarado (Let's Karaka Deel)

Wild Planet (Cascadian)

Good luck all.

Chaillot (Odeum)

September Run (Swats That)

Johnny Get Angry (Young Werther)

Reykjavik (I am Superman)

Odeum ( Mystic Journey )

Farnan ( September Run )

Albarado ( Cherry Tortoni )

Wild Planet ( Fifty Stars )


Forbidden Love (Felicia)

Anders (Our Playboy)

Cherry Tortoni (Cetshwayo)

Rock (Fifty Stars)


cheers all the best



Wild River

Cherry Tortoni

Buffalo River


EXTRA TIME (September Run)




Missile Mantra



Reykjavik   ( Nonconformist )



Mystic Journey

(Sub Odeum)

Wild Ruler


Hit the Shot

(Cherry Tortoni)


(Mr Quickie)

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