GROUPIES round 12 Oaks /Sangster


GROUPIES – Autumn 2020 round 12 -  Australasian Oaks / Robert Sangster Stakes

The Groupies resumes this week with two Group 1 races for the girls at Morphettville. It’s nice to see Sunlight back at the track in the Robert Sangster Stakes.

Race 7 - 3:26PM Schweppes Oaks (Registered as Australasian Oaks) (2000 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-FASCINO (NZ) -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace--16-56kg

2-NUDGE -Chris Waller-Todd Pannell-11-56kg

3-MOONLIGHT MAID -Mitchell Freedman-Zac Spain-12-56kg

4-ASIAGO -James Cummings--17-56kg

5-VEGAS JEWEL (NZ) -Mark Kavanagh-Jason Holder-4-56kg

6-LA FALAISE -Henry Dwyer-Ms Georgina Cartwright (a)-8-56kg

7-BETCHA FLYING -Chris Waller-Dom Tourneur-13-56kg

8-WINGS OF PASTRAMI -Jeff Searle-Jake Toeroek-2-56kg

9-TOFFEE TONGUE (NZ) -Chris Waller-Damien Thornton-3-56kg

10-SILENT SOVEREIGN -Tony & Calvin McEvoy-Barend Vorster-6-56kg

11-SELICA (NZ) -Phillip Stokes-Ms Kayla Crowther (a)-15-56kg

12-BEAUTY BOLT -Grahame Begg-Dean Holland-1-56kg

13-SIERRA SUE (NZ) -Trent Busuttin & Natalie Young-Ethan Brown-20-56kg

14-AFFAIR TO REMEMBER -Dan O'Sullivan-John Allen-5-56kg

15-ZAYYDANI (NZ) -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Paul Gatt-7-56kg

16-WALKING FLYING (NZ) -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Ryan Hurdle-14-56kg

17e-NOVEMBER DREAMING -Danny O'Brien--10-56kg

18e-DON’TTELLTHEBOSS -Robbie Griffiths--19-56kg

19e-REALM OF FLOWERS -Anthony Freedman--9-56kg

20e-MISS HARRIETTE -Shane Nichols--18-56kg

Race 8 - 4:06PM TAB Classic (Registered as Robert Sangster Stakes) (1200 METRES)
imes displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-SUNLIGHT -Tony & Calvin McEvoy-Barend Vorster-16-56.5kg

2-I AM EXCITED -David Pfieffer-Dom Tourneur-5-56.5kg

3-SAVATIANO -James Cummings-Jason Holder-9-56.5kg

4-MADAM ROUGE -Chris Waller--10-56.5kg

5-TELEPLAY -Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Shayne Cahill-2-56.5kg

6-BAM’S ON FIRE -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Jake Toeroek-6-56.5kg

7-SPANISH WHISPER -David & B Hayes & T Dabernig-Ethan Brown-15-56.5kg

8-HUMMA HUMMA -John McArdle-Zac Spain-11-56.5kg

9-EMBRACE ME (NZ) -Danny O'Brien-John Allen-17-56.5kg

10-BELLA VELLA -Will Clarken-Todd Pannell-13-56.5kg

11-AMBERDI -Sue Jaensch-Paul Gatt-8-56.5kg

12-EVERYDAY LADY -Will Clarken-Ms Georgina Cartwright (a)-18-56.5kg

13-STREET ICON -Kevin Corstens-Ryan Hurdle-3-56.5kg

14-BEAUTIFUL FLYER -Mick Kluske-Justin Potter-14-56.5kg

15-LYRE -Anthony Freedman-Damien Thornton-12-55kg

16-AWAY GAME -Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Dean Holland-4-47kg

17e-MYSTERY LOVE -Mick Price & Michael Kent (Jnr)-Zac Spain-7-56.5kg

18e-KENYAN WONDER -Ryan Balfour-Caitlin Jones (a)-1-56.5kg

Place your tips and good luck with your selections

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Away Game


Thank you

zayydani sub Sierra Sue

Lyre sub Bella Vella

Vegas Jewel

away Game

BETCHA FLYING (Affair To Remember)


SUNLIGHT (Savatiano)


Wings of Pastramai (Toffee Tongue)

Away Game (Sunlight)

Nudge (Affair to Remember)

Sunlight (Lyre)



Toffee Tongue ( Moonlight Maid)

Sunlight (Away Game)

Nudge, Moonlight Maid

Sunlight (Lyre)


Vegas Jewel - Wings of Pastrami 

Sunlight - Bams On Fire

Toffee Tongue  (selica)

Sunlight       (Lyre)

Cheers, Loges.

Toffee Tongue (Affair To remember)

Sunlight(Away Game)


walking flying ( vegas jewel)

sunlight ( embrace me)


Moonlight Maid (Beauty Bolt)

Everyday Lady (Sunlight)


Moonlight Maid (Sierra Sue)

Lyre (Bella Vella)

Good luck all.

Realm Of Flowers

Away Game


Thank you

Toffee Tongue

(Sub Moonlight Maid)



Affair to Remember (moonlight maid)

Away Game (I am excited)


all the best




Asiago (Silent Sovereign)

Bam's On Fire (Away Game)



Vegas  Jewel

Bella  Vella



Silent Sovereign  (Toffee Tongue)

Away Game  (Sunlight)


Toffee Tongue (Vegas Jewel)

Teleplay (Away Game)

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