GROUPIES round 15 JJ Atkins/Stradbroke


GROUPIES Autumn 2020 – Final round 15 - JJ Atkins/Stradbroke Handicap

The final round of the Autumn Groupies Competition is upon us with the last two Group 1 races of the season to be played out at Eagle Farm on Saturday, neither of which look easy to predict.

It’s a close run to the line for the top scorers on the Groupies Leaderboards with Ramses and Chineseguy neck to neck on the Autumn Board and Chineseguy and Wilks on the Yearly.

These three appear the top chances, but a successfully tipped roughy by a dark horse down in the ranks could cause an upset.

Race 7 - 2:55PM XXXX DRY J.J. ATKINS (1400 METRES)
Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-ROTHFIRE-Robert Heathcote-Jim Byrne-14-57kg

2-WILD RULER-Peter & Paul Snowden-Ryan Maloney-15-57kg

3-WISDOM OF WATER-Toby & Trent Edmonds-Robbie Fradd-10-57kg

4-NOT AN OPTION-Richard & Michael Freedman-Michael Cahill-3-57kg

5-THE DRINKS CART-Toby & Trent Edmonds-Brad Stewart-8-57kg

6-THUNDER MANIA-John Symons & Sheila Laxon-Larry Cassidy-7-57kg

7-SPOKESMAN-Chris Waller-Luke Dittman-5-57kg

8-SAFFIANO-Chris Waller-Mark Du Plessis-4-57kg

9-WAY BEYOND-Stuart Kendrick-Ryan Wiggins-6-57kg

10-TICK TOCK BOOM-David Vandyke-Jake Bayliss-9-57kg

11-OVERLORD-Chris Waller-Boris Thornton-19-57kg

12-SUPERARE-Stuart Kendrick-James Orman-1-57kg

13-GOTTA KISS-Steven O'Dea-Ms Stephanie Thornton-16-55kg

14-MACROURA-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Andrew Mallyon-2-55kg

15-COSMIC GOSSIP-Stuart Kendrick-Dale Smith-17-55kg

16-MINJEE-Robert Heathcote-Blake Spriggs-20-55kg

17-ISOTOPE-Tony Gollan-Baylee Nothdurft (a)-13-55kg

18-STAROSA-Tony Gollan-James Innes Jnr-11-55kg

19e-SEE MARIE-Desleigh Forster-Taylor Marshall-18-55kg

20e-SEA BOSS-Kristen Buchanan--12-57kg

Times displayed in local time of Race Meeting


1-TREKKING-James Cummings-Michael Cahill-22-58kg

2-KEMENTARI-James Cummings-Ryan Maloney-10-55.5kg

3-NICCANOVA-Steve Tregea-James Orman-17-53kg

4-RANIER-James Cummings-Larry Cassidy-19-53kg

5-VICTOREM-Jenny Graham-Dale Smith-9-52.5kg

6-TYZONE-Toby & Trent Edmonds-Robbie Fradd-21-52.5kg

7-CRACK ME UP (NZ)-Bjorn Baker-Justin Huxtable (a)-11-52.5kg

8-VEGA ONE-Tony Gollan-Jim Byrne-20-52kg

9-CHIEF IRONSIDE (GB)-Kris Lees-Corey Bayliss (a)-14-52kg

10-GRAFF-Kris Lees-Sean Cormack-2-52kg

11-DEEP IMAGE-Robert Heathcote-Ms Stephanie Thornton-18-51.5kg

12-WINTER BRIDE-Toby & Trent Edmonds-Jake Bayliss-16-51kg

13-MADAM ROUGE-Chris Waller-Jason Taylor-13-51kg

14-OUTBACK BARBIE-Tony Gollan-Mark Du Plessis-8-51kg

15-BAM’S ON FIRE-Ciaron Maher & David Eustace-Tegan Harrison-1-51kg

16-DAWN PASSAGE-Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott-James Innes Jnr-23-50kg

17-HIGHTAIL-Peter & Paul Snowden-Blake Spriggs-5-50kg

18-EXHILARATES-James Cummings-Taylor Marshall-4-49.5kg

19e-BACCARAT BABY-David Vandyke-Micheal Hellyer-3-51kg

20e-BRAVE SONG-Peter & Paul Snowden--12-51.5kg

21e-BANDIPUR-Kelly Purdy--7-51kg

22e-MILITARY ZONE-Peter & Paul Snowden--15-51kg

23e-DELECTATION GIRL (GB)-Kris Lees--6-51kg

Place your tips and Good Luck everyone with your selections.

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oops missed Rothfire 

Crack Me Up (Victorem)



Wisdom of Water

(Sub Saffiano)



Starosa sub Safiano

Winter Bride sub Outback Barbie

I need a Cole Diesel like finishing burst today..... :)  May the best tipper win!

Macroura      (Rothfire)

Dawn Passage.  (Madam Rouge)

Cheers Loges.

Isotpe (Rothfire)

Deep Image (Victorem)





Macroura  (Saffiano)


Bam's on fire  (Hightail)








High Tail



Wisdom of Water (Macroura)

Highttail (Dawn Passage)


Overlord (Macroura)

Hightail (Trekking}

wisdom of water (not an option)

victorem (dawn passage)


Wisdom of Water (Macroura)

Victorem (Hightail)

Macroura - Rothfire 

Kementari - Graff 


Predictive text........oops 

Macroura - To theirs


Kementari - Graff

Wisdom Of Water(Macroura)

Vega One(Dawn Passage)



Macroura (Wisdom Of Water)

Victorem (Dawn Passage)

Good luck to all.

wisdom of Water (Rothfire)  

Tyzone (Ranier)  Good luck Guys and Girls.

ROTHFIRE (Isotope)

TREKKING (Hightail)

Not an Option (Tick Tock Boom)

Vega One (Niccanova)

Thanks dhaulagiri for another great comp


Macrouba (Isotope)

Bandipur (Dawn Passage)


cheers for the competition - has been a funny year


Not An Option

Bam's On Fire

Saffiano ( Not An Option )

Victorem ( Exhilarates )


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