Groupies round 7


The Groupies Round 7 thread is up and may be problematic to add a comment to, as I did a test comment which failed. I have contacted support who are looking into it, so if you want to place tips wait a while before doing so. If all else fails post them here.

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*   Scratching Replacement



Barbies Fox

Madison County

*   Avilius

Shadow Hero



Shadow Hero




waging War

Acting (Barbiees Fox)

Danceteria (Homesman)

Allligator Blood (Roccabascerana)

Princess Jenni (Age of Chivalry)

Quick Thinker (Shadow Hero)

I haven't been able to post for 10 days using my desktop, android phone or iPad and the reason I could not post my selections last week.

I filled in the contact form to support a week ago but heard nothing back from them. Obviously working for me today.

Lyre (Southbank)

Homesman (Avilius)

Yourdeel (Alligator Blood)

Mahamedes (Princess Jenni)

Shadow Hero (Castelvecchio)



Okay, so R&S are saying thatt the size of the post is (or was) the problem.

Possibly, but I reckon its the thread title. Maybe make up some mock thread titles and see what happens :-)


Dhaulagirl, have R&S given you a reason for Groupies thread not working on occasions?

My suggestion - keep the thread title as simple as possible. May have nothing to do with it, but workth trying. 

The details of the race appear in the body of the thread, but the thread tile itself is cut back.



I did ask if it was a formatting issue. However, the reason was limitations on their database, which they have increased. 

I try to keep the post title as short as possible, as I sussed that might be causing the issue.

Vega Knight


Princess Jenni

Gailo Chop

Shadow Hero

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