Batch betting on TAB


Can anyone tell me if batch betting is still available on the TAB?

I used to have a computer program where you would enter numbers and prices and it would produce the various combinations, which could then be cut and pasted.

Checked with customer service and they didn't seem to know about it.


Sectional times


Can anyone tell me the sectional times run by Hulme in race 2 at Flemington on Saturday.



Hello all,
Does anyone know how to Chromecast racing NSW site or races on the TAB site to your TV using Chromecast.
Has anybody used the free racing sites on the net and been able to play them on their TV using Chromecast. Is there some app that needs to be downloaded?
Any help would be appreciated.

Essence of neural ratings


I have been following the Neural ratings for some considerable time and found them very helpful. I understand that the main thing of neural networks/ratings is that they should learn from their results. If this is so, should there be some consistent options or scores which should be taken.
Or do I have the wrong slant on them.

Neural ratings


Can anyone tell me if there is any FAQs on the Neural ratings.
I understand that neural networks have a built in "ability" to improve their programming. I am not sure if that is correct or not.
Many of the messages that have been posted, I have endeavoured to read as many as I possibly can ( but feel that most of them may have been posted prior to the first date August 2002) and so many refer to changing various factors on the individuals understanding.
I do feel that this is against the whole notion of the neural set up.
I trust you might be able to assist me.
John Chilstone,

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