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Adelaide Cup

De Lago Dude

As a proud South Aussie, I am embarrassed as to what has happened to the once time honoured Adelaide Cup.

First run in 1864, legends of the turf that have won this race must be turning in their grave. Horses such as Rain Lover, Hyperno, Just A Dash. And lets not forget living legend and world's kindest horse - Subzero.

The downgrading of the race from Group 1 to Group 2 in 2007 was the beginning of the end - and yet I still get a public holiday for a donkey race.


How About This !

De Lago Dude

Really sick and tired of all the c#ap talk on this forum .

Want to lighten it up and add an irrelevant topic to the discussion.

Top 3 most influential song artists.

Just like a racehorse , the ones that make us feel special about their deeds . ( not necessarily the best ).

My Top 3

Pink Floyd

Please feel free to add any comments or totally ignore this.

Bye Bye Hirdy

De Lago Dude

I am Bombers thru and thru.

Being a South Aussie, I started supporting them when the Glenelg Captain (Paul Weston) joined them in 83'.

I love Jams Hird as a player, but as a coach he has NFI. Just like his Brownlow mate, Voss, neither have the coaching gift.

Bring on Nathan Bassett, get rid of negative Neil Craig, the sooner the better.

AFL Umpires

De Lago Dude

Can someone please explain to me why AFL umpires,
umpire so differently between the home and away season and the finals???

Surely the rules don't change in the Finals?

Star Stable - Spring 2013

De Lago Dude

It's on again and starts in 32 days.

Slightly new format.

Robert,are you willing to keep the trend going with our own Mini League and prize?


Overreach Overrated ?

De Lago Dude

This from the Newcastle Herald this morning. . . April 1st ??

IF Overreach's name does not appear in the death notices this week then she will be winning the $3.5 million Golden Slipper this Saturday.
That is the only conclusion that can be drawn in the wash-up of Saturday's final lead-up races to the great Golden Slipper.
Overreach has taken care of anything she has met in Sydney this preparation with class and style.

This is a horse race and anything can happen(Pierro just made it last year being the spruik horse),don't be surprised if there is a Ruud Awakening.

AFL Medals

De Lago Dude

Just a thought.
The AFL has:
Brownlow Medal for the best and fairest(will now be always won by a midfielder).
Coleman Medal (will always be won by a forward).

I think it is now time(in our political correct society)to bring in a back medal.
It should be called the Dench Medal in recognition of the best fullback to have played the game.
The criteria is simple.
The opposite to the leading goalkicker.
The best fullback with the least goals kicked on him for the year.


The Racehorse

De Lago Dude

Shown on the ABC recently and is a good insight into our modern thoroughbred.


Black Opal - Canberra

De Lago Dude

Pity it is a slow track,but still like a few today.

CR5 / 11 - Colorado Claire
CR6 / 10 - Later Gator
CR7 / 7 - Praecido

Good Luck On The Punt.


De Lago Dude

Sky Star Stable is up and running again for the Autumn.

Anyone with a code for the R&S League?

It's easy to join:
Visit and register
Enter in your login details and name your stable!
In step 3 select the first option - "I was invited by someone to ENTER their Private League or Public League"
Enter the Private league code: 241530

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