Ellyse Perry


What A STAR.

Test Batting Ave - 61.71
Test Bowling Ave - 17.33
ODI Batting Ave - 50.83
ODI Bowling Ave - 25.84

Better than anyone going around.



Still . .

No Positive Drug Tests.

How can they be found guilty ?




Start :18/5/13
Week 2:25/5
Week 3:1/6
Week 4:8/6
Week 5:15/6
Week 6:22/6
Week 7:29/6


(1) Pick 1 ONLY - Boxed 4 Trifecta each week (any order eg : SR 1 - 1,2,3,4)

(2) Your choice of venue - 5 State Metro Sat meeting accepted (AR/BR/MR/PR/SR).
(2a) Your choice of race number

(3) Minimum of 8 runners in race selected at time of jump.
(3a) No subs

(4) Scratched selections will receive highest available saddlecloth number/s in order.

(5) First post is final.

(6) All posts must be in before first race at selected venue.

(7) Unitab Dividends used (1 unit)

Winner of Comp will receive a :
1961 Hard Copy - Secrets Of Professional Turf Betting (Robert L Bacon)

Winner will also be responsible for the running of the next competition with the above said book being passed on.

If you cannot/will not comply with these rules, do not enter.

I have started this comp a few weeks too late.
It should be for Seasonal Racing and will be adjusted accordingly by the future winners.

Please place your pix.

Race Fixing At It's Worst


Belgian stewards have banned jockey Sascha Stappaerts for more than four years for her ride of Eastern Warrior at a now infamous race at Mons on January 21.

Stappaerts became an internet hit for her ride on Eastern Warrior, where she blatantly prevented the horse from winning by continually restraining him in the latter stages of the race.

Stewards suspended Stappaerts until the end of this season but ordered her application for either a jockey or owner-trainer licence be rejected until the end of 2018.

Stappaerts also incurred a €10,000 fine for her actions.

Eastern Warrior also incurred the stewards' wrath. The horse is banned from racing until the end of 2018 for his 'part' in the scandal.

Star Stable - Spring 2012


It's on again and starts in 32 days.

Slightly new format.

Robert,are you willing to keep the trend going with our own Mini League and prize?
Please also let know if you will create a R&S League.


Chris Gayle


This guy is a gun.

Has been outcast from the Test arena because of various issues for the last 18 mnths.
Then goes "Bang" and unlucky not to be man of the match in his first Test match, after exhile.

Don't know the politics of it all ,but what is wrong with the West Indies Cricket Board?

England Say Wot?


Just love seeing the English Test Team getting beaten.
But really getting FLOGGED is even more enjoyable.
Only being able to take 2 wickets for the whole match is an joke.
South Africa,able to take 20 opposition wickets and pile on 600 plus runs,with 3 out of 4 batsman used making centuries plus!!
James Hird was ranked the third best Essendon player of all time by a club committee in 2002.

Hird was drafted at pick 79 in the 1990 National Draft and made his senior debut in 1992.

In 1994 he won the first of his five Best and Fairest medals. He also won the award in 1995, the only season of his career in which he played every game, and again in 1996, 2003 (equal) and 2007. In 1996 Hird won football's highest individual honour, the Brownlow medal, sharing the award with Brisbane player Michael Voss.

He was a sublimely skilled match-winner, a fine leader, and was at one time the League's most valuable player. Playing mainly off centre half-forward his vision and reading of the game set him apart. Hird was able to play defence or forward, and his ability to lift team-mates and win games is widely acknowledged. His career however was dogged with injuries.

I maybe opening up a can of worms here,but I believe he is the best ever low draft pick (79).

Please correct me if you think I am wrong.

Honour Board

Autumn 09 - Seashells ($2090.60)
Winter 09 - jet ($1137.10)
Spring 09 - Seashells ($849.20)
Summer 09/10 - Magpie magic ($978.50)
Autumn 10 - RedcarBoy ($737.60)
Winter 10 - Nob ($2663.20)
Spring 10 - saintly1996 ($1081.70)
Summer 10/11 - Sydeston ($614.80)
Autumn 11 - oldtimer ($3371.00)
Winter 11 - yakeckhid ($904.40)
Spring 11 - Gattonera ($1979.40)

Hello all.
I have tried to continue this comp.

Due to circumstances beyond my control,I cannot currentely prioritise time to keep going.

Will attempt to start again in The Autumn.

Box 4 - Summer 2011/12 Trifecta Competition

Start : :: : 03 December
Week 2 : 10 Dec


(1) Pick 1 - Boxed 4 Trifecta (any order) each week.
(1a) I will also nominate an added race for a Boxed 4 Trifecta each week.

(2) 5 State Metro Saturday meetings only accepted (AR/BR/MR/PR/SR).

(3) Minimum of 8 runners in race selected at time of jump.

(4) No subs.
(4a) Scratched selections will receive highest available saddle cloth number/s in order.

(5) First post is final.
(5a) Second posts may be accepted,not because of scratchings,(at my discretion)

(6) All posts to be submitted before first race,at my selected venue,on race day.

(7) Unitab Dividends used (1 unit).

(8) New Comp Seasonally (13 weeks)
eg. Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring.

(9) New participants accepted weekly
eg.All welcome any week.

Please add your pix for:
BR 7

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