Ah you can't help but laugh at the quality of Aussie sprinters racing in Aussie. Here we are another Group 1 sprint and yet another result for an overseas raider. This time the kiwi The Bostonian.

And the Group 3 F&M race at Scone goes to an American horse, blowing away the Aussie plodders at its first attempt on Aussie soil, too easy.

As I keep saying, just bring those overseas horses to Aussie and wins are just there for the taking.
It doesn't seem to get any better but it would be a shock if it did. For many years I have been bringing to everyones attention what ordinary horses are making up group races, even group 1 races. In fact most of the group walkers are ordinary I don't mean just those filling up the numbers.

Take today's Adelaide group races. The worst McKay stakes ever. The F&M races too. I am not the only one that has this opinion. A prominent trainer was heard in the media saying that he didn't think he would ever see his horse in a group 1 race. A prominent website states in the comments for another group 1 race that it was not a strong renewal. They have to be careful what they say but we all know what they would like to have said.

So to the owners and trainers in other countries bring your maiden to Aussie. It could win a group race real quick. In fact possibly several.

Now to Rex and his try-hard mates. Rather than be wrapped up in Gladys and I, please tell us the best Aussie horse in Aussie that has not retired. That should keep you silenced for a while.
Let's face it the Aussies don't have much to cheer about these days when it comes to sport.

No wonder they gush over a horse. Most who attended Randwick last Saturday would not have a clue on the merits of who she had beaten, then or in the last year or so. Just as well, we don't want their party ruined do we.

She beat the best Aussie had to offer. Pity the best that Aussie had to offer were absolutely pathetic. Take the WFA Championship of Australasia in 2018, how many Championships can Aussie have? Well Aussie stumped up only one other horse, D'argento. It must have been the second best Aussie had to offer at the time. If not, where were the others. Who were they? 2 Aussie horses in the WFA Championship of their own country. How poor is that?

That "carnival" they call The Championships is over, but we still don't know what championships they were intending to decide. Winx still beat up on the same old cattle as many times before and also a group 3 import who got the closest. Hardly a championship. There was the Derby and the Oaks, but they've been around for over a 100 years. Other states have them too. They are hardly championships or events deciding the best 3yo's of either gender.

It is all a bit of a cringe, just like the Winx fanfare and hysteria of recent months.

Those races on the previous 2 Saturdays were hardly grand finals either, as some like to call them. Contestants are still going through their campaign like those in another deplorable Group 1, the All Aged Stakes. I thought Aussie was the land of sprinters, well that is what we hear. An English import who has arrived via Dubai is equal second favourite. That is what they think of the Aussie sprint form and depth.

Now we wait for all the horses to appear that we heard were avoiding Winx. I don't know who they are. I don't think anyone does, but they keep telling us about them. Too bad for them whoever they are, that the Championships are over, until next year.
Now that Winx has retired, and what another cringeworthy afternoon that was, I mean getting past group 3 import Kluger and another import Hartnell and a few other battlers, can we come up with the best 5 Aussie horses at 1600m up, currently racing in Aussie.

As an incentive if others can come up with 4, I will add the 5th to the list.

Go to it.

QE Stakes - Winx oiut


Have you seen the markets or noms for the QE Stakes on 13 April?

What a disgrace. Is the best that can be put together for a Group 1 of $4m. Is this another grand final the experts talk about?

Who would you back in the Winx out market? You might say Winx scares them off. That is a load of khrap. If it is not, who would be in the race if Winx wasn't?

The event is nearly 2 weeks away. It is not a race and certainly something not to look forward to. They would get the same field for $1m. What a waste of money.
Well here we are again in the week leading up to The Championships. This must be one of the biggest bluffs and wa..s ever. The championships of what?

I don't see any new arrivals or imports on the scene or in the markets for these races being held at The Championships. Same old horses we saw in Melbourne earlier in the Autumn or that have been walking around Sydney all year and last year.

I knew this would be the case when this concept was created. Remember when we had my knockers and the defenders trying to tell us to give it a year or more and you will see the results, the arrivals. I won't shame them by naming them, but we know who they are? What a joke it is.

So I will ask again. The championships of what? How to pretend that it is drawing the best in the world, maybe that's the idea behind it all. Perhaps they should rename it, The Pretenders, and that would cover most contestants and the concept as it is currently living out.

Aussie donkeys


For the Group 1 Tancred Stakes at Rosehill this Saturday there are 19 horses nominated.

16 are bred overseas. That is right, 3 Aussie bred horses.Only 3.

I have been asking everyone to provide the names of the best 5 Aussie horses that Winx has defeated and the best 5 Aussie sprinters currently racing in Aussie. This question is beyond everyone it seems, and no wonder. Give it a few years and they won't be able to name 5 Aussie horses competing in a Group 1 unless it is for 2yo's, the way it is looking.


Aussie Cup Lay


Lay the favourite Avillius.
And you would only have to keep up with the news during the last year to come to this conclusion, unless you have a distorted opinion, forgiving nature or biased view.

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