Giving you the winner in 12 this time as I've been criticised by some non-golfing experts for tipping too many:

1) King Louis ($40)

The complete player - ideally suited to this tricky windy course.

2) Jason Dunfer ($34)

Muirs famously secured $550 last year. Would have been my best ever result if it wasn't for JD's worse than A. Scott finish. Yes it still hurts.

3) Luke Donald ($19.5)

He will win one before Westwood. Maybe as soon as this week.

4) Tiger Woods ($9.8)

If he's not back he's damn close!

5) Rory Mac ($22)

Massive odds for the freakish Rors (he was even higher before Bridgestone?!).

6) The Kuch ($42)

An American normally wins this event. Could be The Kuch.

7) Geoff Ogilvy ($130)

The mo has gone, but the big mo might be coming back with some promising recent form.

8) Bill Haas ($95)

Funny guy. Can often pop up in a big one. Could be this year's Keagan.

9) Big bad Bubba ($40)

Too much talent not to have $5 on him at 40's.

10) Sendo ($160)

A good straight hitter might pull if off come Sunday.

11) Carl Pettersson ($160)

Funny looking, funny sounding, can play.

12) Poults ($120)

Fav player so I have to back him or I'll be po if he wins!!


Lee Westwood - going awful
Jim Furyk - can't close em out like he used to
The Big Easy - yes laying him again (sucker for punishment!)
Keegs - don't rate him - even after last year and today
Webb Simpson - baby has been keeping him up

Good luck BB et al :).

Andy you're a star


Congrats Andy Murray.

You've finally made a Wimbledon final, and I expect you to take care of the Fed express pretty easily tonight.

I have teased you before but you have stuck at it, and look like finally winning your first slam. And what a way to do it - against the best ever.

Smile Andy. Win or lose you have a pretty good life mate.

With Wiggins soon to win the Tour, Rory/Luke alternating world no 1, Franklel winning everything, and the Olympics coming up, Great Britain are having a year to remember.

Murray in 3 or 4.

Le Tour 2012


Very keen on Bradley and I've backed him big time at $2.70.

Top 5:

1) B. Wiggins
2) C. Evans
3) J.D.V. Broeck
4) C. Froome
5) F. Schleck


US Open


It's always good to be long and straight. Especially so at Olympic!

Top 20 prediction:

-4 Donald (winner in play off)
-4 Dufner
-3 Westwood
-3 Z. Johnson
-3 Kaymer
-2 Rose
-2 Kuchar
-2 Sendo
-2 Ogilvy
-2 Laird
-1 Steelman
-1 King Loius
-1 Crane
-1 Van Pelt
-1 Howell
even - Bryd
even - McIlroy
even - Woods
even - Fowler
even - Mayan

The Buddy Show


What a champion!

Keep knocking him "experts" (and the mighty Hawks).

Form is temporary, class is permanent.
Me, I like;

Crafty Irna
Lucky Penny
Varena Miss each way.

Good Luck!
Yes it’s here again!

The Bankers:

Rors ($7.40):
His meltdown seems like a life time ago now.

Luuuuke ($17.5):
Flying under the radar as always. But he is number 1 for a reason. I think 2012 might be a quiet year, after he wins the Masters!

Westy ($24):
He hits it too far and straight to ever be far from the action come Sunday. And $24 looks like a luxury.

The Roughies:

The reigning champ Charl ($48).
No I don’t know why he’s $48.

Steve Stricker ($65):
Doesn’t usually feature in the Masters but I have a feeling he could surprise. Or not.

Webb Simpson ($75):
Seems to have retained his 2011 form.

KJ Choi ($70):
Always seems to peak for the big ones.

Ogilvy ($95):
What he did on Sunday last year defied belief.

King Louis ($100):
Strange odds for a major champion who played well last week.

Bill Haas ($110):
Seems to peak for the big ones and if he’s in with a shot in the back nine on Sunday he knows how to close.

Trevor Immelman ($140):
I just always back him for some reason.

Zach Johnson ($140):
See Immelman, J. Maybe it’s because they are past champs.

Badds ($190):
Probably just because he is an Aussie.

Sendo ($240):
See above

Martin Laird ($180):
I’m telling you he will win a major one day!

Charles Howell the third ($200):
How good is that name.

The Lays:

Tiger ($6.20):
Sure he could win, but like Samaready & Americain he’s ridiculous unders.

Phil ($13.5):
He might put in 3 good rounds, but the 4th will cost him.

Hunters ($34):
The it player on tour. He’s drifting in to unders now and Houston Open winners rarely back up and win 7 days later.

Jason Day ($44):
Don’t know what he was on this time last year but lightning won’t strike twice. Sorry JD.

Muirs’s Famous Top 20

1) Luuuke
2) Rors
3) Westwood
4) Charl
5) Z. Johnson
6) Sendo
7) Woodsy
8) Watney
9) Laird
10) Badds
11) D. Johnson
12) Choi
13) Scott
14) Ogilvy
15) Hunts
16) Stricker
17) Simpson
18) Haas
19) Mickelson
20) King Louis
Is it just me ... what are the stewards up to?

It seems like whoever makes the best presentation in the room wins the decision. Or the more senior jockey (often one and the same).

That is not how it is meant to work.
Round 18 Results

Jet -4
Muirfield Par
Seashells Par
Tigerrish Par
Changaboy +1
Devilred +1
Percy1 +1
Theurger +2
Nigel +2
Sg29 +2

Condor Alert!

And no prizes for guessing who. Jet delivers his third condor in 3 weeks! In 8 years of running comps I've never seen an effort like it. No idea how he did it, or how he found Rothera on a dead track. A clear stand out on the day. If only he hadn't left his run so late .....


Changaboy -5
Tigerrish -2
Percy1 +3
Theurger +5
Muirfield +7
Devilred +9
Jet +9
Nigel +11
Sg29 +17
Seashells +21

Tiger came out firing with an Olympic Winner with his first selection, and suddenly it looked like we were setting up for a grandstand finish.

But alas it wasn't to be with his final four selections failing to deliver, and Changaboy doing effort to secure a famous victory.

Congrats Changaboy. It looked for all money that no-one would break par 4 or 5 weeks ago, but you finished like a deserved champion. You now join a very small and select club, which will never grow.

Thanks again to all players for a fun little comp.

p.s. someone please sack Mitchell Johnson. Now that Roebuck is gone we need everyone to come together for the good of the country and demand his immediate termination.

Club Championship (72 rounds)

Muirfield +10
Sg29 +12

Congrats to Muirs for being the best tipster over the 72 rounds and 360 selections. SG was very unlucky though as he lead for about 95% of the time (plus sorry looks like you were on +10 before the last round, oops).

Jet and Tigerrish were also unlucky as both were +3 for the 3 tournaments where they made the cut.


sg29 -11
Jet -8
Nigeltufnel -6
Deadant66 -2
Ronturcotte +1
Muirfield +3
Tigerrish +4
MagpieMagic +5
Nob +5
Torp +8
Todman +8
The urger +9
Yaka +9
Reamer +10
Secretaaron +10
Ender_5 +12
Mad Kiwi +13
Bondy +13
Smileybandit +15
Boxcar +16
Squid69 +17


Smileybandit -12
Muirfield -3
Sg29 -2
Davids Par
Boxcar Par
Devilred +1
Magpie +2
Percy1 +4
Yaka +6
Ender_5 +9
Changaboy +11


Yaka -2
Tigerrish +1
Jet +2
Ronturcotte +2
Cobra +3
Muirfield +3
Sg29 +8
Nigel +11
Percy1 +11
Deadant66 +12
Changaboy +14
Kanga +22

The Forum Open Round 18


I wish I was Adam Scott. Ok he has to put up with a W'ker as a caddy, but being able to hit an albatros during the day then bedding Ana at night..... Not a tough life.

But I digress. We are here for the very last round of The Forum Open.

Melb only for Zipping Classic Day (it just doesn't feel right that he isn't there).

Thanks golfers for the way in which you played this and every TFO tournament.

Thanks too for everyone in letting Muirs run these little comps for the last 8 or so years. It is the end of a era but it's time.

So who will it be, Changa or Tiger? Either would be a worthy winner.

As always best of luck!


Changaboy -6
Tigerrish -2
Percy1 +3
Theurger +3
Muirfield +7
Devilred +8
Nigel +9
Jet +13
Sg29 +15
Seashells +21

Club Championship (71/72 rounds)

Muirfield +10
Sg29 +12

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