My heartfelt sympathy to Anthony, James and all the Cummings families. Having lost both my parents in the last few years I understand how much you are grieving. After all the joy you have given myself and racing over the years I hope that you all may come through this stronger and more united than ever before.

My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. May you all come out with renewed vigour and love for one another.

My best wishes for the future to you all, Pigracer.

James McDonald.


The 18 month penalty seems a bit rich and I don't blame him for any appeal he makes.

At least James rode the horse he backed. I guess he didn't use a brown paper bag and another trainer to deliver it.

Whilst I don't condone or remotely approve of his actions, it would appear he was under a common affliction faced by jockeys and any high profile sportsman in any sport that is available for betting and thus an "edge" to secure over the odds bets.

The most high profile cases over the last few years appear to have received penalties around twelve months. What gives here?

Also, Peter Moody has fallen on his sword long ago and what has happened to the other longer standing cobalt charges still on the books. Most of those trainers I believe are still training. I don't blame Mr Moody - who needs all that sh#t?

Any thoughts please on these matters.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all and may we all find a better and wiser world next year. Peace and prosperity to all, The Pig.
Just to spend some spare time this morning I looked up Dunster Castle a racehorse ridden in SA in the early 90's by Dwayne Dunn who was still an apprentice.

This horse gave me many profitable Saturdays as it was exceptionally good over 1600 metres.I remember it beating Dark Czar one day for a huge trifecta collect and cementing Dwayne as one of my favourite jockeys.

To my surprise today,the Dunster Castle who came up was an English horse from Minehead England,obviously named after the castle that overlooks the annual agricultural show.

That Dunster show is held on the third Friday in August which by coincidence happens to be today.What a coincidence.

I wonder how many forumites have a favourite horse and jockey combination that has shaped their selections and thoughts in everyday life.

Regards all.The Pig.

Sky-TVN Rubbish.


Having listened to both CEO's explain their positions,I can tell them that the punters are not impressed.I was at the local TAB section at the football club yesterday and when it became apparent that there was no vision of NSW and Vic. meetings the punters moved out en masse. SO,punting revenue would be down,beer sales down,and no one was happy about the situation.
The only thing that saved our day was a mate who won a $5K pokey jackpot as we left Tues night after our punters club breakup. Free beer for a couple of hours,but that won't happen every day.
Fix up this problem before the greedy buggers kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
What do others think? as yesterday almost cured me. The Pig. NOT HAPPY JAN!



Whilst not being a frequent viewer of AFL etc. I would like to say what a crock of garbage the tribunal handed down the other night.
Having played Rugby League at a reasonably good level I can assure you all that the only way not to get hurt in a front on collision is to do what young Viney did,turn your shoulder.

What happened was a complete accident and I am sure all players of the game would accept that is a risk of the game.I was only ever worried about illegal play eg.stiff arms,squirell holds,or head butts.(I had to front up to work each Monday)

The bumps I cannot condone are players blindsided 20-30 metres off the ball.That is the bump that I think was intended to be the target of the ban.

What do some of the AFL purists out there think. The Pig.

What happened to the two clowns who burnt their mounts out in the Galaxy.Gave them absolutely no chance and they faded to tenth and eleventh.If you think it's my pocket talking your right.I needed one of them to finish fourth for 8% of the F4.It paid 103K in Qld with Sessions running fourth but I would like to have a reasonable chance of a result.

Further to the point,certain trainers with multiple runners in an event seem to have an uncanny knack of using tearaway tactics and then land the event with their underrater.
I see this topic of how many horses a trainer can have raised on racing retro this morning,but unfortunately didn't catch the whole show. How do others feel about these topics. Regards The Pig.

Pigs Rosehill Ruffies.


Few ruffies for quaddie and exotic players to spice divvies up.
R5 H7 Dances on Stars.
R6 H9 and 10.Acapela and Happy Hussey.
R7 H5 Liveandletdie. (my best ruffie today)
R8 H13 Elfina.

I hope the forum can find the missing pieces.
I hope I can too. Good luck, The Pig.

Ballarat Quaddie


Just a few selections for all to think about today.
First leg: Phizup to beat St.Roper.
Second leg: Under the Leaner from 4 & 6.
third leg : Any Given Day and Sari (quinella)
Last leg : Red Rain to beat Bet You She Rocks.

Just a guide so add your own where desired. LOL The Pig.5&4/9 4 6/7&6/1&15.

How to stuff a race.


I would like to canvas opinions on races where horses take each other on at breakneck pace only to ruin each others chance when they cave in.Obviously the horse is being controlled by the jockey.

Take the last race at Townsville today as an example. Panecillo(F.Edwards)and the fav. go helter skelter at each other for close on 1000m running the first 1000m in approx 59secs.The last 600m run in 36.2sec.The fav. compounds,Panecillo fades to finish a respectable third beaten 2lengths.

Question.Could a run like that be construed as failing to give the horse every opportunity to win. I binned my ticket after 600m. as I knew what would happen.I know it's a moot point but does anyone have an opinion.

Regards The Pig.
Surely Daniel Geale must be the best middleweight boxer in Australia. Two real titles.This should guarantee him a good payday next fight.Good luck to him. The Pig.

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