Just taking a look at the Melbourne Cup market for 2016 (no intention of having a punt), and I came across a well known and supported company offering odds on horses that don't even exist.

They have listed horses like:

Negligent Treatment at 34.00
Kobalt (GER)at 34.00
Shelf Stacker at 41.00
Box Ticker at 67.00
Amiable Id!ot at 51.00

There are many more. Unless the R&S data base is wrong, none of these horses exist.

What are your thoughts on betting agencies doing this type of thing?



With Groupies back for the new season, it had me thinking about some of the other comps that we used to participate in on here.

I fondly remember the Century Club (not that I ever won it, or even came close). I can't recall exactly all the rules or how the Occy's etc were tallied, but it was a fantastic bit of entertainment.

I also recall a comp where you had to predict the winner of all the group 1 races before the Memsie was run. This was particularly difficult, and toward the end of the spring, just getting a horse to the nominated race was a feat in itself, can anyone remember the name of that comp, or who who ran it?

Sea Moon


I see he is entered for the QIPCO Irish Champion Stakes (Group 1), back in the UK with the Oxx stable.

I know we never saw the best of him here, but we all know he was a very good galloper as is evidenced by his Hardwicke demolition a few seasons ago.

According to reports he had a horrid flight back to the UK, but has recovered well and has been in training since April.

It would be nice to see him strike some form again.

2nd Test Aus V India


A very different looking Australia line up in the second test.

Clarke out, Shaun Marsh in (not sure that he was the best batsman in Shield cricket not in the test side).

Hazelwood and Starc in for Harris and Siddle.

Smith to bat at 4.

Hopefully they get off to a good start, as I do not see this side as a particularly strong test side. Australia haven't lost a test at the Gabba since 1988, which is a good stat, but this would have to be a weaker side than most that have taken to the Gabba field since that test against the West Indies all those years ago.

Rogers needs a big innings, as too much is left to Warner and Smith these days in what could be a brittle batting line up if those two don't get a lion's share of the runs.

We have a set of brothers taking the field together again, let's hope they can be nearly as productive as the Waugh boys were.

The pitch looks like it will suit the faster bowlers a lot more than Adelaide, so looking at Johnson to create some havoc here. It gives Starc and Hazelwood an excellent chance to shine as well.

Dhoni comes in for India which is a bonus for them, they would see this as an excellent opportunity to exploit an inexperienced Australian side at a ground where they have had little success.

Australia are 1 up in the series, but India will go in full of confidence. Let's see Johnson shatter a bit of that with an excellent opening spell.

C'mon Aussies!!!!!!!

Star Stable


I had posted this earlier, but it must have been amongst the missing posts Robert was on about.

I have commenced a R&S league for those interested, the code is: 926305

The more the merrier, it is always a bit of fun.

Enough is enough it's spring


As Australia enters spring, to me that means getting the pool ready for some decent nights out the back by the BBQ with family and friends, topped off with a refreshing swim.
It means preparing for the footy finals and hopefully watching my beloved Hawks go on a winning run and end up with a win on that one day in September that they sing about.
It means getting the aging body right for another season of tennis, and fighting off the young whipper snappers who think that this year is the year that they are going to finally get the better of me.

It also means that the Australian racing season is in full swing. Whilst I enjoy racing from all over the world, the spring carnival in Australia is without doubt my favourite time of the year for watching and punting on the races.

I don't care if you think the class or depth of Australian racing is lacking. (in the words of Malcolm Blight) I don't give a rats tossbag, if you don't find the potential clashes of our best horses and a few internationals over varying distances in varying conditions very appealing.

This is springtime in Australia, our racing is competitive and it is a fantastic product. We have decent coverage and the weather is usually perfect. I am looking forward to a couple of months of excellent racing, and hoping to top it off with some profitable punting.

If you don't enjoy it, or are not excitied by it, what on earth are you frequenting this forum for?

Let's just cease with the put downs, the silly us V them debates for a while, and enjoy our carnival for what it is and what will be dished up, if you cannot be positive, please take your comments elsewhere.

This really is the beat time of the year for many reasons, let's keep it that way.

Is the wait over?


It has been a long time coming, 36 years in fact, since Affirmed won the famous triple crown. 12 horses have arrived at the third leg, with a chance of sporting immortality since that day in 1978, none successful.

There have been many close shaves in that time, but this weekend, California Chrome gets his chance to finally end the drought and pull off one of the hardest tasks in horseracing.

It would be nice to see a horse do it, let's hope he can.



TAC DE BOISTRON soared to the head of the Ascot Gold Cup market after posting an emphatic victory in the Longines Sagaro Stakes (Group 3) on his first start since signing off last season with a Group 1 strike in the Prix Royal-Oak.

Is this the same horse that beat only two runners home in Australia in two races, finishing second last each time?

Perhaps Fagan has an excuse as to why this horse that struggled to beat the ambulance here in Australia, has yet to miss a place against good company since returning to Europe.

Does this mean we can send any old plodder over to Europe to pick up their G1 races (of course not), but by using Fagan logic it would be possible.

Surely this proves what many of us have been saying on here for years, that a G1 winner in Europe will not necessarily translate to a G1 winner in Australia.

Some love it here and improve, others will not.

Tac De Boistron is a very good horse in Europe, yet he was poor in Australia (like many many others before him), finally this rubbish can be put to bed for good.

Banning others post's


It is a pretty weak act to ban another poster from a thread for a different point of view. It is even worse when you ban multiple posters from a thread for differing views.

What makes it laughable is the fact that the initiator of the thread I am specifically talking about, has the audacity to ban others after himself calling others m0r0n.

Seriously, if you start a thread (especially a contentiois one), be prepared for others to discuss the topic. They don't have to agree with you to have valid points. Banning others is a sign of weakness, arrogance and impertinence.

Don't start threads if you cannot handle the retorts.



Tomorrow is the day we get to see if the horse matches the hype (to some extent).

If he is anywhere near as good as they suggest, then he should be winning, and winning well.

There are some wraps on a few he is up against tomorrow, so let's see if he warrants being second favourite for the Blue Diamond, a good win tomorrow and his odds will shorten even further.

Any thoughts on this guy, or are we all just going to wait and see?

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